CATALYST Weekly ReaderApr. 11 - Apr. 18

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City Library Spring Used Book Sale
Fifth and Pathétique Symphonies
Workshop on Creative Activism and film "How to Start a Revolution"
Final Winter Pop-up Farmers Market
New Photography at Mestizo
Growing Edible Mushrooms
Growing and Using Your Harvest
Artist Talk at UMFA: Kevin Red Star
Downtown Story Project seeking submissions
Public's input sought on future of walking and biking in SLC
Fowl Play: From Flock Reject to Mother-to-Be
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
Free passes to Mummies Exhibit at Leonardo

Dear Friends & Family,


Have you read the April issue of CATALYST yet? Learn about the agave syrup, backyard composting, and a movement to halt universities from investing in fossil fuel companies. Meet composer Jon Scoville and choreographer Tandy Beal. See the calendar and resource directory. Pull out & post our annual Planting Guide, to remind you what needs planting when. And more! 


Below is a list of this week's picks.

~ Greta

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** You can access the entire online calendar AND our Community Resource Directory from this email now, as well as note sunrise times and moon phases. See top left.




Event picks for
April 11 - April 18 


Apr. 11-16, 7-9p.  

Main City Library, 210 E 400 S. 

Don't miss the City Library's Spring Used Book Sale for great deals on books, music, movies and more. See website for details. 

Apr 12-13, 8p.   

Abravanel Hall, 123 W South Temple. $18-$53. 


Performances of two of Tchaikovsky's most memorable symphonies in addition to two unique choral works by Arnold Schoenberg featuring the Utah Symphony Chorus.   


Sat, Apr. 13, 10a- 4p.

The Salt Haus, 735 S 400 W. Free.   



Jamila Raqib is an expert on nonviolent struggles and is especially knowledgeable about Afghanistan, where she was born. Utahns for a Just Peace in the Holy Land has joined efforts with other Utah educational/activist organizations to host a series of speakers in support of bringing peace to the Middle East, peaceful alternatives to war and peaceful alternatives to the current U.S. militaristic foreign policy.   



Sat, Apr. 13, 10a-3p.
Salt Lake Hardware Building,
155 N 400 W. 


Theme: "Tulips and Turnips." Spring greens, garlic, lettuces, potatoes, sprouts--and lots of plants and seeds! Also local beef, lamb and eggs as well as pastries, breads, salsas, jams and bagels.  (Summer market opens June 8.)  


Apr. 13, 10am-9pm.



631 W. No. Temple. Free.  


Music and food all day outside. Inside: a photographic exhibit documenting North Temple during a period of change. 


Sat, Apr. 13, 8p.

Grateful Tomato Garden, 800 S 600 E. $15 ($30 includes a mushroom jar garden) 


Join Wasatch Community Gardens and learn how to grow your own Pluerotus Ostreatus fungi (oyster mushroom) and learn some history, science and cuisine regarding these unique natural wonders. Focus will be on cultivating mushrooms in garden beds in our area, and how to get started. Learn about cultivating edible mushrooms in logs and stumps using plug spawn. Pre-registration required.


Thurs, Apr.18, 7-8:30p.  

Conservation Garden Park, 8275 S 1300 W. Free.


Learn the basic tenets of vegetable gardening while focusing on the ways to use what you're growing to create fresh, healthy meals the whole family will enjoy. Registration required.


Thurs, Apr. 18, 4:30p.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 410 Campus Center Drive. Free.  


During this artist talk, Kevin Red Star will discuss his development as an artist and the themes in his work. His paintings are included in the exhibition Bierstadt to Warhol: American Indians in the West.


News & Notes 
The Downtown Story Project seeks submissions (4/15 deadline)

Do you have a memorable downtown moment to share?

The goal of the Downtown Story Project is to capture stories that contribute to a broader understanding of Salt Lake City's downtown. The stories, which can relate an experience from the past, an insight on the present, or a hope for the future, will be used to identify the community's values related to the area. Sign up to record your story with a SLC-TV video crew on April 17 at the Salt Lake City & County Building. Requests must be received by April 15. For an appointment, mail
Self-recorded stories are also accepted and can be submitted here:
Submissions to The Downtown Story Project will be exhibited at the Salt Palace Convention Center on Thursday, May 9 at the first Downtown Master Plan public workshop. Videos will be shown at a 5 p.m. open house, followed by the workshop at 6 p.m.
Update on the future of walking and biking in SLC

Salt Lake City is continuing to advance and improve bicycle and walking options and will be updating the City's bicycle/pedestrian master plan this year.

With recent innovative designs such as the 300 East Cycle Track, new pedestrian crossing improvements such as HAWK signals and the completely revamped North Temple Grand Boulevard, the City has set the stage for continued improvements citywide.  

The master plan update, led by the city's transportation division, will focus on enhancing and expanding the city's pedestrian and bicycle networks and supporting programs by taking advantage of exciting new designs emerging in this field. Key projects being considered include a new look at a bicycling connection between the University of Utah and downtown; a downtown-focused "low-stress, family-friendly" bicycle network to connect trails, bicycle boulevards and city neighborhoods; and updated enhancements to pedestrian crossings. The plan will incorporate a look at all major roadways in the city and will also identify strategic intersection improvements.

The master plan update is scheduled for completion by December 2013. Further information and more options for resident participation can be found at
Blog Updates

Eggs are piling up on our shelves. Dozens of chicken eggs and duck eggs. More eggs than we can even sell at times. Goose eggs are piling up in the goose nest, but our goose has so far failed to pile herself on top of them for any longer than a couple hours. Hope was beginning to fade on the Windsor Farm that any of our birds would go broody and help us increase our flock size - because it seems like that's what we need, right?...(read more). 


The tight formation of planets in Aries persists for yet another week, and the routines of terrestrial life continue to reflect the celestial intensity. Many of us are growing weary of this militant signature. Aries is, after all, the archetype of the warrior, and for the last several weeks, the aggregation of planets in this often combative sign has provided the potential to turn each and every day into a psychic or physical battlefield. And while it's true that Aries' aggressive attitude has the necessary power to rouse the complacent into taking a stand, eventually enthusiasm even for righteous causes starts to wane, especially if there's never a break in the "weather."...(read more). 

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We're giving away free tickets to the "Mummies of the World" Exhibition at The Leonardo!
Mummies of the World is the largest exhibition of mummies and related artifacts ever assembled. The exhibit includes both naturally and intentionally preserved mummies.

Email [email protected] by Wednesday, April 17 if you'd like a pair!