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April 2014
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My blog about Living Life to the Fullest!!!  where I share my inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation on this wonderful journey.

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It is because of you that we continue to grow and know our work...and fun, is spreading joy and happiness to those we touch, if not physically, with our hearts and spirits.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of our family and community!
Inspirational Quote

CH at Rock City

Life is too short,
Don't ever waste it.

Life is sweet,
Take time to taste it.

Life is a journey,
Find the right path.

Life is entertaining,
Don't be afraid to laugh.

Life is for good times,
Make them last.

Life has it's bad times,
Put them in your past.

Life is chance,
Make sure to take it.

But most importantly...
Life is what you make it.
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For more information, or any questions, contact me by email or telephone at 678.231.4973 
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Recommended Reading 

Audrey Peterman is President and Co-founder of Earthwise Productions, Inc., an environmental consulting and publishing firm focused on connecting the public lands system and the American public. Read more...  


Our True Nature by Audrey Peterman 
Click for more info and to purchase
Study Participants

The Memory and Aging Lab in the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech is conduction functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) studies about memory. Itis safe, painless, and non-invasive.

I recently participated and it was really very interesting... plus I received a CD with my brain images.  You are compensated for your time, and you leave with a feeling of contributing to important research. 

For additional information, you can call the lab at 404.385.3699 or send an email to:
About the Editor 


Carolyn Hartfield is a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a Lifestyle Coach a Health & Wellness Advocate and an Outdoor Adventurer who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences through her writings, and engaging speaking presentations.

Carolyn has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows, and at various conferences. She is  previous host of her own Blog Talk Radio show.

Carolyn is a certified Outings Leader through the Sierra Club, certified in Wilderness First Aid through the National Outdoor Leadership School, Wilderness Institute, and certified as a National Interpretive Guide.  She is a member of the Sierra Club, the American Hiking Society, and the Family Wellness Network.

Carolyn is truly 'Living Life to the Fullest!!!' You must believe, and act accordingly, that dreams can come true!

  Carolyn sitting on tree at Sweetwater
First...I am so very late getting this month's newsletter out, and I apologize to you for that!  So, first business is, if you want to join me for the 1st Saturday hike, it will be this Saturday...in 2 days, April 5.  We will hike Raven Cliffs and Dukes Creek Falls.  April is the month to celebrate Physical Wellness!  Register here or see below for more details below...

Now, briefly, for all that is happening..I am soooo very, very grateful, appreciative and blessed! All of that, and more.  I have been meeting some absolutely amazing people with whom I am establishing partnerships and collaborations to provide you with many more great events, all to celebrate life. They include adventurous travel, overnight, weekend and some longer trips.  All will include some type of adventure, relaxation and a little education about the location, and maybe some shared tips and/or discussions that will help all of us live a more healthy and fulfilled existence.  There will be something for you, and others who are interested in Living Life to the Fullest! 

As you probably know by now, I had such a phenomenal year, last year that I am so encouraged to step things up.  Not to try to duplicate, or compete with last year, but to spread the joy, with the help of others. I love this life...I can barely contain myself!  I know, I know, I need to calm down a little so I can get these newsletters out in a more timely manner.  But, one of the things that will happen, is I will be able to publish a calendar with all these wonderful happenings so you can plan ahead!

I will give you a brief preview of what is in the collaborative works:
  1. New hike trails - currently scouting new areas for waterfall and adventurous trails.  
  2. Day hike adventures for corporate. business, family reunion groups, and others.  
  3. Overnight hiking adventures with cabin accommodations.
  4. Weekend getaway adventure trips.
  5. Fun trips with other organizations, i.e., Southern Snow Seekers, Keeping It Wild, Sankofa Spirit., and others.
  6. International travel to some exciting places...make sure you have your passport ready!
  7. Production of Living Life to the Fullest.tv network. You just may be a featured guest, all about learning, sharing and caring experiences.
  8. Yes, as I have been encouraged so often, I am finally in the process of writing a book...ask me how I will find the time?!   
  9. Developing video vignettes for the newsletter and .tv network. 
  10. Developing a 2015 Wall Calendar listing upcoming events and featuring action and candid photos of people (and maybe you) who are Living Life to the Fullest!  
If all this were not happening to me, I am not sure I would believe it!  I am truly living this 'late in life discovery' of my passion(s), that are, WOW!  Wonderful Outings in the Wilderness!  Life just keeps getting better and better...absolutely exhilarating and so fulfilling!  And, I must include all the supportive, wonderful, fascinating and awesome people who are in, and continue to come into my life and have enhanced my journey unimaginably so! I remain open to the possibilities, and going with the flow!  All I can say is STAY TUNED...Don't change that channel, there is much more to come!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank you personally for your continued support and being a part of life, if nothing but simply reading my newsletters and sending me notes of encouragement from time to time. I truly appreciate you!


My continued wish for you, is the best of health, and that as you too, savor in the spices of life, you enjoy a life full of love, peace, and joy.


Living Life to the Fullest!!!


  Carolyn's Signature
Hartfield's Healthy Habits
Happy, Hopeful, Helpful & Harmonious
Carolyn Hartfield
Spread the joy!  I heard the following statement one day, and have made it a part of my daily living  'If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.'

