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It's Time To Make Friends 
Our Health Depends On It
Animal Odd Couples
Friendship Without Boundaries

The link Animal Odd Couples aired on PBS 11/7/12
 Awesome! Relax, make yourself comfortable,  click and let the therapeutic vibe fill you.

It's time to book your holistic therapy appointment now if you have not yet done so.  If you're a member, you can book on line without paying if it's your monthly session you haven't yet taken.  

I do hope you take a look at either the short video or the link to Animal Odd Couples. We're getting a cue from the animals and we're getting a cue from mother nature.

"Super Storm Sandy" has created many friendships out of necessity, but it's obvious that we all need to be friends if we are to survive.

A great deal of valid information from neuroscientists and both human and animal behavioral researchers is showing that humans and animals have healthier, longer and happy lives when they are engaged in honest, healthy relationships.  

Open your hearts, empty out the anger, judgement of others, and self inflicted guilt and fear or whatever gunk you have.  Soak in 3 c. Epson Salt, 2 c. Sea Salt and 1 c. Baking Soda for 20 minutes. Finish by gazing at the tub's drain as you watch the water with all the energetic filth demagnetized by the salts go down the drain. Enjoy a sigh of relief, then grab the little bottle of 100% pure Aromatherapy Essential essence you purchased from Healthy Living Therapeutic, open and breathe in deeply the spirit of the plant. Let it caresses your heart to lift your spirits. Feel Gratitude toward the Universe.
After that, smile with all your heart at anyone and everyone you encounter for the next 24 hours.  Don't get discouraged by those that don't smile back-it happens-Bless them anyway.  Strengthen and heal relationships already established.  Feel blessed.
Feel free to call me if you any questions.  And of course use your common sense should you have any allergies and the safe use of water.

Your Devoted Therapist

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Each of Us Have to Take the First Step
But We All Have to Walk Together 
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