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Event picks for
February 19-25, 2016
Friday, Feb. 19
Gallery Stroll

We'll be heading to Phillips Gallery, for John Erickson's abstract landscapes and figures, as well as Sharon Alderman's delicate weavings; also to the 15th Street Gallery for Pilar Pobil's new work, and to A Gallery for the 10,000 Thoughts artist reception.  

For  all participating galleries, addresses & artists: 

Saturday, Feb. 20:
National Theatre Live: Jane Eyre 


Experience the best in British theatre, right in SLC! Broadway Center Cinemas. 12p. An acclaimed re-imagining of Bronte's masterpiece. $10-$20. 
111 E. 300 S. 
Saturday, Feb. 20:
SLC Best of Beats and Rhymes Hip-Hop Com­petition

Metro Bar. 9p. See some of the best of this genre's local talent come together to showcase their arts, listen to their 2015 best works and compete for prizes. 21+. Free. 
615 W. 100 S.
Sunday, Feb. 21:
Hashtag Lunchbag 

Help assemble and distribute bag lunches for 150 homeless people. 11am assembly, noon distribution. $10 suggested donation. Lunches provided by Even Steven's. Gather at Sustainable Startups, 340 E 400 S #50.

Monday, Feb. 22
Full Moon Meditation

Dancing Cranes Imports. 5-6p. 673 E. Simpson Ave. 

Tuesday, Feb. 23:
Sonita, documentary & Q/A with Sonita Alizadeh

7p. Winner of the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize in the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. An Afghan refugee dreams of becoming a hip-hop artist in a culture that doesn't allow women to sing. Free. Main City Library, 210 E. 400 S. See CATALYST interview with Sonita. This is part of the series "Solidarity: SLC's Impact on the Refugee Crisis." Learn about the many challenges facing refugees and how Salt Lake City can help ease the global refugee crisis.

Thursday, Feb. 25:
Eric Rich (with full ensemble);
also Tiny Home, from San Francisco

This seven-piece ensemble plays at the Nomad (Global Creator Hub), 2225 S 600 E before embarking on a six-week tour. $10. 

Check out their pretty music:

Thursday, Feb. 25
ARTLandish: Land Art on Film 

7p. This one-night-only screening will present a range of film and video artworks that capture artist interventions in the landscape. Free. Marriott Library on the U of U campus, 295 S. 1500 E.

Thursday, Feb. 25
An Evening of Zen

Two Arrows Zen. 6:30p. Free. Join Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Sensei for an Evening of Zen. 
230 S. 500 W. 

Notes & Blogs 
Note from the Editor
~ by Greta Belanger deJong
Last week I wrote about contacting legislators re. air-related issues. I encouraged you to participate in group efforts to make change, and shared a handy tool of communication, the 41411 "cleanair" text, set up by Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment.

I dutifully wrote an email to Rep. Brad Wilson (R-Kaysville) re. an issue I felt strongly about: After cars and industry, our homes are the next big energy consumer/loser ~ and also the next big opportunity to clean up our acts and the air, as we pass laws that assure future Utah homes will be more energy efficient, with lower energy bills and resulting cleaner air. Wilson, a builder himself (Destination Homes), dismissed all of that, listening instead to the likes of the hard-lobbying Homebuilders Assn. and as a result, we're even worse off than before. Ironically, a bill progressed that would allow us to contribute to clean air efforts via our state tax forms.

Is our work in the political realm futile? We go 'round and 'round about this in the CATALYST office.

The legislature will not mandate that developers meet better standards in new buildings, placing "excessive regulation" above "cleaner air." However, small investment upfront will be amply recouped over time. Our job is to find out just what makes a remodel or a new building more sustainable, in real, workable, affordable ways, and get that message out; support research, green-building education at all levels, developers with sustainable practices, and share DIY energy-saving homebuilding projects.

It's also a good idea to check in with author Ed Abbey once in a while. "Do not burn yourselves out," he advises. "Be as I am ~ a reluctant enthusiast... a part-time crusader, A halfhearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure."
Gosh, thank you, state legislators. You have assured the importance of our jobs for the foreseeable future. I'm overcome.
Till next week,
Greta deJong, editor & publisher

~ by Ralfee Finn

Set your internal compass on "true you" and get ready for another week of transition, another week of astral winds powerful enough to blow even the most steadfast off track. But don't worry-only the blowhards will blow too hard. What's more, these are not pernicious winds, although some might attempt to harness their power for ruthless purposes. These winds are simply strong, and handling their strength skillfully takes clear vision coupled with strong determination to move toward specific goals. Fortunately, stamina and endurance are part of the planetary mosaic which makes staying on track a bit easier...(read more)

~ by Sophie Silverstone

"Being homesick inspires you to be more creative," says Anna of the North, Norwegian born singer and graphic designer, in an interview with Wonderland Magazine of her time embarking on her journey to study in Melbourne, where her unintentional music career lit afire summer 2015 with her song "Sway"... Clearly 25-year-old Anna Lotterud's creativity is benefiting from getting out of her comfort zone...(read more)

--by Rachel Robertson
 I am here at the Utah State Capitol, the day before Valentine's Day, for a cause named One Billion Rising ~ a mass action movement founded by Vagina Monologues author and activist Eve Ensler in 2012, sparked by the UN statistic that one in three women on the planet ~ roughly one billion ~ will be beaten or raped in her lifetime. The annual gathering celebrates women and raises awareness on the state of women today...(read more)

--by Zachary Smith

When I saw that The University of Utah's Theatre Department would be putting on Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest this February 26-28 and March 3-6 at the Babcock Theatre, my immediate reaction was one of gratitude and wonder. Finally, someone has given me an opportunity to see one of Wilde's plays performed live; a fairly rare event in our humble state. This got me thinking about the presence of Wilde in our modern-day society...(read more)

--by Zachary Smith

Welcome to the second Novice's Grimoire post! This week we'll be discussing aphrodisiacs and love potions ~ yes, this is what we all have been waiting for. Perhaps your Valentine's Day didn't go as planned: the flowers, the chocolates, the lace didn't work like they were supposed to. Or perhaps you had a day full of love and wonder. Either way, it is time to take the powers of subtle seduction into your own hands...(read more)