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November 2014
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My blog about Living Life to the Fullest!!!  where I share my inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation on this wonderful journey.

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It is because of you that we continue to grow and know our work...and fun, is spreading joy and happiness to those we touch, if not physically, with our hearts and spirits.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of our family and community!
Inspirational Quote

CH at Rock City

The greatest adventure
is what lies ahead!

Walk with the Dreamers,the Believers, the Courageous,
the Cheerful, the Planners,
 the Doers, the Successful People with their heads in the Clouds and their feet on the Ground. Let their Spirit Ignite a Fire within you to believe in yourself and to leave this world better than when you found it...
Modified from Wilferd Peterson
50 Over 50 

Huff/Post 50 recently asked readers to submit nominations of people who've reinvented themselves for the better after age 50 as part of an initiative launched with the TODAY show called "50 Over 50." Carolyn was selected as one of the "Risk Takers."
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The 'All Natural' Daily Supplements I Take   

ProVitality - New

GNLD NeoLife's Pro Vitality™ Pack makes it easy for me to receive the critical nutrients most often missing from my diet.  It helps me maintain my high energy and vitality with four amazing products in one simple pack -- the Vitality Pack!




It contains no gluten!  Wheat allergies are usually an allergy to the portion of wheat protein known as gluten.  The wheat germ oil used in these supplements contains no wheat gluten.    


Each packet provides:

  • Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates 
    Feed your cells - Energize your life.
  • Carotenoid Complex™ 
    Protect your cells - Optimize your immunity
  • Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus™ 
    Balance & regulate your cells - Maximize your good health
  • Formula IV Plus® 
    Nourish your cells - More than just a multi
Powerful nutrients that support:
  • Abundant Energy
  • Powerful Antioxidant Protection
  • Lifelong Heart Health
  • Optimum Immune Strength
  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Flexible, Healthy Joints
  • Clear Vision
  • Youthful Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Lifelong Cellular Health

 Fast Facts about ProVitality   


For more information, or any questions, contact me by email or telephone at 678.231.4973 
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About the Editor 


Carolyn Hartfield is a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a Lifestyle Coach a Health & Wellness Advocate and an Outdoor Adventurer who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences through her writings, and engaging speaking presentations.

Carolyn has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows, and at various conferences. She is  previous host of her own Blog Talk Radio show.

Carolyn is a certified Outings Leader through the Sierra Club, certified in Wilderness First Aid through the National Outdoor Leadership School, Wilderness Institute, and certified as a National Interpretive Guide.  She is a member of the Sierra Club, the American Hiking Society, and the Family Wellness Network.

Carolyn is truly 'Living Life to the Fullest!!!' You must believe, and act accordingly, that dreams can come true!

  Carolyn sitting on tree at Sweetwater
Awesome Autumn, and the beautiful fall leaf colors...this is the highlight of our November 1st hike.  We will visit one of the top Georgia State Parks to view the vivid leaf colors...Amicalola.

Spectacular scenery and the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast at 729 feet is what to expect on our upcoming Amicalola hike this Saturday, November 1st.  Hope to see you on the hike!

Did You Know...
Have you ever wondered what makes the leaves change colors in the fall.

Not all leaves turn vivid colors in the fall. Only a few of our many species of deciduous trees-notably maple, aspen, oak, and gum-produce stellar performances for our annual autumn spectacular in North America.

Several factors contribute to fall color (temperature, precipitation, soil moisture), but the main agent is light, or actually the lack of it. The amount of daylight relates to the timing of the autumnal equinox.

The combination of reduced light, lack of nutrients, and no water add up to the death of the pigment chlorophyll, the "green" in leaves.  Once the green is gone, two other pigments show their bright faces. These pigments, carotene (yellow) and anthocyanin (red), exist in the leaf all summer but are masked by the chlorophyll. (The browns in autumn leaves are the result of tannin, a chemical that exists in many leaves, especially oaks.) For more detailed information vivit the Old Farmer's Almanac website.
Info excerpted from the Old Farmer's Almanac website
and written by George and Becky Lohmiller

May you be blessed, as you continue to bless others. And as always, I wish for you optimal health, and a life full of love, peace, and joy. 


Living Life to the Fullest!!!


  Carolyn's Signature

P.S.:  Check out the links in the sidebar to some other great sites, including my blog for updates, and the meetup sites if you are interested in participating in a variety of fun activities and cultural events, with some great, fun-loving and friendly people.
Hartfield's Healthy Habits
Aware, Attraction & Awesome
Carolyn Hartfield
How aware are you of your surroundings...within your home environment and the great outdoor environment?

