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Oct. 3 - Oct. 9

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The drug war has taken an ironic turn. In the interest of blocking the sale and manufacture of entheogens and psychedelics such as MDMA and LSD, the feds have made some of the ingredients more difficult to obtain. The result? This has incentivized the market for "bunk" drugs from unethical producers who use  easier-to-obtain or more affordable ingredients that can be far more dangerous.

Additionally, with the lack of access to more well-known, sought-after, and less-dangerous drugs such as LSD and MDMA, kids have been experimenting with more perilous substances, including "legal highs." People are getting hurt and even dying.

In the interest of harm reduction and getting the facts more widely known, CATALYST is seeking anonymous interviewees to share their stories. Have you or someone you know been hurt by taking misrepresented drugs? Has a legal high turned out to be not what you expected? We would like to hear from you.

Email me at [email protected] if you are willing to share your story. IMPORTANT--"SUBJECT: HARM REDUCTION." I will connect you with the author, Alice Toler, who will contact you. No one else will see or hear your name without your permission. Please forward this to friends who may know someone. Your help is much appreciated.

~ Greta Belanger deJong
editor & publisher

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Event picks for
Oct. 3- Oct. 9 
Oct. 2-4, 7:30p. Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 W 300 S. $15/$30. 
Featuring the world premier of "By the Snake" by Israeli artists Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof as well as choreography by Stephen Koester and Zvi Gotheiner.


Fri. Oct. 3, 1:30-6:30p. Science Building of Utah Valley University, 800 W University Parkway, Orem. Free.
Hear world-class speakers and educators Richard Heinberg, Rick Gill, Warner Woodworth and Erin Silva. 


Fri. Oct. 3, 7-9p. The Leonardo, 209 E 500 S. Free. 


It's a conflict once unthinkable in the deep green South. Three states are locked in battle over the diminishing fresh water that saw Atlanta go from a small town to a large, growing city in the US. In this stunningly shot, award-winning documentary film, brothers Michael and David Hanson return to the source of their childhood river and paddle it to the Gulf of Mexico. 
To view the trailer, click here. 


Sat. Oct. 4, 7p. Golden Braid Books, 151 S 500 E. Free


Rinsler will read from his newest release, The Buddha Walks into the Office, and sign copies of this and his first two books, Walk Link a Buddha: Even if your Boss Sucks, Your Ex is Torturing You & You're Hungover Again, and the Buddha Walks into a Bar.

Mon. Oct. 6, 7p. Mestizo Coffeehouse, 631 W North Temple. Free


 Spoken word poetry on the theme of forests and trees, featuring Wasatch Wordsmiths and the Westminster Slam.

Tues. Oct. 7, 6-9p. Harmons City Creek, 135 E 100 S. $25. 


The last class in the Summer in a Jar series for the best of fall harvest. Create jars to share with friends over the holidays using the water bath technique with onions, green tomatoes beans and more. 


Tues. Oct. 7, 6:30-8p.Tibetan Buddhist Temple, 740 S 300 W. $50. (*Tuition may be reduced based on need. Please ask.) Register at first class. 


8-week introductory course (Tuesdays) provides a contemplative and experiential base focusing on the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Thupten Gyaltsen Dorje, resident teacher of Urgyen Samten Ling Gonpa, has studied and practiced the Buddhadharma for over 33 years. 

Tues. Oct. 7, 10 6p
Salt Lake Community College, South City Campus Art Gallery, 1575 So. State. Free.


It's an ode to the power of curation: just 12 articles of clothing in this fashion exhibit present a stunning visual history of women over the past 100 years. The dresses and suits are part of an 1,800-piece collection gifted to the SLCC Fashion Institute by the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in 2007.



Sat. Oct. 11, 12-6p. Library Square, Main City Library, 210 E. 400 S. $8-15/$6-10 adv.  
The second Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire is part of an international network of over 100 independently organized and community-produced Mini Maker Faires around the world.
Maker Faires are distinguished by their broad spectrum of projects and interactivity, with a strong focus on technology, science, design, and craft. This year, the Faire will once again have a strong technology component-from DIY, open source, and educational projects to tech companies changing our future. There will be interactive mechanical art, tiny robots, medium-size robots, art cars, a walk-in camera obscura, make-your-own puppet shows, Lego, Tesla coils, electronic kits, and a sew-a-thon and screen printing for upcycling clothing. We're particularly excited to see more rockets, a tiny house on wheels (converted from a delivery truck), cubesats, a rideable train, and an Arduino-controlled brewing system.
Blog Updates 
It's another week of powerful upheaval here on Planet Earth, and staying balanced in the midst of these seemingly endless shifts requires a strong mind and a steady heart, especially as highly charged planetary alignments continue to exacerbate too many already inflamed collective hotspots. From eruptions to explosions to extreme weather events, the world is wobbling. And its tremors are not only manifesting as part of our combined communal process; there are just as many personal emotional emergencies requiring attention and care, which means meltdowns are probable, yours and others', particularly children of all ages...(read more).