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Jan. 1- Jan. 8

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Jan. 1 - Jan. 8
Saturdays, Jan. 3, 17, 30, 10a-2p.
Rio Grande Depot 300 South Rio Grande St. Free.

If you haven't been here yet, you should go. It's cozy, lively and diverse. The outdoor portion has heaters but it's still brisk, so dress warmly. Farm-fresh produce, dairy, eggs, meat, specialty foods and fresh-baked goods. Inside, you'll find local crafts and more specialty foods. 

Tues. Jan. 6, 10:30a Millcreek Library, 2266 E Evergreen Ave. Free.
The Courtroom Obser≠va≠tion Program is looking for smart, civic-minded volunteers who would like to learn more about our state courts. The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commis≠sion will provide training and then send you into court to observe judges and to write narrative reports about what you see. 

Thurs, Jan. 8, 6-7:30p. 
The Leonardo, 209 E 500 S. Free.
Is "tortured genius" an overused trope, or an accurate portrayal of the most creative minds of our time? Is there a proven relation≠ship between melancholy and artistic prowess? Join a discussion on the myths, truths, and outright lies surrounding creativity in the modern world. Appetizers and drinks are available for purchase.

Friday, Jan. 9, 7-8p. 
Red Lotus School of Movement ,740 S 300 W.
15-week winter sessions begin the week of January 12. 

Jan. 9-10, 8p-12a.  Odd Fellows Hall, 26 W Mar≠ket St. Pre-order the CD for $15.
Jung Society of Utah Founding Presi≠dent Machiel Klerk invites you to make 2015 into a dream year. Join the celebration of the release of his new CD. Introduction and bonus feature by Coleman Barks. 
Blog Updates 
Whether it's ignorance, violence, greed, fear, or despair-yours or others'-you'll need a strong internal center that is vitally connected to a broader perspective that can contextualize local and global upheaval as part of a much larger process. I know I am preaching to the choir, but sometimes even the choir needs to review its parts, especially if it's trying to sing in the midst of so much shift...(read more).