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Jan. 22- Jan. 29

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Dear friends & family,

The CATALYST demographic is a quirky one: Age, sex and economic status define you less than your shared interests and values. You're a vital, creative community of pretty good-natured people. Still, it surprises and pleases me when I see the younger segment upclose & personal.

I noticed this last Saturday when I hosted a party for my 24-year-old fairy-stepdaughter Rachel, who is moving to China to teach English for a year. It was a good night, with a live band and three DJs (including the acclaimed Anthony Motto), and red & yellow jello shots (for the colors of China) and lots of eggrolls. I knew few of her friends at the beginning, but was pleased to meet some who knew CATALYST, and others who were intrigued to find it.

Don't be surprised if you find out your kid, or your grandparent, reads the same publication you do. And maybe they don't, but would, if you shared. CATALYST welcomes and enjoys you all; we're pleased you're here. Actually, I think it's really cool.

Greta Belanger deJong
Editor and publisher, CATALYST


Event picks for
Jan. 23 - Jan. 29
Friday, Jan. 23, 9p (doors 8p).
The State Room. 638 S State. $15. 
Andy Frasco, a blues/jazz musician from Southern California, is nothing short of an enigma. Influenced by Damien Rice, Sam Cooke, Professor Longhair, Van Morrison and Tom Waits, Frasco's style is as uninhibited as those artists who inspire him. Let's call it Party Blues.

Saturday, Jan. 24, 10a-2p. 
Sorenson Unity Center, 1383 S 900 W. Free. 
Join Wasatch Community Gardens at the 9th West Farmers Market Annual Seed Swap. They will give away hundreds of FREE heirloom and hybrid seeds. What a great start to your 2015 garden! If you have well-kept leftover seeds from last year, bring some to swap or give away.   
Saturday, Jan. 24, 8:30p-3a. Grand Hall, 400 W South Temple. $25/$40 door. 21+ 
This year's theme: "Solid White." Think disco, and all things funky and out of this world. Break out those white tuxedos and white ball gowns because you can't get too fancy for the SLC White Party. DJs Jesse Walker, Flash and Flare, Ebenflow, Better Homes and Gardens. Perfor­mances by Transfusion Hype Dance Co. Art installations include the Tree of Light, ice sculptures and the Jellyfish From the Year 12000. Photo booth. Cash bar. All proceeds benefit programs of the Utah Arts Alliance.   
Monday, Jan. 26, 12-1p. Copper Room, Utah State Capitol Senate Building, 350 N State.
If you haven't observed the Legislature before and are thinking of checking it out, consider coming to this Advocacy Lobby Training on the opening day of the 2015 Legislative session. Experienced Leaguers will discuss how the Legislature works and how League interacts with it. Non-partisan presentation and tour of the Capitol.
Monday, Jan. 26, 7:30p. Kingsbury Hall, 
1395 Presidents Circle. $5+.
The world-renowned all-singing, all-plucking superstars return with their toe-tapping music, hilarious banter, and sheer superlative entertainment. From Lady Gaga to "Ride of the Valkyries," from "Housewives' Choice" to "Voodoo Chile," the Ukes' genre-crashing antics continue.
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 6:30-8p. Rowland Hall, 843 Lincoln St, Larimer Center Auditorium. Free.
Pete Earley, former Washington Post reporter, is a mental health advocate and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of Crazy: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness. One of America's best-known advocates for better mental health care is coming to Utah to raise awareness, provide education, create and channel energy, and promote improvements in our system of providing care and treatment for individuals living with mental illness.
Thursday, Jan. 29, 7p. Clark Planetarium, 110S 400 W. Free. 
Clark Planetarium and Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) present a multi-disciplinary panel discussion series on Climate Change in Utah, and its role in science, the economy, media, and religion featuring experts in these areas. Tickets are free, and are first-come, first-served. They can be picked up Wed. or Thurs. at the Clark Planetarium ticket desk. 
Saturday, Jan. 31, 12-1p. Utah State Capitol Building, 350 N State. 
This year's "Clean Air, No Excuses" rally is shaping up to be even bigger than last year. Invite your friends and neighbors. Help our legislators see it's time to treat this issue with respect, and help us all do what needs to be done. Make a date with your friends now! 
Blog Updates 
It's Mercury Retrograde-first one of 2015-from today until February 11. And it's a doozy, if only because it's more emotionally charged than a retrograde is supposed to be, and those strong feelings tip the normal frustration of a retrograde to extremes. For those new to astrology, let me explain: Three times a year (and sometimes four), Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky relative to its orbit and our orbit around the Sun. Within the astrological system, Mercury symbolizes all things related to communication and language, as well as commerce and travel. So according to astrological wisdom, when Mercury seemingly retraces its path (as it does during a retrograde), all things contained within its vast domain tend to go a little strange...(read more).