I encourage you to pay closer attention to your immediate surroundings.  Are they comfortable, peaceful, in harmony with your true spirit. Do they provide you with good energy that fills you with joy?
Take notice and raise your awareness level to assure you are in a harmonious and peaceful place.

Then become attentive to what is going on around you. What kind of energy are you emitting and what kind of energy are you attracting?  While assessing the type of energy you are around, become particularly aware to the type of energy you are emitting?  Keep in mind that you attract that which you are. Are you being...or are you trying?  Choose to be!

i assure you, once you become acutely aware of your environment and choose to improve it within your powers, make a personal commitment to be what it is to which you aspire, and you will attract all that you desire.  Guaranteed...your results will be absolutely AWESOME!  Try it.
Please share your results with me.  I have been sharing my experiences with you, I want to hear about your experiences so they can be shared also.

Yea...I am still lovin' the song 'Happy'.  Many mornings I play it as I am getting my day started.  it is still here for you to enjoy: Listen here...

My Healthy Habit Tips:
  1. Be Aware of your surroundings and the environment you create
  2. Attraction is based on your true desires and your state of being. Be what it is you aspire, and you are surely to attract your desires.
  3. Know that you are an Awesome person and therefore you can expect to live an amazing life...beyond your wildest dreams! 

"Live Your Life to the Fullest!!!"       

Another Awesome Autumn Hike
Amicalola Falls Trails
Amicalola State Park
Dawsonville, GA
Saturday, November 1
Rating: Moderate to Strenuous 
Distance: 3 Miles / 425 Stairs down

Instructions & Introductions: 8:00a.m. 
Departure:  8:15a.m.

Meeting Place

Target Parking Lot
2400 N. Druid Hills NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
(Off I-85 at Briarcliff Rd) 

We will hike to the top of the falls and take the stairs down.  We find it easier to go down the stairs rather than climb up the stairs.  Since we are hikers, we will hike the trails to teh tops of the falls!  The trail has some rocky section, but no climbing, just up the incline. We will take our time.  It is definitely worth the absolutely awesome views as we ascend to the top.  It is considered on of the Seven Wonders of Georgia.

We will have lunch at the reflection pool, talk about the wonderful hiking experience, enjoy each others company and then head home.  The actual hike will take us about 2 hours or more depending on how much we relish the views.

We have the option of stopping at Burt's Pumpkin Farm as we leave, and one of my favorite places, Bradley's Farm for some fried apple pies, organic homemade loaf cakes, and a delicious Muscadine slush...hmmm!
As always, wear comfortable (not new) shoes and layered clothing. We will carpool, so please be prepared to donate $7 - $10 to the driver that covers gas and parking.  Speaking of parking, there is a $5 fee for parking unless you go to your local library and check-out a State Park Parking Pass for free parking.  And, feel free to tip your hike leader(s), to show your appreciation for a job well done!   


Don't forget the Leave No Trace ethics and principles to which we adhere... what you carry in, you carry out, with the exception of taking your memories of the adventure, your new friendships, and of course, any photos you may take.

Please feel free to text or call me, should you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 678.231.4973.  
 Register for the Hike Here   


Adventure Fun in Puerto Rico
Hike the Rainforest, and much more
February 20 - 23, 2015



Upcoming Events Preview

Nov 8          Horseback Riding in Blue Ride Mountains
Nov 8          Team Atlanta Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes
Nov 8          Day of Service at Outdoor Activity Center - Atlanta
Nov 14-16   Sapelo / Cabretta Island Weekend Adventure Trip
Nov 17        Wine Tasting & Heavy Hors d'oeurves at Cafe Intermezzo
Nov 9-15     LeadHERship Cruise - Leisure & Learning - Carnival
Nov 22        Hike Big & Little Kennesaw Mountain
Feb 20-23   Adventures in Puerto Rico - Rainforest Hike & more...
Mar 21        Overnight at the Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls State Park
Aug 15        Conasauga River Snorkel - 10th Anniversary

For more information on a specific event, please send an email to: CH@CarolynHartfield.com


Fabulous Fox Theater Volunteer Ushers Wanted

I currently usher at the Fox Theatre and love it!  You can too.  They are now accepting applications for Volunteer Ushers.  Just fill out the online application and you will be contacted. 

You can use my name (Carolyn Hartfield) as how you found out about the volunteer program.  Let me know that you applied.

FREE State Park Parking Passes
Did you know that you can go to your local library and check out a Georgia State Park parking pass, just as you would a book and use it for entry to any of the state parks.  You do have to have a valid library card. Parking fees are usually $5.00.  You can call and have them hold it for you, as each branch does not have many, and they are checked out all the time.  Click here to find a branch in your area.

