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Homeopathy for Respiratory Ailments
Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
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Verdi's "La Traviata"
Dear Friends and Family,

Want to be part of the largest clean air rally in state history?

Some days it seems that, for every personal effort made in the quest for cleaner air, another industry gets a free pass. More people than ever are at their wits' ends as to how to get our state government to take action. On our own, we can drive less, turn down the thermostat and forgo the cozy fire. But the Utah governor and legislators have the power to make big changes: to facilitate cleaner air with regard to freeways, diesel fumes, wood burning, refineries and Kennecott, for starters.

Instead, the state recently approved expansions of major source polluters Kennecott, Tesoro, Holly and other refineries in the valley, some right near residential neighborhoods. The Utah State Health Dept. has a "Recess Guidance" link on its website. What? When we were kids, that was the stuff of doomsday science fiction.

We're grateful for the days when the air doesn't look so bad. But looks aren't everything. Some of the worst industrial pollutants are the least visible.

And so we rally. Over 2,200 Utahns have already pledged to attend this year's "CLEAN AIR, NO EXCUSES" gathering at the state capitol. To join, visit "Clean Air, No Excuses" on Facebook. Groups organizing and promoting the rally include Utah Moms for Clean Air, Utah Physicians for Healthy Environment, Clean Air Now!, Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance (MESA), Breathe Utah, Utah Clean Air Alliance, Communities for Clean Air, Northern Utah Clear The Air, Athletes for Clean Air and LDS Earth Stewardship. Collectively, that is quite some focused energy. Wouldn't you like to be there?

Mark your calendar now: next Saturday, January 25, noon. Meet at the Utah State Capitol, 350 N. State St. If you drive, make it worth the trip: Pack the car with friends and family. Consider transportation alternatives.

Have a great week, and see you there! (And, in the meantime, check out this week's events below.)

- Greta  deJong, editor & publisher
- Ty Markham, PsyD, activist   

Event picks for
January 16 - January 23   

Sat. Jan. 18. 7:30-10:30p. (beginners workshop 7-7:30pm). 

Montessori Community School, 2416 E. 1700 S. $8/$5 students (age 16-25).


Live music by the Iversons. All dances are taught and cued by a caller. The main focus is on having fun. Dress is casual.



Sat. Jan. 18, 9p-2a.

Zest Kitchen & Bar, 275 S 200 W. $5/$8 after 11:30p. 


Alastair Nee, the man behind "Delve (Deep)," returns to SLC from his new home in San Francisco to provide a night filled with slick grooves, deep cuts, and wompin' bass lines. Add F_Ghani to the equation and the formula reveals a proven team-up that causes mass euphoria and warmth on the dance floor no matter how cold it gets outside. Listen:,     


Sat. Jan. 18, 9a-12p. Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 W. Broadway. $20.


Yogis Give Back is a collaborative effort among local studios, yoga nonprofits and yoga teachers in the greater Salt Lake City area to raise money to bring yoga to local communities and groups.  Sponsored by SBDance and Impact Fitness Wear. 


Sat. Jan. 18, 1-4p. 

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Dr. Free.

Some Minimalist painters of the 20th century used unusual tools, such as masking tape, to make their "hard edge" paintings. See some paintings of this type in the museum, then try your hand at painting on canvas and make your own Minimalist masterpiece.    



Jan. 18-24. 7:30pm. At the newly remodeled Capitol Theatre, 50 W 200 S. $18-$93. 


The story of a Parisian courtesan with TB and a broken heart.  Sung in Italian, with English translations projected above the stage. (See Reader Rewards, below, to win free tickets to this or another Utah Symphony and Opera performance.) 


Mon. Jan. 20, 6 weeks. Synergy Center, 335 E 900 S. $80. 


Tues. Jan. 21, 6:30p. Dave's Health & Nutrition, 880 E 3900 So. (Also Thurs., Jan. 23 at 1817 W. 90th So., West Jordan.) Free.


Looking for ways to take good care of your lungs? Dave Card, a master herbalist and certified homeopath,tells how to keep your respiratory system healthy.  


Tues. Jan. 21, 6:30-8p, 8 weeks.

Urgyen Samten Ling Buddhist Temple, 740 S 300 W. $50. 


Eight-week introductory course provides a contemplative and experiential base focusing on the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.  



Thurs. Jan. 23, 12-1p.

Kingsbury Hall, 1395 Presidents Circle. Free, but tix required. 


Marc Lamont Hill is among the country's leading hip-hop generation intellectuals. His writing on culture, politics, education, racial profiling and the war on youth has appeared in  journals, magazines, books and anthologies. Hill works with African American and Latino youth through a literacy project he started using hip-hop culture to increase school engagement and reading skills among high school students. He provides regular commentary for NPR, Washington Post, Essence Magazine, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Fox News Channel, where he was a political contributor and regular guest on The O'Reilly Factor.



Part of the "Beneath the Hoodie: A Look at Racial Profiling in America" MLK week celebration.


Blog Updates 

Reader Rewards



Get classical! We have several pairs of vouchers that can be exchanged for tickets to a select performance of the Utah Symphony and Opera season from now till May 25, including the upcoming Utah Opera's La Traviata (Jan. 18, 20, 22 and 24) at the Capitol Theatre and the Jan. 31-Feb.1 Masterworks 10 performance of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, Thierry Fischer conducting, at Abravanel Hall.
(You will be able to exchange the voucher for tickets by mail, phone or online.)

We will select winner tomorrow (Friday) noon. Vouchers will need to be picked up at the CATALYST office, 140 S. McClelland (1040 East) or we can mail them if you're not headed to this week's La Traviata.