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2013 AMPO Annual Conference -
Portland, OR
October 22-24, 2013
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2014 TRB Annual Conference - Washington, DC
January 12-16, 2014
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The TREDIS Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis (MBCA) tool is a free, web-based calculation system for comparing the costs and user benefits of individual transportation projects.
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TREDIS In The News
TREDIS Recently Featured:   


"Getting Up to Speed With Transportation Economic Impact Tools," Planning Magazine, Oct 2013  Link to article... 

"Free Tool Being Offered to Aid in Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis," The Urban Transportation Monitor, Sept 20, 2013  Link to article...
Enhancements to TREDIS
  • Canadian Mode-Purpose Fixed Factor Defaults Added 
  • New Preference Settings for Single Project Analysis Type. User customizes interface to include 2 of 3 inputs: Travel Speed (new), Travel Time, and Travel Distance.
  • Project Name Identifier Added to all TREDIS pages. User always knows which project is open.
New Uses of TREDIS
  • Boston Region MPO - Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Louisiana DOTD - Proposed Highway Connector

  • West Virginia Corridor H - Focused transportation improvements and economic impacts in Appalachia   
University Program
TREDIS is available for professors to use as a teaching tool.
Set up your account for the Spring 2014 semester.
Questions?  Email us at education@tredis.com 
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  • Successful Grant Applications
  • Completed Long Range Transportation Plans
  • Interesting Outcomes of Alternatives Analysis
  • Roll-out of Prioritization Program
  • TREDIS integration into your transportation toolkit
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