Expect the best, and it will come to you, that is as long as you don't force it, but let it come naturally. It will come when you are ready for it, and most unexpectedly. 

My Healthy Habit Tips:
  1. Everyday wake up with anticipation of a great and wonderful day.
  2. Verbally voice to yourself your thankfulness for all that you have, i.e., your health, your home, your family and friends, and opportunities that have come to you.
  3. Share a kind word with someone, words of encouragement, and pass your unconditional love forward, with a random act of kindness.
  4. Be open to learn something new everyday, and when you share your experiences, include the positive lessons you learned from them.  
  5. Make conscious decisions for better food/meal and lifestyle choices. 
That's all for now.

"The grass is greener, where you water it."

Physical Wellness Hike

Raven Cliffs & Dukes Creek Falls
 Saturday, April 5

Rating: Moderate/ Eas
Distance:  Raven Cliff 5.0 Miles
                 Dukes Creek Falls 2:00 Miles
Weather Forecast: Mid 70's, no rain, cloudy - perfect hiking weather!

Meet for Instructions & Introductions:   8:00a.m. 
Departure:  830a.m. 
Meeting Place :  Hong Kong Market 5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd. 
Norcross, GA 30093  (get directions here)


Register Here

WE LOVE 2 Hike 
Check out this awesome video by Reginald Mitchell,
one of my new collaborative partners.
We will meet Reginald at the Trailhead at 10:00a.m. with his group of hikers.  So come on out and join us for this awesome experience!

The Raven Cliff Falls trail is a wonder to behold. After the first waterfall a change in the trees is obvious. The forest is dominated by hardwoods. Short cascades and riplets of whitewater produce a relaxing gurgle during a significant portion of the hike. On the path several additional waterfalls add to the pleasure of this trek. 


The path is rarely more than 50 feet from the creek. The approach to the Cliffs is the highlight of the trip. A quick climb and loud noise impart the message of the approaching waterfall. The water rushes through a split in the rocks and splashes down in cascades to the bottom. Typical of high forest falls, water flow is heavy only in the spring, but somehow the way the cliff is shaped makes these falls seem strong most of the year.

The Dukes Creek Falls pathway is remarkably level, it descends more than 400 feet on the one-mile in/out trek. The sound of the waterfall can only be heard at the middle of each switchback, fading as the next turn approaches. This is my favorite Waterfall...it is so refreshing...the cool mist on your skin is indescribable and the falls themselves are mesmerizing.

Bring plenty of water (at least 2 bottles), snacks and your healthy lunch. We will have lunch at the Raven Cliff Falls. 


Don't forget the Leave No Trace principles to which we adhere... what you carry in, you carry out, with the exception of taking your memories of the adventure, your new friendships, and of course, any photos you may take.

As always, wear comfortable (not new) shoes and layered clothing. We will carpool, so please be prepared to donate $5 - $7 to the driver for gas and parking.  There is a $5 fee for parking unless you go to your local library and check-out a State Park Parking Pass for free parking.  And, feel free to tip your hike leader(s), to show your appreciation fro a job well done!
test  test  test  
Please feel free to call me, should you have any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at 678.231.4973. 


Weekend Adventure in Gatlinburg Tennessee
June 20 - 22, 2014, Friday - Sunday


Join me and others for a weekend full of adventure and fun in beautiful Gatlinburg.  This weekend getaway is designed for anyone who wants to

From a previous Weekend Adventure Getaway

experience a weekend of fun, frolic and friendly people.  It is full of activities for the adventurer, or plenty of time to relax if you just want to getaway. 


Space is very limited and this trip is almost sold out, so don't wait until the last minute and get left out...take ACTION NOW!   


 Review the itinerary on the attached flyer, register and pay your deposit to reserve your space.  Less than 5 seats are left, as of publication of this notice.  

Click here to register.  


We have a Meet & Greet scheduled for April 26 to discuss this trip and answer your questions. In the meantime, if you want more information, contact me by return email, or give me a call at 678.231.4973.   


Let's Play in the Sand, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
August 7 - 10, 2014  Friday - Sunday
We will join the Southern Snow Seekers for this great fun Summerfest!  Yes, they love to ski, but they also love to have fun...all yet-round!  Join us with our friends at the Southern Snow Seekers Club for a fun weekend in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  Get more information and/or sign up


You can choose to enjoy 3 or 4 days (or more) of fabulous weather, fantastic fun, and friendly people...plus a lot more!  Download the flyer for more details.

We will be staying at the The Melia Caribe Tropical Resort It offers an ideal setting for Summerfest 2014.  The fabulous Meliá Caribe Tropical sets the standard for all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana.


The beach at the Meliá Caribe Tropical is only one of the resort's many impressive features. The Punta Cana resort has over a dozen restaurants to choose from, giving you access to unique, international dining experiences.

There is a world-class golf course right across the street, an exciting casino and exhilarating activities from tennis, to live musical performances. The Meliá Caribe Tropical was chosen for Summerfest 2014, because it is the perfect place to play in the sand, have fun in the sun, and mix and mingle with wonderful people!


