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Living Life to the Fullest!!!
April 2013
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April Hike - Providence Canyon
Learn to Kayak
OPALs - Learn to Kayak
Family Camping | Yurts
Wilderness Survival Training
OPALs Hike
Three Rivers Paddle
Meteor Shower Hike
National Parks Week
Full Moon Hike
May Hike - Hemlock
Ossabaw Island Weekend
Wilderness Survival Skills
Ogeechee River Paddle
Hang Gliding Adventure
Learn to Kayak - Women Only
OPALs Only Hike
National Trails Day
Juneteenth Celebration
Len Foote Inn Weekend
Belize Sailing & Eco Tour
Grand Canyon Adventure
Day Hike Packs
Hiking Tips & Insights
Health Tidbits
Homestay Opportunity

Photo Albums 
Providence Canyon

Lifestyle Blog  

My blog about Living Life to the Fullest!!!  where I share my inspiration, motivation and rejuvenation on this wonderful journey.

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Favorite Web Sites 

Inspirational Quote
CH at Rock City

Life is a song - sing it.  

Life is a game - play it.  

Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it.  

Life is a sacrifice - offer it.  

Life is love - enjoy it.

My Favorite All Natural Daily Supplements   
ProVitality - New

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For more information, or any questions, contact me by email or telephone at 678.231.4973 
Recommended Reading  
Our True Nature
Our True Nature, is a layperson's guide to the National Parks, by a woman of color, who has been to all the places described, and makes it particularly unique through her eyes and footsteps.  It includes places such as Paul Revere's house; the Liberty Bell; John Brown's Fort; the Ocmulgee mounds in Georgia, and the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor. It describes where the parks are, how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and even the best time of year to visit. 

Get more info and purchase the book...


Just Get Serious - Vol1
Know Yourself & Believe in Yourself is the first of the four exciting volumes in the Just Get Serious success series written by our own, Donna "Serious Satchell". This book is filled is powerful insights, take action strategies, and inspiring stories that will inspire and motivate you to Live Your Life to the Fullest!!!

Read more about Donna and her books...


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Share your comments and suggestions here.  Some will be posted, as space allows.Thanks...in advance!

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About the Editor 

Carolyn Hartfield is a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and a Lifestyle Coach who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences through her writings, and engaging presentations.

Carolyn has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, radio shows, and at various conferences. She is  previous host of her own Blog Talk Radio show.

Carolyn is a certified Outings Leader through the Sierra Club, certified in Wilderness First Aid through the National Outdoor Leadership School, Wilderness Institute, and certified as a National Interpretive Guide.  She is a member of the Sierra Club, the American Hiking Society, and the Family Wellness Network.

Carolyn is truly 'Living Life to the Fullest!!!' You must believe, and act accordingly, that dreams can come true!
Carolyn sitting on tree at Sweetwater

Life gets better by the day!!!  Hope you are enjoying life, as much I am... relishing in the unsurpassed greatness and new opportunities each day brings!

As we celebrate World Health Day, and Minority Health Month, I urge you to focus on improving your current health status...no matter what it is, there is always room for improvement.  When you join us, our activities not only are good for your physical health, they are also provide valuable support for mental and spiritual health.  The gratifying camaraderie you will experience is an excellent stress reliever, and while we are basking in the wonderful outdoors with all its natural splendor, you will feel a positive connectivity to Mother Nature.  I can't find the right words to fully describe what you will feel, you have to experience it to understand the utopia and inner peace it brings...join us!

Wow!  The Belize Sailing trip is going exceptionally well!  We had a fantastic informational meeting at the Atlanta REI store.  Thomas, the Certified Sailing Captain was able to join us via Facetime from Belize.  He was able to speak directly with the attendees and answer questions.  We had sign-ups on the spot! 

Let me tell you...If you have never gone sailing before, this is the trip for you!  We will enjoy the Caribbean coast of Belize. It  is lined with the longest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere . Three of merely four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere are located off the coast of Belize.  We will visit the nearby islands, the jungle, beaches and more.  Visit the web site for more information and to register for this wonderful adventure.  We have a very special gift to celebrate our inaugural Sailing Adventure, for each person who joins us!  It is something that is very useful and you will enjoy for a long time.

I am truly living my life to the fullest, and enjoying every moment of it...I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey!

