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Feb. 26 - Mar. 5

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Dear friends and family,

Twice in the past two weeks, one of our staff noticed that the lettuce had been cleaned out and the shelves were bare at a local natural foods store.

One produce employee said it was because of the California drought. Another said it was because of freezing temps elsewhere. Either way, she was told, shipments are spotty, and smaller than usual.

Is this a taste of what's ahead?

At least, it's a good reason to support our local growers. Even end-February, we'll find greens at Saturday's Winter Market downtown and at Murray's Sunday market. See below.

Eat well,

Greta deJong
editor & publisher, CATALYST
Event picks for
Feb. 26- Mar. 5 
Friday, Feb. 27, 7:30p (doors 7p). Sugar Space at River District 130 South 800 W. $22.50 (Children under 12- $12.50).

Come see circus shenanigans at the U.S. tour fundraiser and Kickstarter campaign launch for this local theatre-based circus troupe founded in 2004. "Show-stopping acts of mesmerizing fire, breath-taking aerial and acrobatic performances, and a host of galactic circus characters awaits you, just through the curtains!"

Friday, Feb. 27, 8-10:30p.
Big Ed's (210 s. University by President's Circle).

Musical mayhem with our CATALYST neighbors, the Bueno Avenue String Band. Bring instruments or just come to say hey.

Saturday, Feb. 28, 10a-2p.
Rio Grande Depot 300 South Rio Grande St. (around the backside; that's why the sign on the photo above is backward.) 
This is one of Salt Lake City's best community events. Utah-grown produce this week: winter squash, pumpkins, onions, lettuce, kohlrabi, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, turnips, kale, chard, shallots, garlic, potatoes, microgreens, cabbage, radish, herbs and beets. Other farm fresh goods and meats: grass-fed beef, pork and lamb, eggs, honey, walnuts, and dairy. You'll also find immune-boosters such as:
Cold-pressed juice from Vive Juicery
Kombucha from Mamachari Kombucha
Thrive Tonic from Millcreek Herbs
Wilson's Wicked Mustard
Ginger pātes de fruits from Rosemain
Honey from Clifford Farms, Slideridge and White Lake
Toum (garlic spread) from Laziz.
And food trucks, too! (See photo, above.)

Saturday, Feb. 28, 10a.Trace's, 1432 So. 1100 East.   
What herbs, veggies, greens and flowers can you safely plant in your garden NOW? Marvin Potter will answer your questions and share ideas.  
Saturday, Feb. 28, 7:30p. 
First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake 569 S. 1300 E. $5 donation.

Traditional New England contras and squares. Beginner's workshop at 7:30P; dancing at 8:00P. All dances taught. Everyone welcome. Music by Loose Shoes.
Sunday, Mar. 1, 7-8:30p. 
Mindful Yoga Collective 223 S 700 E. Donation only.

In this group, listen to a talk by one of the Insight Meditation Society's teachers, such as Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. Then sit a while, before discussing the talk. Listening to these teachers, who have been teaching and practicing for many decades, can help gain insight into the how and why of practice.
Sunday, Mar. 1, 7-8:30p. 
Wheeler Historic Farm, 6351 S. 900 E.

Last market of this Winter Market Series. You can count on locally made foods, a few farmers selling their locally grown greens and early Spring crops, and artists selling their handmade wares. Hosted by Wasatch Front Farmers Market.
Monday, Mar. 2, 4:30-6p. 
Utah State Capitol Rotunda, 350 N State St.

The Utah State Legislature's proposed Transfer of Public Lands Act threatens to seize 30 million acres of land that have been held in public ownership for generations. This includes national forests, inventoried wilderness areas, wilderness study areas, national monuments, and BLM lands which are a part of Utah's heritage and tied to our tourism economy. Not in favor? Show up. Music, speakers. Dan McCool, Emcee.
Tuesday, Mar. 3, 7-9:30p. 
Rustic Mountain Art, 1120 S. Richards St.

Humanity has entered a unique moment in history where we are the dominating force on this planet. It's time to think about our food, world, community and future generations. Followed by a solution discussion led by Local Holistic Chef, Pati Reiss. Bring a healthy snack to share and bring your own drinks.

To watch the trailer click here. 
Wednesday, Mar. 4, 6p (social at 5:30p). 
Keys on Main 242 South Main Street, Free.

Can eating a poppy seed muffin cause you to test positive for heroin? Will your cold medicine get you flagged for taking meth? Can you "cheat" a drug test? (Probably not.) We will explore these and other urban legends of drug testing, while learning about how these tests work, and why they sometimes fail. We will also explore the organic chemistry of drug molecules to discover why some seemingly unrelated substances can, in fact, produce false positive results. With Jennifer Heemstra, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Science Night Live public lectures offer a casual social and educational event in downtown Salt Lake. Social: 5:30; lecture at 6 p.m. Free. 21+. Right across the street from the Gallivan TRAX station.   
Blog Updates 
The veils between dimensions grow increasingly thin this week, and as astral alignments provide greater multidimensional clarity, daily interactions take on a no-nonsense approach that is sure to unsettle even the most candid commentator. Expect you, those you love, those you barely know, and even those you'd rather not know, to be saying all sorts of things that have needed to be said, but have been held back because uttering "those things" actually requires great courage. Mars provides the nerve to say it "your way" and whether it's a dialogue or a diatribe it is likely to be delivered in a direct and succinct way that borders on military orders...(read more).