CATALYST Weekly Reader April 10 - April 17

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Spring Used Book Sale
Exile Nation: The Plastic People
Meditation/ Equanimity with Marlena Lambert.
Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus reading and book signing
Golden Brain Psychic Fair
Zero Carbon America? Lessons from Great Britain
The Aquarium Age
Dear friends & family,

Greetings from Spain! Right now we are in Barcelona, where there are more motorbikes than cars.  Where shops really do close up midday and people nap. Where dinner starts at 9. Where every few blocks is a flower shop, selling pots of rosemary, mint and jasmine.  And where the architecture makes this one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

If you have kids (or maybe you are one, yourself), make travel abroad a priority.  Become familiar -- if not fluent -- in another language. Let us all be amazed at each other's wonders. 

To see the April issue, click here. Or pick up a copy on the newsstands. And thanks for reading.

~ Greta Belanger deJong
editor & publisher

Event picks for
April 10 - April 17
Thurs. Apr. 10, 8p. Pak City Live, 427 Main St, Park City. $25.   


Electronic/world fusion dance trio mixes samples and heavy percussion with tribal fusion and performance art. 


Apr. 10-15. Main City Library, 210 E 400 S.    

Thousands of movies, mysteries, cookbooks and more. See the schedule below for specific events and dates. 

Thurs Apr. 10, 9a-6p. Members only.  
Fri. Apr. 11, 9a-6p.  Public sale. 
Sat. Apr. 12 9a-6p. Half-priced day. 
Sun Apr. 13 1-5p. Half-price. 
Apr. 14-15 9a-9p. Bargain days. 

Sat. Apr. 12, 1p. Brewvies Cinema Pub, 677 S 200 W. Suggested donation of $5-$10.  
This documentary examines Latino immigrants who have been thrown from the streets of Tijuana, failing to be recognized as citizens here or there. 
A discussion will follow the film with director Charles Shaw.  


Sun. Apr. 13, 2-5p. Mindful Yoga Collective, 223 S 700 E.     


The class will include brief instruction in vipassana (insight) meditation, walking and sitting meditation practice, as well as gentle yoga asana, and a short lesson on equanimity. 

Tues. Apr. 15, 7p. Weller Book Works, 607 Trolley Square, Free. 


Everything that Remains is a surprising story of what happened when one young man decided to let go of everything and begin living more deliberately through a minimalist lifestyle.

Wed. Apr. 16, 6-9p. Golden Braid Bookstore, 151 S 500 E. $25.


A 20-minute appointment with any of their psychics. Visit the website below for psychic bios and additional information. 


To schedule an appointment call 801.322.1162. 


Thurs. Apr. 17, 6:30-8p. Sweet Library, 455 N F street. Free.


Paul Allen, of Zero Carbon Britain, will discuss in detail the work he has done with the Centre for Alternative Technology to help people imagine how a transition away from fossil fuels is possible, and can be done with existing technology.


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Blog Updates 
The veils between the universes grow increasingly thin this week, and as this transparency clarifies what was previously hidden, we have almost too many opportunities to witness what's already in motion. Too many simply because it's possible to view both the causes and the conditions, negative as well as positive, and it takes a clear mind to maintain such discernment. From now until the beginning of May, astral activity allows a lucid view of how the past intersects with the present to create the future. Pay attention: It's important to walk between these many worlds carefully, not because the path is particularly dangerous-although some will say it is-but because during times such as these, the gods have little tolerance for hubris, and an arrogant misstep could take a long time to repair...(read more).