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Scientist in the Spotlight: Utah's Avalanches with Bruce Tremper
Jung Society of Utah presents Tom Cheetham
Lodro Rinzler at Golden Braid Books
Redrock & Pearls
Grief and the holidays
Portland Cello Project
Life and LEgacy of J.F. Kennedy's 50th Anniversary
WorlDance 2013
The Aquarium Age
Free tix to RDT's "Lively"
Dear Friends and Family,

Below, find your events for this week along with wisdom from Ralfee Finn. And here are some highlights from the November issue

Charlotte bell's yoga column will appeal to anyone who's tried ~ and committed to, or quit ~ a life a yoga practice. Diane Olson, as usual, with gross you out with utmost delight. John writes about "stranded capital" in a way that just may make you feel a bit glad. Amy Brunvand brings us enviro-news from around the state. Margie McCloy continues the air series. Adele Flail reviews some DIY books. Dennis Hinkamp says keep the internet free and weird. Katherine Pioli talks with the Wasatch Commons Cohousing folks. Artist Pilar Pobil reflects on her life by making an exhibit of beloved artifacts. Heather May deconstructs the modernist meals at downtown's SLC Pop. Marlena Lambert reminds us that breast health, not just cancer, awareness deserves attention. Former CAT staffer-turned-lawyer, Barry Scholl, begins a series on law for CATALYST types. Pax Rasmussen brings us "Green Bits." Lacey Kniep, Queen of What's Going On, brings the Calendar. Dan Schmidt investigates bike studs. Steve Proskauer explores the concept of "the arrow of destiny." And Suzanne Wagner encourages us to stabilize our centers, to stay in loving presence.

That's a lot, packed into 36 pages (along with the Community Resource Directory and many interesting ads). I hope that, in the course of the month, you enjoy it all.

But first, check out this week's events (below). Thank you for reading! And feel free to comment.

~ Greta Belanger deJong
(editor & publisher)

Event picks for
November 15 - November 21    


Fri. Nov. 15, 2-4p.  

Natural History Museum of Utah, 301 Wakara Way. Free.   


Join avalanche forecaster Bruce Tremper to discover how and where avalanches form. Learn some ways you can predict and avoid avalanches, and see some of the latest avalanche forecasting equipment, including beacons, airbag packs, avalungs and probes.


Fri. Nov. 15, 7-9p. 

Jewish Community Center, 2 N Medical Dr. Free   
Henri Corbin was a scholar of Islamic mysticism in the 20th century and a mystic himself. He shared his friend Carl Jung's view of the significance of the active imagination in human life and the importance of alchemy for religious psychology.
Tom Cheetham, Ph.D, is a biologist and philosopher and the author of four books on the imagination and the meaning of Henry Corbin's work for the contemporary world.
Cheetham will introduce Corbin's work with an eye to exploring the meaning of creative and active imagination, idols and icons, spiritual alchemy, divine and human love, the poetic basis of the mind, and the role of the Angel Holy Spirit in the life of the soul. There's an interesting interview with him at


Sat. Nov. 16, 7p.  

Golden Braid Books, 151 S 500 E. Free.   


Lodro Rinzler will discuss his new book Walk Like a Buddha; Even if your boss sucks, your ex is torturing you & you're hungover again. Being a young, New York-based Buddhist
teacher who connects especially well
with readers in their 20s and 30s,
Rinzler takes a relaxed, colloquial
approach to meditation and its many
benefits. He is well versed in Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhism. 

A book signing will follow the discussion.
Undecided? Watch him on YouTube first or visit his website,  



Sat. Nov. 16, 7:30p. 

Utah Museum of Natural History 's Canyon Atrium, 301 Wakara Way. $50 (includes 1-year membership) $25 members.     

Pearls are to 30 what gold is to 50. After 30 years of loving and protecting Southern Utah, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is hosting a gala celebration honoring the contributions of tens of thousands of people who have worked on behalf of this land.


SUWA aims to permanently protect over 9 million acres of redrock wilderness, and with the help of many, they've managed to keep 99% of these lands safe. 


Mon. Nov. 18, 7p. 

University of Utah College of Nursing
(Annette Poulson Cumming Bldg), 10 S 2000 E. Free.   


Just like a snowflake, each grief journey is unique. Caring Connections: A Hope and Comfort in Grief Program holds an annual  holiday event for those coping with loss. The program's featured speaker is faith writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, Peggy Fletcher Stack. 


Wed. Nov. 20, 8p-12a. The State Room, 638 S State. $19.


PCP's repertoire now numbers over 800 pieces of music you wouldn't normally hear coming out of a cello. Since the group's 2007 inception, the Portland Cello Project has wowed audiences all over the country. The group has built a reputation mixing genres and blurring musical lines and perceptions wherever they go. 


We at CATALYST can't wait to see them again!  


Thurs. Nov. 21, 6-8p. Orson Spencer Hall (University of Utah), 260 S Central Campus Dr. Free. 

Keynote speaker Tim Chambliss will talk about the legacy of  John F. Kennedy. Kathryn McKay and Ron Coleman discuss JFK's policies. Don Duff will talk about the Cuban Missile crisis.


Thurs. Nov. 21, 7p. Kingsbury Hall, 1395 Presidents Circle Dr. $5-$10. 


Featuring the music and dance of Armenia, Spanish Flamenco, Azerbaijan, Iran, Tajikistan and Russia.  Sponsored by Eastern Arts and Salt Lake City Ballet.  



*See back cover of CATALYST November issue for more information.

Blog Updates 

The planets align in positive patterns this week, and as they do, a thousand threads of intention, motivation, and consequence have a chance to find beneficial expression. I can feel that smile from here, because, yes, this is good news, so good, you probably won't even notice the emotional tumult that also ripples across personal and political interactions. Daily routines seem regular for the first time in a while, and that mundane, yet much-welcomed stability, has the potential to boost an optimistic outlook. Of course there are still areas of desperate struggle, individual and collective, that require conscious effort to remedy...(read more). 
Reader Rewards

We have some tickets to give away for RDT's "Lively," Nov. 22-23, 7:30 p.m., Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. 

Among the toe-tapping selections is their classic "Jukebox" (Greta's been waiting years to see this one again!) and  Marina Harris' "Green Jello." Watch "Jello" in rehearsal here:
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