Or, of course, you can purchase an Annual State Park parking pass.

Health Tidbits
Take advantage of the weather. Fall can be a treat for the senses: the crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin carving, a gorgeous canopy of fall foliage, and the crunch of leaves underfoot. These months are a great time to venture outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures.

Rejuvenate yourself. Fall is the time to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Treat yourself to a massage after your exercise/fitness regime, or any time. Learn to meditate. Treat yourself to other activities that promote wellness. Strive to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

Remember the 30-day rule...It takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes.  So with that said, strive for the 3 Cs: Commitment, Convenience, and Consistency.  Having all three will lead to any successful health and wellness program.

Love much, Laugh often, Learn something new, and Live Long & Strong!

Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tips
Male Hiker
As day hikers, we need high energy foods that are easy to carry and require little or no preparation. Foods that are convenient for quick stops and snacks are often the best.  These items include fresh or dried fruit, granola bars, cheese cubes, crackers, and trail mix (a mix of nuts, raisins and/or other dried fruit) are good for snacks. Bagels, pita bread, flour tortillas or English muffins are good with peanut butter, cheese, tuna, hummus or other items spread on them for a more healthy lunch.

Super important are fluids...water.  For easy to moderate hikes, you may find that you consume 2 or more liters of water. Dehydration is to be avoided at all costs. it can result in loss of energy at a minimum and can lead to reduction in the body's ability to properly function, and finish the hike.

Autumn Hike Tips:
  1. Fall weather often brings highly changeable hiking conditions. Check the weather forecast for the day and location you're hiking.
  2. Get an early start. When you're on the trail bright and early, behold the many birds. They are usually most active and in best songster form during the first few hours of daylight.
  3. Layer, now more than ever. Layering, as an outdoor dress methodology, is important in every season, particularly in autumn.
  4. Remember your rain wear. Pack it, even if the weather cast is predicting clear days. Fall sunlight can be intense so also remember your sunscreen and sunglasses.
  5. Autumn is the season for those convertible pants, the ones with zip-off legs that convert to shorts. A hat will keep your head warm in the morning, and cool in the afternoon.
  6. In some state park and hunting is allowed. In others it's not. You should wear at least one article of hunter orange. When you're wearing a pack it's difficult for the orange to be seen, so wear an orange hat or clip it to your pack. You also can wind orange surveyor flagging tape around your pack or hang it from your backpack.
  7. Switch to a high-fat diet. Calorie-dense foods like chocolate, nuts, and cheese metabolize slowly, prolonging digestion's hour-long, body-warming effect.

Day Hiking Checklist
Download a copy of the suggested Day Hiking Checklist from REI.  Click here to download a copy.

How To Choose A Bicycle for a Great Riding Experience

Bicycling lets you have fun and get exercise while being kind to the environment at the same time. It can also be a great way to run errands, commute to work or experience a backcountry trail, not to mention more serious pursuits such as touring or racing.


Whatever your goals, you have a number of bicycle options to take you there.

The aim of this article is to help beginners, casual riders or those who haven't ridden in a while to select the right type of bike.  Read on... 

Hiking Boots...

...How to Choose

You want to be sure you know the options when choosing hiking boots. Consider 'summer' hiking boots. Read this article from REI.

...Breaking in Your New Hiking Boots

You never want to hike in brand new boots.  Read this article from REI on  how you should break in your new boots.
Click Here to read the article from REI.

...Hiking Boot Care
You want to take proper care of your boots. Read this article from REI on how to care for your boots.
Click Here to read the article from REI.

How to Choose Trekking Poles and Hiking Sticks

Trekking poles are standard equipment for many hikers. They enhance your stability and support on all types of terrain.

Read this article from REI to help you learn what to consider when shopping for trekking poles and staffs. 


The Basics of Hydration

Your body is more than 60% water, and even light physical activity can deplete that percentage. No fluid means no function!

This loss of fluid is called dehydration. And hydrating, or adding fluids, is the key to keeping it from happening to you.


 Click Here to read the article from REI.

How to Choose a Day Pack

For any activity that involves more gear than you can carry in your pocket, especially for hiking, you need a daypack.


Daypacks may look similar at first glance but have lots of functional differences. Read the article from REI that is designed to give you some helpful tips on finding the right one  for your needs.


 Click Here to read the article from REI.

Outdoor Gear Rental
Want to go camping but don't have a tent or sleeping bag?  No problem... rent your equipment from REI, for a nominal fee for the weekend. You can get, based on availability: 
  • Tents REI
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping Bags/Pads
  • Camping Stoves 
Just call the REI store nearest you, and see what they have available.