CATALYST Weekly ReaderJuly 18 - July 25

Sunrise & Sunset
July 256:18 AM8:50 PM
July 266:19 AM8:49 PM
July 276:20 AM8:48 PM
July 286:21 AM8:47 PM
July 296:21 AM8:46 PM
July 306:22 AM8:45 PM
July 316:23 AM8:44 PM
Aug. 16:22 AM8:43 PM
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Arbor Day Poster Exhibit
POP-UP Ogden: Mini Exhibitions
IAMA Free Folk & Bluegrass Festival
Artful Afternoons: Oodles of Doodles
Urban Arts Festival
19th Annual Llama Festival
Getting to Know Lichens
Household Hazardous Waste Collection
NOW: The Wedding Dance Performance
3rd Annual Solar Day
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
Tix to The White Buffalo at The State Room
Tix to Griffin House at The State Room
Dear Friends & Family,

I'm still at the Permaculture Design course, being held at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. Monsoons continue to keep the sky lively and the air clean. I'm learning so much, questioning many longheld beliefs, and accumulating quite a fantastic new to-do list. Oh, the story ideas I'm coming up with! All for your pleasure.

If you haven't picked up your July CATALYST, here it is. (August issue comes out next Thursday!) You'll see several stories on solar energy, gardening stories, a visit to Bistro on Third, a look at the Ballet West reality-based TV show "Breaking Pointe" and lots more.

Till next week,
Greta deJong, editor & publisher



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Event picks for
July 18 - July 25 


July 26-27, 7:30p. Masonic Temple, 650 E South Temple. $15-$30. 
A collaborative and context-driven performance choreographed by Charlotte Boye-Christensen in which the artists and the site itself generate many of the fundamental ideas for the project. 


July 26-28. Brighton/Alta/Solitude/Snowbird. Free.  


Learn about the wide diversity of wildflowers that are found in the Wasatch Mountains as well as the protection of the watershed. There will be wildflower walks, kid's arts & crafts tent, live music, info booths and more. 

See website for full schedule of activities.

Sat. July 27, 8a-5p. Starvation State Park.Free. 


Join Ray Citte RV and Starvation State Park staff for a day of catching crawdads. In the evening, show up at the pavilion to learn recipes for cooking crawdads and enjoy tasting your catch.

Sat. July 27, 12-6p. Liberty Park, 900 S 700 E. Free. 


CATALYST is proud to sponsor the 3rd Annual Solar Day!  


Solar Day Salt Lake features education on solar electricity and hot water for home and business. Emergency back-up systems will be presented. Live music by Kate MacCleod, Desert Wind and others. Speakers include Utah's solar industry leaders. On-site will be representatives from Utah's solar industry. 

Sun. July 28, 7-8p. 

UEN-TV, Channel 9.   

Pedro E. Guerrero was the photographer for three of America's most famous artists: architect Frank Lloyd Wright and sculptors Louise Nevelson and Alexander Calder. The program features Guerrero's six-decade career, including his long-term relationships with each of these individuals.

Mon. July 29, 8p.

Woodshed, 60 E 800 S. 

This talent show is open to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to win the $1,500 dollar cash prize. Singers, dancers, comedians-or if you can fit your whole body through a tennis racket!
July 30, 6:30p. 1108 E 3300 S.
Aug 1, 6:30p. 1817 W 9000 S.


Learn how to steer the wheel of time toward a life of increased vitality. Presented by Dave Whelan, with over 13 years of experience in the natural health industry. 

Wed. July 31, 6:30p. Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Dr. Free.


Peter Hassrick, an independent scholar of art of the American West, will give a talk  addressing the unique artistic contributions made by the members of the Taos Society of Artists, paying special attention to one leader of the group: the Chicago-raised, German-trained painter of remarkably fresh Art Nouveau southwestern masterpieces, E. Martin Hennings. 

Wed. July 31, 9p. Red Butte Amphitheater, 300 Wakara Way. Free.


An epic tale that literally twists at every turn of arguably one of the greatest race-car drivers, Ayrton Senna. 

Aug 2-4. Main Street, Park City. Free.


The annual Kimball Arts Festival will feature art exhibits along Main Street, food vendors, live music, kids' events, artisanal food tastings and a yoga festival. The festival takes place at 5 to 9 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. 

Blog Updates

Happy Pioneer Day to all. After almost 20 years of living in Utah, I continue to forget-each and every single year-this auspicious holiday exists. But pushing boundaries and venturing into foreign landscapes of the heart, mind and body continue to be good for the soul in any epoch or locale and so it is worth celebrating. Wagons onward; there is much to explore in the next few weeks...(read more).   


For the next several weeks, the planets align in complex, and for the most part, difficult patterns that underscore, once again, the serious dilemmas many of us are facing personally as well as collectively. Although it is possible to acknowledge these patterns as celestial indications of a concentrated phase of personal and collective transformation, and try to frame the current turmoil from a positive perspective, that expanded point of view still doesn't diminish the very real and painful struggles that are currently catalyzing so many lives...(read more).   

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We're giving away tickets to Monophincs at the State Room. Show is Friday, Aug. 2. Doors at 8p, music at 9. 21+.

Email [email protected] by Monday, July 29 for a chance to win a pair! Make sure to include 'reader rewards' in the subject line. Tickets will be available at our office.
We're giving away tickets to Griffin House at the State Room. Show is Saturday, Aug. 3. Doors at 8p, music at 9. 21+.

Email [email protected] by Monday, July 29 for a chance to win a pair! Make sure to include 'reader rewards' in the subject line. Tickets will be available at our office.