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TRB Annual Meeting
At the TRB Annual Meeting (January 12 - 16), EDR Group staff will be presenting at the following sessions:


Monday, 1/13

8:00am: Chandler Duncan, "The Economic Development Implications of Transportation Disinvestment" Transportation & Economic Development Committee (ADD10)


10:15am: Steven Landau, "Prioritizing Projects Emerging from Aviation System Plans" at TRB Session 285


Tuesday 1/14 

1:30pm: Steven Landau, Chair of TRB Session 591 "Airport Research Projects That Have Positively Affected Aviation System Planning" 


7:30pm: Naomi Stein, "High-Speed Rail Planning: Insights from Portugal and the UK" at TRB Session 718


7:30pm: Stephen Fitzroy, Chair of TRB Session 716, " New Developments in Rail and Intermodal Economics"


Wednesday 1/15

8:00am: Glen Weisbrod, "Using Economic Analysis and TPICs to Build Credibility into Every Step of the Planning Cycle"

at TRB Session 750


10:15am: Glen Weisbrod,

"The Evolving Connection of Transit, Agglomeration, and Growth of High-Tech Business Clusters" at TRB Session 806


TRB Interactive Program Guide 

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The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) released the Phase 1 Report of an EDR Group-led study to examine the anticipated economic and infrastructure impacts of the Panama Canal expansion on U.S. ports and port-related freight transportation infrastructure. The purpose of this Phase 1 report is to identify and explain the pending developments in world ocean trade routes and national and global economies that are likely to affect global and U.S. freight corridors relevant to the Panama Canal expansion. Read More

For the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, EDR Group provided the research and technical assistance for a new report, A Growth Agenda for Boston. The research by EDR Group was designed to help Boston's newly-elected mayor identify business and economic development priorities, by showing the critical economic development role of policy and investment in five areas:  (1) education and workforce preparedness, (2) global air and marine trade links, (3) local transportation and city-suburb links, (4) development permitting, and (5) tax policy. The research compared major cities of the US and identified directions for local improvement.  Read More 

For the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), EDR Group explored the unique transportation needs of high-growth, high-tech "business clusters."  The report, entitled "The Role of Transit in Support of High Growth Business Clusters in the US",  is the first of its kind to examine how America's fastest-growing, knowledge-intensive industries -- such as bio-technology and information-technology -- are creating demand for land and transportation capacity at highly concentrated clusters.  The report discusses how high tech, high growth business clusters across the US are facing limitations on future highway capacity and generating increasing needs for public transportation solutions to support their continued and anticipated future employment growth. This problem is becoming an issue for both older highway-oriented tech clusters and newer, urban-redevelopment clusters. Read More