You can save an average of $5,000- $24,000 each year by participating in a grade acceleration program like Dual Enrollment, Accelerated
You can save an average of $5,000- $24,000 on college costs each year by participating in grade acceleration programs like Dual Enrollment, Accelerated High School, and Early College while still in high school.

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National Scholarship

Type: Trivia

Award: up to tuition

Eligibility: enrolled as an undergrad

Deadline: Unspecified
Administered by: Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

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Alabama Scholarship 

Type: Application      

Award: up to full-tuition   

Eligibility: Full-time students attending a 2 year college

Deadline: Unspecified    

Administered by: ACHE


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Tips and Advice -
Whether your teens have a busy summer schedule with camps and trips, or you'd just like to motivate them to help out more around the house, check out these ideas for special chores your teen can complete. 

They'll enjoy the extra cash in their pocket, and you can sit back and... Read more


Congratulations KAITY MONTANO! -
Congratulations! KAITY MONTANO from Pheonix, Arizona is the lucky winner of our $50 gas gift card giveaway!!! 

Thanks to all who shared with us where you're vacationing this summer. Stay tuned for upcoming scholarship drawings and more giveaways soon.


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