The resort is located just 20 minutes (12 miles) from the Punta Cana International Airport.


PLEASE NOTE: Airfare is not included in the posted costs.  You are responsible for your own air into Punta Cana (PUJ).  AirTran & Delta have direct flights.  You can also choose to fly American Airlines, which flies thru MIA into PUJ, Spirit airlines, and others also fly into PUJ.


If you want more information, contact me by return email, or give me a call at 678.231.4973.    


Don't know much about the ski club, or even if you do...

Click photo to check out this great video about the Southern Snow Seekers! 

Southern Snow Seekers Ski Club...over 25 years


Upcoming Events Preview

Apr 5           Physical Wellness Hike - Raven Cliff & Dukes Creek Falls
Apr 16         Full Moon Hike with REI - Davidson Arabia Mountain
Apr 20         Kayak Tour with REI - Chattahoochee River / Bulls Sluice Lake
Apr 22          Meteor Shower Evening Hike and Mixer  - w/REI
Apr 26        SuperHero Scramble - w/African American Adventurers Meetup
May 17       Sky Diving - w/African American Adventurers Meetup
Jun 20-22   Adventure Fun Weekend - Gatlinburg, TN
Aug 8-15    Salvador da Bahla, Brazil - more info to follow
Sept 2014  Yosemite National Park Annual Birthday Adventure - more info to follow
Oct 16-26   Senegal and the Gambia, Africa - more info to follow
Nov 14       Sapelo / Cabretta Island Weekend Adventure Trip
Nov 8-19    Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa - more info to follow


FREE State Park Parking Passes
Did you know that you can go to your local library and check out a Georgia State Park parking pass, just as you would a book and use it for entry to any of the state parks.  You do have to have a valid library card. Parking fees are usually $5.00.  You can call and have them hold it for you, as each branch does not have many, and they are checked out all the time.  Click here to find a branch in your area.

Or, of course, you can purchase an Annual State Park parking pass.

Health Tidbits
Rather than deprive yourself of certain foods you know that are not good for you, start replacing them with a healthier alternative and you will find, you will not miss them, and you are on your way to better health and nutrition.

Did you know... physical activity increases your energy level, and increases serotonin in the brain, which results in improved mental clarity. Getting that physical activity on a hiking trail out in nature, with friendly people and having fun, is the icing on the cake...without the calories!

Love much, Laugh often, Live Long & Strong!

Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tips
Male Hiker
As day hikers, we need high energy foods that are easy to carry and require little or no preparation. Foods that are convenient for quick stops and snacks are often the best.  These items include fresh or dried fruit, granola bars, cheese cubes, crackers, and trail mix (a mix of nuts, raisins and/or other dried fruit) are good for snacks. Bagels, pita bread, flour tortillas or English muffins are good with peanut butter, cheese, tuna, hummus or other items spread on them for a more healthy lunch.

Super important are fluids...water.  For easy to moderate hikes, you may find that you consume 2 or more liters of water. Dehydration is to be avoided at all costs. it can result in loss of energy at a minimum and can lead to reduction in the body's ability to properly function, and finish the hike. 

Day Hiking Checklist
Download a copy of the suggested Day Hiking Checklist from REI.  Click here to download a copy.

Warm Weather Hiking Attire
Wear a synthetic layer next to your skin to wick away moisture from perspiration. If you must hike in cotton T-shirts and shorts, carry other clothing to change into should the weather turn cool. Cotton soaks up moisture and doesn't dry readily, leaving you wet and chilly when activity slows or should the wind pick up. It is also a good idea to have dry clothes and footwear in the car to change into at the end of some of the more strenuous hike!

Hiking Boots...
Hiking Boots

...How to Choose

You want to be sure you know the options when choosing hiking boots.  Read this article from REI.

...Breaking in Your New Hiking Boots

You never want to hike in brand new boots.  Read this article from REI on  how you should break in your new boots.
Click Here to read the article from REI.

...Hiking Boot Care
You want to take proper care of your boots. Read this article from REI on how to care for your boots.
Click Here to read the article from REI.

How to Choose Trekking Poles and Hiking Sticks

Trekking poles are standard equipment for many hikers. They enhance your stability and support on all types of terrain.

Read this article from REI to help you learn what to consider when shopping for trekking poles and staffs. 


The Basics of Hydration

Your body is more than 60% water, and even light physical activity can deplete that percentage. No fluid means no function!

This loss of fluid is called dehydration. And hydrating, or adding fluids, is the key to keeping it from happening to you.


 Click Here to read the article from REI.

How to Choose a Day Pack

For any activity that involves more gear than you can carry in your pocket, especially for hiking, you need a daypack.


Daypacks may look similar at first glance but have lots of functional differences. Read the article from REI that is designed to give you some helpful tips on finding the right one  for your needs.


 Click Here to read the article from REI.

Outdoor Gear Rental
Want to go camping but don't have a tent or sleeping bag?  No problem... rent your equipment from REI, for a nominal fee for the weekend. You can get, based on availability: 
  • Tents REI
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping Bags/Pads
  • Camping Stoves 
Just call the REI store nearest you, and see what they have available.