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Dec 20

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Dec 21

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Dec 22

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Dec 23

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Dec 24

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Homeless Persons' Memorial & Vigil
Celestial Solstice: Yoga, Meditation, Dinner, Kirtan
Winter Solstice Celebration at Red Butte
Unsilent Night
Christmas Eve at All Saints
Phun with Physics
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
Music Blog: GRiZ w/ MorZFeen and Heartwreck
35x35 is Back!
PBS releases resources for parents re: school shootings
Job openings @ Web of Life
More Free Yoga

Dear Friends & Family,


We've finally reached the week of the much-touted long-count Mayan calendar's predicted end of time, interpreted by many as the end of the world. I, for one, would welcome some time away from time. As a construct ~ to keep everything from happening at once ~ it's clearly not doing so well. And the spacious sense that comes when time is irrelevant ~ that, to me, is the real "holiday" feeling. Bring it on! At least for a few days. 


I wish you love in your heart ~ and a good celebration, honoring the passage (or end) of time by living in the present.


See our event picks below for the week ahead.  

Thank you!


[email protected]


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*** The eastern half of our lovely old office (1,000 sq. ft.) on Broadway is still available. Call the office (801.363.1505) if you're interested in a great deal on a sweet space.




Event picks for December 20 - December 27
Homeless Persons' Memorial and Candlelight Vigil

Dec. 20, 5:30p. Pioneer Park, 1400 W 400 S. Free.


Come to remember our homeless brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate price of living on the streets in 2012. Hot chocolate, coffee and candles provided. Sponsored by the SL Co. Homeless Coordinating Council.


Dec. 21, 5-10p

Dancing Cranes Imports, 673 East Simpson Ave (2240 S). $25 for entire event (see webpage for individual event prices).


Yoga, meditation, dinner, kirtan meditation and dinner followed by didgeridoo, flute, guitar and the angelic voice of Leraine with The Soul Vibrations: What a

way to celebrate the Solstice! Attend all or part of the evening. Registration requested.

Dec. 22, 9a-1p

Red Butte Garden and Arboretum, 300 Wakara Way. Free w/admission.


Come Red Butte Children's Garden to celebrate the return of the light! Wander through the Garden winter wonderland, complete with warming fire barrels, hot chocolate and a yule log. Participants can also create winter candles and their own solstice head wreath.


Dec. 23, 6-7p.

City & County Building, 451 S State St. Free.


Unsilent Night is a free outdoor participatory sound sculpture of many individual parts, recorded on cassettes, CDs and mp3s and played through a roving swarm of boomboxes carried through city streets every December...Kids are welcome!  


Dec. 24, 5p-late.

Also Dec. 25, 10am.

All Saints Episcopal Church, 

1700 S Foothill Dr. Free.


Explore the presence of the divine in human existenceFamily service with children's pageant, Christmas carols; midnight communion with instrumental ensemble, choir and carols. 5p: family service; 7p: Holy Communion with Christmas carols; 10:30pm: Midnight service with instrumental ensemble, choir, carols. Dec. 25, 10am: Holy Communion with Christmas carols. 


Dec. 26, 4-6p.

Utah Natural History Museum, 301 Wakara Way. Free w/admission.


Live physics demos like you have never seen before! What do balloons, bicycle wheels, liquid nitrogen, flowers and a vacuum pump have in common? Ask Phun with Physics scientists Patrick Wiggins, Tori Spratling and Jayceen Craven from the University of Utah's Department of Physics & Astronomy. 

Their energetic and interactive live physics demonstration will reveal science at work to both kids and adults. 

