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July 2013
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Hi there! Happy Summer! The first bit of news to share since our last newsletter is that I am moving to beautiful Charlottesville, VA on August 9th. It's only 2 hours from DC area and I'll still be back here at least 3 times a month (for friends, family and clients here) and The Center for Creative Emergence will continue putting on workshops and events here, too.

I feel a real aliveness and purposefulness in this move and am called to follow that...and, will still be working in the DC area so it is a juicy both/and! Found some great retreat centers there, and am looking forward to new offerings in the stunning blue ridge mountains. :-)

I also now do almost all my coaching sessions via Skype so distance is not a factor if you are interested in creative emergence coaching - for structuring your purpose, passion and aliveness into an income-generating business/work...and accessing your creative source. My approach: meaning + your unique creativity + making money + serving something greater = holistically generative (and fully alive!) work. 

Other news: Been busy with book writing, coaching,  workshops and emergent strategy since our last newsletter. Welcomed new clients, the National Cancer Institute, Mosaid, Clean Currents and Interplay. Had a blast facilitating our latest new programs, Improv for Authentic Selling and The Creatively Alive Body. And super excited about an ALL NEW telesummit we're hosting in the fall - stay tuned for details in the next newsletter!

Speaking of telesummits, am happy to be one of the featured speakers on the upcoming FREE 21-day telesummit, Stories Sell - Tell Yours Well, starting August 6th - details below.

Last year we hosted our own online Creativity in Business: Applied Discovery Telesummit! You can still listen to the MP3s of all 16 sessions anytime - more details below.

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Have a great month!


Latest blog post:
It's not Magic, It's Your Creatively Unique Purpose 

When we first start living into our purpose, we notice more "synchronicities" in our every day life - those seemingly unrelated happenings that come together in an unplanned, yet meaningfully and uniquely relateable way for us. They often seem like an uncanny answer to something we have been thinking about. Beyond pure coincidence, they have USEFUL meaning...and seem perfectly timely in supporting our path. To read the 4 Reflection Points for finding, cultivating and living your creatively unique purpose, go the full blog post here. 
"Stories Sell - Tell Yours Well" FREE Telesummit  
I am delighted to be one of the speakers on professional storyteller Devorah Spilman's upcoming FREE 21-day telesummit, Stories Sell - Tell Yours Well starting August 6th - all about using story to thrive in your business! Enter the world of story, with a new interview every day for 21 days, and learn how to:  
  • Find and use your own stories to sell and profit 
  • Create a signature speech
  • Dig deep to find powerful images and metaphors you can use to tell and sell
  • Draw out and listen to your clients' stories so you know what they want
  • Develop a metaphor story
  • Know where to post your stories
  • Pull out the essence of your transformational story
  • Tweet, video, facebook and blog your story
  • Tell your authentic story anywhere, anytime in a way that works
Click here to sign up for free.  
A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

A young boy being the natural creator he was born to be...before being socialized and educated out his vibrantly alive creative exploratory nature. Organically engaging creativity's messiness. No judgment, no evaluation - just presence...and play.

It's never too late to be that again.  

Creativity in Business Telesummit
available on MP3s!

16 creativity thought leaders and practitioners, pioneering entrepreneurs, authors, and business innovators explored discovery and applied creativity in work and business!

Only $47 for a 16-hour immersion course into applying creativity and discovery to creating your unique work, products, and intellectual capital. Chock full with new-paradigm mindsets, approaches, ideas, practical advice, creative activities, and inspiring stories.  


To learn more or order your own MP3 Package - a 16-hour applied creativity immersion course from people living it and facilitating it in the real world - go to:  

CreativiTweet Links & Quotes

Every issue I include some of my recently tweeted links - articles, videos, and other creativity-related links of interest. I hope you find something of value within them. Come join me on Twitter anytime at @CreatvEmergence  

1.  LOVE love love this! The "Correct Answer" video - an exercise in
     creative thinking:
2.  Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process:
3.  7 Ways To Boost Your Creativity:
4.  "How to be Creative" by Gaping Void:
5.  3 Core Strategy Questions for increasingly complex times by John Hagel:
6.  6 Ways To Create A Culture Of Innovation:
7.  7 Shifts In The Age Of Opportunity - Mechanical To Organic:
8.  After the Show - The Many Faces of the Creative Performer:
9.  Overcoming Creative Block: Resources for Mindful Creativity | Psychology Today:
10. The art of sustainability: imagination, not spreadsheets will create change:
11. 5 Principles of Convergence: Working Better At the Intersection Of Technology,
      Creativity & Media:
12. Combinatorial, Exploratory & Transformational Creativity:
13. The Leadership Vacuum - the inspired, enlightened leader:
14. "A lack of play should be treated like malnutrition: it's a health risk to your body
      and mind." - Stuart Brown

CreativiTweet Musings   

Every issue I also include some of my own musings in 140 characters or less. These are some of my recently tweeted explorations about creativity and emergence....tweets for thought: 

