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Move to Amend Speakeasy Pub Quiz
Photography Installation by Carol Koleman Closing Reception
An Indigenous Approach to Dreams
Herman's House
Of Meat and Marrow
Urban Garden and Farm Week
20th Annual Antelope Island Full Moon Bike Ride
Creative Waterwise Gardens for Pollinators
Meet the Artist: Muralist Roger Whiting
Utah Arts Festival
Fowl Play: More Goslings on the Way
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
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Dear Friends & Family,

Last Monday Pax, Adele and I journeyed south, in two trucks, to the Trans-Jordan landfill. Equipped with tarps and bungee cords, we filled them both with screened fine wood chips (about three yards total) for the ridiculously low price of $30. We're a bit obsessive when it comes to mulch, but the CATALYST office garden is now four inches deep in the stuff ~ and smelling like Christmas trees. Just in time for these lovely but drying winds.

This is a reminder to all gardeners, old and new: If you haven't mulched your garden yet, do it today. A few bags from your local garden center, or bales of straw from IFA, may save the day.

This month in CATALYST: Diane Olson (of Urban Almanac fame) is back with a deliciously scary story about the inside of your body. Shane Farver looks at the Granary District. Amy Brunvand and Adele Flail spotlight solar in Utah.  Katherine Pioli updates us on the soccer complex. Also, learn a surefire way to tell if a snake is dangerous; find natural allergy relief with nettles & Mormon tea; see what's next for Move to Amend; and LOTS more!

Best wishes,
Greta deJong, editor & publisher



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Event picks for
June 13  -  June 20 


June 13,  7-9:30p. 

Washington Square Cafe, 451 S State. Free. 

Join a trivia team and test your knowledge of corporate shenanigans and the social movements that have dared to defy them. Then get plugged into our local social movement to end corporate rule and continue the fight!

Through June 14, 9a-5p. (Closing Reception June 14 6-8p.)

Finch Lane Gallery, 1325 E 100 S.     


Tomorrow (Friday) is the last night for CATALYST staffer Carol Koleman's photography installation at Finch Lane Gallery. See cover and artist's statement, p. 4 of this issue 

Fri. June 14, 7-9p. 

City Public Library, 210 E 400 S. Free.    


Indigenous people believe dreams are scripted by our ancestors to instruct us, and are every bit as real as the waking state. A presentation that explores the world of dreams, presented by David Cumes, MD.

Fri. June 14, 7-9p. 

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), 20 S West Temple. Free.    


Ostensibly a film about Herman Wallace's 40-plus years in solitary confinement, it is also about the power of dreaming, and an installation that resulted from a collaboration between the prisoner and an artist. Discussion follows. 
Sat. June 15, 8p. 

Rose Wagner Center, 138 W 300 S. $20.  


SB Dance's one-night-only blowout. Big props. Live music. Morbid fun. (See preview on website.)

Sat. June 16-22
Wasatch Community Gardens presents the first ever Urban Garden and Farm Week, which combines past annual events Chicken Empowerment and Chicken Week to a week that encompasses  more of the many exciting and progressive aspects of backyard sustainability in Salt Lake. Events you'll want to be sure not miss:


Storing and Using What You Grow
Sat. June 15, 10a-12p. Grateful Tomato Garden, 800 S 600 E. $10.  
Learn how to properly process and store your food so it can last through the season, including fruits and vegetables. We attended this last year and found it interesting and useful! Registration required. 
Garden Maintenance
Sat. June 15, 1-3p. Grateful Tomato Garden, 800 S 600 E. $10. 
Keep your garden fresh and productive all summer long. Topics covered include organic soil amending and fertilizer basics, weed maintenance and pest control.    


Urban Chicken-Keeping Basics
Wed. June 19, 6-8p. Grateful Tomato Garden, 800 S 600 E. $10
Join some of the area's most knowledgeable chicken experts and learn about local regulations, coops, breeds and any fowl questions you might have.    


Urban Garden and Farm Tour
Sat. June 22, 10a-2p. Self-guided tour of backyards in Salt Lake. $5 bike tour (limited), $10 individual, $20 group. 
The tour features not only a lot of great coops, but also backyards with innovative uses of space: small livestock; permaculture gardens; intensive and vertical gardening techniques; community and youth gardens; small urban farms; organic veggie gardens; mushroom growing; restaurant gardens; sustainability features such as rainwater catchment, solar ovens, beehives, food preservation and cob and strawbale structures.  

Wed. June 19,10p. 

Antelope Island. $25 


A 24-mile bike ride from White Rock Bay to the historic Fielding Garr Ranch and back, lit by the full moon. Performances for the night include 50/50 Bike and Skate and BMX Freestyle.
June 20, 6:30-8p. 

Conservation Garden Park, 8275 S 1300 W. Free.   


Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are essential for a healthy environment. Find out how to create a landscape in which they will thrive.    

Wed, June 20, 6-8p. 

Jane's Home, 1229 South Temple. $6 donation


The Mexican Muralists have influenced artists worldwide, including Utah-based artist Roger Whiting. Whiting will show examples of his work and discuss how he uses mural projects to help develop a positive community identity.   

June 20-23, noon-11p. 230 S 500 W.     


Visual art, music, dance, film, the spoken word, interesting food and beer: The granddaddy of Salt Lake's festivals happens next weekend on Washington Square and the library mall. See schedule and mark your calendar for what inspires you. Free bike valet. 
Blog Updates


More exciting news on the Windsor Street Farm. Ethel the goose has proven our nay-saying wrong and started sitting a clutch of her eggs. For the longest time, we suspected that her genetic line may have had the tendency towards broodiness bred out of it. Every time it seemed she might sit on some eggs, every time she got our hopes up, within a night and/or a day, she'd be off the nest again. But this time's different. This time she's on the next for a good solid month...we hope...(read more). 



Separating the wheat from the chaff won't be easy this week. Planetary cross currents pull in different directions simultaneously, and daily life reflects that astral hodgepodge with too many situations, individual and collective, in need of attention. Expect to feel stretched, especially if you have more than one iron in the fire, more than one child to take care of, or more than one friend who is wrestling with dire circumstances. The good news is that positive occurrences are also a part of the mix...(read more). 

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