Blog Updates
 The Aquarium Age: Dec. 19-25 
 --by Ralfee Finn

Welcome to the week of cosmophobia, a brief period of time when a doomsday disorder has the power to infect minds and hearts, sweep reason away, and convince multitudes of people that the world is coming to an end. For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on Friday, and according to popular legend, so does the world. Anxiety about this event was so severe that NASA coined the phrase "cosmophobia" in 2010, defining it as an "irrational fear of the cosmos," especially the belief that a catastrophic event will occur on December 21, 2012...(read more)
 Music Blog: That "Oh Shit" Moment
 --by Sophie Silverstone

That oh shit moment. When the earth is still turning on Dec. 22nd and you realize you didn't make any plans for Saturday night, possibly because you bought into the apocalypse drama. Take it from the Mexicans - who descended from the Mayans - and plan to celebrate this day instead. After being in Mexico just last week, I realized they view Dec. 21st very differently, free of unnecessary "this is the end" anxiety. Thanks America. While your fellow Americans sit at home unpacking their end-of-the-world pantries on Saturday, Mexico will be ringing in a new era - and I'll be at Urban Lounge waiting for a liberation of sorts.


This Saturday at Urban Lounge, GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski), a DJ from Detroit will be liberating electronic music from its preconceived notions. His latest album, Mad Liberation, conjures a mix of glitch-hop, nu-jazz, soul, and electronic that will make you feel like doing the Charleston at times. Make it a funky Charleston at that. He has a way with perfecting that vintage sound, and then slamming it into the future with some heavier electronic beats with precision and confident possession of the build. He's appeared at Electric Forest music festival this past summer in MI, and will be spinning at the New Year's Eve music festival in Lake Tahoe, SnowGlobe. His fans have been growing fond of GRiZ's recent collaborations with other upcoming DJ, Gramatik, appropriately named Grizmatik.


Nothing says a new era like the track names from Mad Liberation, which you can download for free from GRiZ's site. Better Than I've Ever Been will definitely get you hitting replay, as well as Where's The Love and Too Young For Tragedy. The Future Is Now will make your skin crawl a little when you welcome in this new age of ascension we've all been waiting for Friday night - and if you live for those poetic life moments when the song playing captures your situation. Let the future begin.


GRiZ w/ MorZFeen and Heartwreck @ Urban Lounge, 9:00pm - Saturday, Dec. 22nd 


News & Notes
35x35 is back!
Artists of Utah's third 35X35 exhibit will open at Salt Lake's Finch Lane Gallery in March of 2013. 

35X35 is Artists of Utah's showcase of work by Utah's young generation of artists. The exhibit will feature work by 35 artists 35 or younger, providing the artists with a unique exhibition opportunity as well as extended media coverage to help further their careers. Selected artists will be invited to participate in a video documentary.

The 2009 exhibition opened to packed audiences and favorable critical review. Many of the artists in that exhibit have become fixtures in the local art scene.



35 x 35 is open to visual artists resident in the state born after January 1, 1978. All media are considered.


Exhibition Date/location

March 8th - April 26, 2013

Salt Lake City Arts Council, Finch Lane Gallery, 54 Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


Five Cash Awards

Three independent Jurors' Awards

An Artists of Utah Board of Directors Award

A People's Choice Award (voted on by gallery patrons during the 35X35 exhibition).



Submit up to 5 images (or videos).
$15 Entry fee per artist. All fees are applied toward cash awards, exhibition expenses, marketing and video production.


Deadline for submission of entries
Friday, February 1, 2013



 Click here to fill out the online submission form.  

PBS Releases Resources For Parents Following Shooting In Connecticut


Below are resources provided by PBS for parents on how to approach and discuss the tragic events of Newton, Connecticut with their children.


"Helping Our Children Feel Safe"


"Talking With Kids About News"


"Crisis" Provided by The Salt Lake School District

Job Openings at Web of Life 

Wellness Center


Dr. Todd Mangum's Web of Life Wellness Center now has three job openings available: Office Manager, Office Assistant, and Bookkeeper.


For details, contact Michelle Barlow by email, [email protected] or drop off a resume at 508 East South Temple, Suite 102. Parking is in back of building and office is in the front.

Reader Rewards
5-Class Passes at Avenues Yoga  

More yoga passes to the great little studio on 68 K Street in the lower Avenues:


If you'd like to enter to win, email
[email protected] no later than Mon., Dec. 24!