1.  Creators think in questions.
2.  A paradox is we're all completely similar & totally unique...we bond
     & connect through similarity, delight & create through difference.
3.  When you're called to something, & say yes doing what's yours to
     do, all the energies gather and open to support that.
4.  Creativity comes to life where the known meets the unknown, where the familiar meets
     the unfamiliar.
5.  Creativity thrives when we let it lead...when we engage & cultivate it, not so much
     when we try to "manage" it.
6.  Being a discoverer opens up a lot more possibilities than being the one with all the
7.  Emotions contain energy. Instead of trying to deaden them in the workplace we can
     use them for catalyzing creativity.
8.  Often it's not the problem but the framework that needs changing...then the
     problem transforms and solves itself.
9.  Old paradigm: teach people what to think. New: teach them how to think - or
     support their innate creative thinking.
10. Living the creative life means the integration of all aspects of ourselves, not
      keeping them siloed.
11. Applied improv isn't about being funny or clever. It's about being present, spontaneous,
      adaptive & having options (& fun!).
12. Creativity needs space for the unexpected.
13. In every situation, we have a choice - we can engage it from only what we know,
      or evolve it by valuing what we don't know.
14. IF it can be done give 2 static options - yes or no. HOW can we do it gives infinite
      options and opens to emergence.
15. Improv --> presence --> new discoveries, possibilities, awareness, empathy, truth.
16. Creativity generates just asks for our commitment, focus, attention, presence
      & openness of mind & heart as we engage the dance.
17. Imagine the transformational power that can be unleashed individually and collectively
      by harnessing the energy of the creative unconscious.
18. Creativity's the life trajectory that compels us to manifest and evolve our deeper natures
      out into the world...and meet each other there.
19. We don't all have same gifts, skills and talents, but we all have access to creative
      unconscious and the power to create.
20. Inside us is an ever-evolving party where we can experience the creative rhythm of life
      and what it means to be deeply human.
21. Creative energy ignites the dynamic communication bet the unformed and the forming -
      the shaping of the unknown into something known and experienced.
22. Creativity brings people and the systems we inhabit to life.
23. Creativity will not thrive if people try to assess creativity through old paradigm
      assessment methods.
24. Better to fail going for what is really alive in you, then succeed in the safety of
      what's lifeless.
25. We don't need anyone to give us permission to discover and live into what is in our
      creative uniqueness to do. That comes from within.
26. In the fertile unknown flow, imagination and the creative unexpected reside...and
      expanded possibilities and new directions can emerge.
27. The dynamic balance of chaos/flow and order/structure generates full-on aliveness.
28. "I don't know" is a juicy place to be. It does not shut down creativity - it invites it
      through discovery.
29. Staying true to our work/calling sometimes asks a lot of us...but so worth it.
      Ongoing internal shifts happen with it!
30. Inner authority can be confused w arrogance...but arrogance comes from self distrust
      & inner authority comes from self trust.
Capitol Creativity Network  
A Fond Farewell  
Due to our upcoming move, I say a bittersweet goodbye to the Capitol Creativity least for now. It is possible we will still have an occasional CCN gathering in DC - and we will definitely still be hosting events here! - but there is nothing planned by way of a regular CCN gathering anytime soon. I have so enjoyed curating CCN every month from 2003 to 2012, and am beyond grateful
for the most passionate, amazing and colorful characters who showed up to our gatherings - both as participants and presenters. What a treat to get to know you - a true gift! We had great fun, made generative connections, learned and created much! THANK YOU to all who showed up over the 9 years to make CCN such a warm, rich, and alive place to be! I am filled with gratitude and nostalgia as I write this. Thank you SO much! Big hugs!

Our Services

The Center for Creative Emergence is a creativity consulting, facilitating and coaching company dedicated to integrating inspired creativity, meaning, organizational culture and business for a happier and more productive work life and a richer bottom line. We cultivate breakthroughs and emergence with entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations. CEO Michelle James has a mission to engage people into their full humanness via whole-brain (and somatic) creative process for innovative work, positive social change and consciously creating a generative, life-giving future.

Our Services include creativity and emergence coaching and facilitating, whole-brain corporate and public workshops, conference presentations, creativity events and Quantum Leap Business Improv

Creative Emergence Coaching
clients include Entrepreneurs who want to discover their calling, develop their signature approach, products and services, or create their new future story; Leaders who want to draw out and focus the creativity of their work force; Pioneers who are forging new territory or creating new models; Facilitators who want to create new programs or workshops; Business Partners and Teams who want to co-create or establish a creative work culture. 

Organizational Clients
have included Dominos, John Deere, Panasonic, Deloitte, Microsoft, GEICO, RAPP, Kaiser Permanente, Inova Health System, Teach for America, Hands On Network, National Institutes of Health, The World Bank, Invest Northern Ireland, Service Employee International Union, Clean Currents, Search for Common Ground, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Teach for America and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among many others.

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