Love Much, Laugh Often, Live Long & Strong...
Carolyn's Signature
Upcoming Events Preview
April 6             World Health Day Hike at Providence Canyon
April 7             Learn to Kayak
April 8             Learn to Kayak - OPALs only
April 12           Spring Break - Family Camping | Yurts
April 13           Wilderness Survival Training
April 15           Great Hike - OPALs only
April 19-21      Three Rivers Paddle at Towns Bluff in Hazelhurst
April 20            Meteor Shower Hike
April 22- 26      National Parks Week
April 25            Full Moon Hike - Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve
May 4              Fresh Air Hike in celebration of 'Clean Air' Month
May 3 - 5         Ossabaw Island Service Weekend
May 11             Wilderness Survival Skills
May 17 - 19     Ogeechee River Coastal Paddle at Ft. McAllister State Park
May 18            Hang Gliding - Lookout Mountain
May 19            Learn to Kayak - Women Only
May 20            Great Hike - OPALs only
June 1             Sky Diving
June 1             Historic Augusta Canal Paddle
June 1             National Trails Service Day
June 14 - 16    Len Foote Hike Inn Service Weekend
July 14            White Water Rafting at the Ocoee
July 20-27       Belize Sailing & Eco Adventure *
Sept 6             Backpacking Tour on Cumberland Island
Sept 21-27      Grand Canyon Hike & Eco Adventure*

*Eco Adventures are trips that combine adventurous activities combined with environmental awareness that foster a greater appreciation for our natural habitats.

Calendar w-Pencil Please review the events and register to attend.  Space is limited on all events, if you register, plan to attend. Always let them know you are from our group! Should your plans change, update your reservation so your space can be filled. Please do not deprive someone else from attending!

Hartfield's Hikers World Health Day Monthly Hike
Providence Canyon
April 6 | Saturday  
8:00a.m. (arrive by 7:45a)
IHOP (#459)
Union City, GA 30291-2035
Rated: Easy / Moderate

Providence Canyon State Park is a 1008 acre part.  It's claim to fame is that it is one of the Seven Wonders of Georgia, and known as Georgia's Little Grand Canyon.  We will go down into the canyon get get an up close view of the beautiful canyon walls. Then we will hike the Canyon Loop Trail which circles 8 of the canyons. The trail is very provides a colorful aerial view of the canyon from the great overlooks, and adds great  photo opportunities.
You will be amazed at the breathtaking colors of Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon."  Colorful wildflowers, as well as the pink, orange, red and purple hues of the soft canyon soil, make a beautiful natural painting at this unique park.
PLEASE NOTE: The floor of the canyons is often wet and/or muddy so you should wear shoes and clothing that you don't mind getting muddy.  The weather is expected to be perfect...high 78 degrees, partly cloudy and 0 precipitation.

As always, wear comfortable  shoes and clothing.  Bring plenty of water, snacks, and bring your lunch.  After the hike, we will have lunch at the park.  It will be a long day, so please get a good night's sleep, and eat and healthy, hardy breakfast. 

Remember...we car pool and each rider is asked to donate$5 - $10 toward gas. There is a State Park parking fee of  $5.00.  You can get a free state park parking pass from your local library.

Meeting place is IHOP at the Shannon Mall.  I-85 South - Exit 64.  Click here for directions.  The trail head is approximately 2 1/2-hours away, so plan for a long day. Please be on time, WE WILL LEAVE PROMPTLY AT 8:00 a.m.

Remember... we car pool and each rider is asked to donate $5 - $10 toward gas.   


Feel free to contact me by return email or telephone at 678.231.4973 should you have any questions.  

Learn to Kayak with REI
April 7 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Sunday
Fort Yargo State Park - Site B
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Learn to Kayak with REI - OPALs Only
April 8 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Sunday
Chattahoochee Nature Center
  Get More Info

Spring Break Family Camping | Yurts
April 12 - 14 | Friday 4:00 p.m. - Sunday 11:00 a.m.
High Falls State Park
 Get More Info

Wilderness Survival Training with REI
April 13 | 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. | Saturday
Sawnee Nature Preserve
  Get More Info

Great Hike with REI - OPALs Only
April 15 | Sunday | 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Sweetwater Creek State Park
 Get More Info

Three Rivers Paddle at Towns Bluff in Hazelhurst
April 19 - 21 | Friday - Sunday
Paddle the Ocmulgee, Oconee and Altamaha rivers with GA Conservancy
 Get More Info

Meteor Shower Hike with REI
April 20 | 8:00p.m.  - 10:00p.m. | Saturday
Davidson - Arabia Mountain Preserve
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National Parks Week
Fees waived the week of April 22 - 26.  Fee waiver includes: entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. Other fees such as reservation, camping, tours, concession and fees collected by third parties are not included unless stated otherwise.  Find a park...

