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Community Coat Exchange
Antelope Island Evening Hike
Hawk Talks: Eagles
Trey McIntyre Project
Frontiers of Science Lecture
8th Annual Red Party
UofU Dept. of Dance Graduate Concert
Community Gardens Open House
Ralfee Finn's "The Aquarium Age"
Music Blog: Comfortably Weird
READER REWARDS: More free tix to Ririe-Woodbury's "Three"

Dear Friends & Family,


Keep this in mind as you head out to dinner this holiday season: Every time you spend money at a locally owned restaurant, you have recirculated most of that cash (78.6%) to your neighbors--in contrast to dining at national chains, which leave only 30.4% instate.


Shopping? Spending 10% more of your cash at local businesses will oil the local economy with an additional $487 million each year. That averages out to $377 for each of Utah's 1.29 million workers--which they, in turn, could spend locally, maybe even on your business. 


(Wonder where these numbers come from? You can see them for yourself, here:


Go to for a list of locally own businesses, and to take the Local First pledge.


A new CAT comes out in a week. Make sure you've read the current issue before then:  online in both HTML and Flip-Through format, or at newsstands around the valley. Isn't that "Montana Lisa" cover something?


See our event picks below for the week ahead (you'll find many more on our website calendar).  

Thank you!




Event picks for November 23 - November 29

Nov. 23, 10a-1p.  Library Square Plaza, 210 E 400 S.


Bring coats to the event and exchange for another one, or bring coats to the event for donation. Coats can also be dropped off at any location listed on the website.

Leftover coats will be donated to the Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store. Need a coat? Come get one. Have a coat? There is someone who can use it.

Antelope Island Hike: The Night Sky 

Nov. 24, 5p

Meet at site #8 in Bridger Bay Campground, Antelope Island.  Park entrance fees apply ($9/$3 walkers/cyclists).


Bundle up and join the Park Naturalist for an easy to moderate two-mile round trip hike around Buffalo Point Loop on Antelope Island. Group stop at the top and talk about the phases of the moon, winter constellations and more.

Nov. 24, 11a-12p. Utah Natural History Museum, 301 Wakara Way. Free.


Bald Eagles aren't really bald, but Golden Eagles are really golden. There are only two types of eagles in Utah, but until they are adults they can be confusing. Learn a couple of tricks to make eagle identification a little easier and find out what these birds do in the winter months.


Nov. 27, 7:30p. Kingsbury Hall, 1395 Presidents Circle. $19.50-$29.50.


Trey McIntyre is one of the most sought-after choreographers working today. Though he has choreographed for many prestigious ballet companies in the world, he now focuses mostly on his own company, creating works designed to re-imagine dance, push boundaries and captivate audiences.


Nov. 28, 7:30-8:30p.

Aline Skaggs Building, University of Utah. Free.


Pearl Sandick, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at the U, lectures on the recent discoveries from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, in Switzerland. These discoveries include the observation of a Higgs-like particle, the subatomic particle believed to be responsible for creating mass. This has major implications for the fundamental theory of physics that describes our universe.

Limited parking is available at the bookstore/library parking lot, just off South Campus Drive.


Nov. 29, 5:15-8p.

Hotel Monaco, 15 W 200 S $35 suggested donation.


To help raise funds to support the Utah AIDS Foundation mission to empower those living with HIV/AIDS, Kimpton's Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City, the adjacent Bambara restaurant and the Utah AIDS Foundation will co-host the eighth annual Red Party. Enjoy professional cabaret performances while commemorating upcoming World AIDS Day 2012.


Nov. 29-Dec.1, Times vary--see website. Marriott Center for Dance, 330 S 1500 E. $8-$12.


The annual Graduate Concert showcases the works of the Department's third year MFA students. This concert always promises surprises and a variety of styles and aesthetics. These works represent the next generation of emerging choreographers. (Can you tell we just love modern dance?)


Nov. 29, 6-8p.

City & County Building, 451 S State. Free.


Interested in learning more about community gardening in the Salt Lake Valley? Wasatch Community Gardens is hosting two Open Houses for the public to come and learn about WCG's existing community gardens and ways to start your own community garden for 2013. Food and drink provided.

Blog Updates
The Aquarium Age: Nov. 21-27 
 --by Ralfee Finn

The planets align in pernicious patterns this week, and as these difficult combinations coalesce with the "normal" frustration of Mercury Retrograde, patience, care, and consideration for yourself or others won't be easy to access, let alone actualize. Expect aggressive attitudes from just about everyone - many of us will be struggling with the urge to use sheer brute force as a way of insuring a specific agenda. Also anticipate dramatic mood swings as many more struggle to break free from persistent emotional patterns that only seem to inhibit rather than enhance happiness...(read more)
Comfortably Weird 
--Music blog by Sophie Silverstone

Let's face it: you've been craving a little more dancing in your life lately. Thankfully (after all, it is Thanksgiving), there is a show rumbling your way to Urban Lounge in a week's time that will get you off your turkey-laden fanny and get funky to some electronic dance music. Meet Eliot Lipp.


Maybe you've already been introduced. After all, he did just tour the last few months with Pretty Lights and Paper Diamond after recently being signed to the Pretty Lights Music label. His sound relates to Pretty Lights with his versatility across many genres (jazz fusion, hip-hop, 80's synthpop, and drum and bass to name a few).  From Tacoma, Washington, to San

 Francisco, to Chicago, to his current Los Angeles, his place of residence is about as hard to nail down as the exact genre of music he concocts. He's got a knack for the unexpected in his tracks that entices you to get kooky on the dance floor. Pink Floyd got you comfortably numb, Eliot Lipp will get you comfortably weird.


Give thanks to Pretty Lights Music label for allowing you to download everything from their label for free. Sans Black Friday gimmicks: You can download Eliot Lipp's entire newest release, the Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake album, to prepare for next week's show Some local SLC cats will also be performing: Hypernovae of Bass Invaders and Stetus Nice from the Hive Collective. Groove on, Salt Lake.  


Wednesday, November 28, 9pm

Urban Lounge (241 S 500 E.)

Reader Rewards
Ririe-Woodbury's "Three"  
December 15 | 7:30 PM Leona Wagner Black Box


We're giving away another pair of vouchers for tickets to the Ririe-Woodbury's dance performance, "Three."


If you'd like to enter to win, email
[email protected] no later than November 28.

Also: Congratulations to David Pace for winning last week's Reader Reward giveaways. Thanks for reading the Weekly Reader!