CATALYST Weekly ReaderAugust 1 - August 8

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Aug 016:24 AM8:43 PM
Aug 026:25 AM8:41 PM
Aug 036:26 AM8:40 PM
Aug 046:27 AM8:39 PM
Aug 056:28 AM8:38 PM
Aug 066:29 AM8:37 PM
Aug 076:30 AM8:36 PM
Aug 086:31 AM8:34 PM
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Dear Friends & Family,

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Here is your new August 2013 CATALYST.

Once every few years an edition of CATALYST comes out that does not bear my imprimatur on every page. This is one of those issues. Yes, I've been out of town (read about it on page 6). I think you will find it quite wonderful. It's a quirky issue, the main story being about tattoos. There's a captivating story on fleas, I kid you not. Dive in.

Also, below, you'll find our picks on this week's events.

Till next week,
Greta deJong, editor & publisher



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Event picks for
August 1 - August 8 


Aug 2-4. Main Street, Park City. $10 weekend pass (Summit County residents free). 
Art exhibits along Main Street, food vendors, live music, kids' events, artisanal food tastings and a yoga festival. The arts fest takes place 5-9 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.    

Sat. Aug. 3, 10a-12p. Grateful Tomato Garden. $10.  


Join Wasatch Community Gardens and learn how to extend your growing season as the days get cooler and shorter.

Tues. Aug. 6, 5:30-8:30p.  

Harmon's City Creek, 135 E 100 S. $25. 


Pickle beyond the cucumber. Learn to preserve using a water bath technique, along with a variety of brines, herbs and spices.

Thurs. Aug. 8, 4:30-6:30p. Neighborhood House, 1050 W 500 S. Free. 


Food, entertainment and activities for the whole family.  

Aug. 9 (5-10p) & 10 (12-10p). 

Gallivan Center, 239 S Main St.    

CATALYST is proud to support this annual handmade arts, science and technology festival promoting local artisans, DIY engineers, craft foodies, vintage vendors and performance artists--while connecting them to Utah's vibrant arts community, students, educators and the public at large.

Blog Updates


For those of you waiting for the news of our second hatching of goslings, we're sorry to say that the goslings never made it.

I blame it on stress. When we hosted the Wasatch Community Gardens farm and garden tour, Ethel had one more week to go on her eggs. We erected a temporary fence to keep people away from her corner of the yard. But there were still hundreds of people coming through and Fred and the goslings hung back behind the fence, visibly bothered by the intrusion. The next day we had a party at our house - more people, more noise.

It was immediately after that weekend that we noticed when Ethel came off the nest to eat and drink she did not rush back to her eggs. I took to herding her back to her nest. But she would often only stand over it, refusing to sit...(read more).   



For the next several weeks, the planets align in complex, and for the most part, difficult patterns that underscore, once again, the serious dilemmas many of us are facing personally as well as collectively. Although it is possible to acknowledge these patterns as celestial indications of a concentrated phase of personal and collective transformation, and try to frame the current turmoil from a positive perspective, that expanded point of view still doesn't diminish the very real and painful struggles that are currently catalyzing so many lives...(read more).