Full Moon Hike with REI
April 25 | 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. | Thursday
Davidson - Arabia Mountain Preserve

FUTURE EVENTS    Save the dates...

National Fresh Air Month Hike
Chicopee Woods Jan 2012 Hike Group
May 4 | Saturday
5.5 Mile Combined Loop
Rated:  Easy / Moderate
Read more and see past photos...

Ossabaw Island Service Weekend
May 3 - 5 | 9:00 a.m. | Sunday
Georgia Conservancy event
 Get More Info 

Wilderness Survival Skills
 May 11 | 9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.| Saturday

Ogeechee River Coastal Paddle | Ft. MsAllister State Park
 May 17 - 19 | Friday 5:00p.m. - Sunday 12:00p.m.

Hang Gliding at Lookout Mountain
 May 18 | 9:00a.m. | Saturday
2-night cabin option available

Learn to Kayak
 May 19 | 2:30p.m. - 6:30p.m.| Sunday
Sweetwater Creek State Park

OPALs Only Hike
 May 20 | 8:00a.m. - 10:00a.m.| Saturday
Davidson - Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve

National Trails Day
Saturday, June 1st. Trails do not just magically appear for our enjoyment; it takes many hours of planning, labor, and negotiating to develop them. National Trails Day®, the only nationwide celebration of trails, sponsored by the American Hiking Society, increases awareness about trails and celebrates the hard work and support of many people and partners -- including volunteers, land agencies, and outdoor minded businesses. It also introduces first-time hikers to the many joys and benefits of trails. 
Learn more...

Annual Juneteenth Weekend Celebration
June 13 - June 16  Thursday thru Sunday
Camp Genesis at Sassafras Ridge Mountain Retreat
204 Calvender Road, Turtletown, TN 37326
Weekend includes: Meet-n-Greet; Campfire Drum Circle; Guided Nature Hikes; Sassafras Ridge Mountain Retreat Tour; Laser Tag; Juneteenth Festival Ticket; African Drum and Dance Performances; Spoken Word Performances; Live Music; Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting.  Options will be available for providing camping equipment, as needed.  Pricing and more information to follow. 

Georgia Conservancy Len Foote Inn
Service Weekend
 June 14 - 16 | 9:00a.m. | Friday - Sunday

Belize Sailing & Eco Tour
Moorings 50.5 Yacht
July 20 - 27, 2013 / 8 Days - 7 Nights
Sailing out of Placencia, Belize. These yachts unite the very best features for relaxation and superb sailing. Environmental considerations are central to the design. Includes accommodations, provisions, and a lot of friendly people and fun activities.  Need not be a swimmer to enjoy. If you wish more information, please click here.

Grand Canyon Birthday Adventure Tour
Grand Canyon Colorado RiverSeptember 21 - 27 | SOLD OUT, but you can review the Grand Canyon Birthday Adventure tour package, and view the PowerPoint presentation


Day Hike Packs
A day hiking pack has shoulder straps but no waist belt. It is intended to carry REI Flash Pack lighter loads on the shoulders for which you do not need the waist support.  There is no definitive line between hiking day packs and back packs - starting with tiny packs, you can find larger packs, some with hydration systems, some with added chest strap, and some with waist strap.
A day pack is only carried on the shoulders,and should be big enough to hold all the gear you need for the day, i.e. lunch, snacks, water, first aid kit, wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.. It should not be much bigger - or you will be tempted to fill it up, meaning more weight and strain on you.

My favorite is the Flash Pack from REI...check it out.

Hiking Tips and Insights
Male Hiker
Uphill Hiking Tips

Take small steps going uphill
Purposely taking shorter steps than usual will reduce the effort per step to push your body and pack weight upwards and will make the ascent easier.


Downhill Hiking Tips

When going downhill, slow down by leaning back a little and putting your weight down through your heel on each step. It all depends on the type of terrain you are descending, the main thing is to not rush.


Health Tidbits
Sweetwater Creek Hike Group
Rev up your energy! It may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're tired, but exercise -- even a brisk walk -- can be more effective than a nap or cup of coffee at fighting fatigue.

Did you know that fresh bananas are a great energy booster...well, they are!
Love much, Laugh often, Live Long & Strong!

Host an International College Student
Atlanta Quality Homestay is always looking for qualified homestay families.  Homestay families are as diverse as our homestay guests. Host families can be singles, couples, families with or without children, retirees, different races and nationalities.  Get more information...