Data from the Census Bureau reveal that for most students with some college
Data from the Census Bureau reveal that most students with some college and no degree will have a greater earning potential if they pursue a professional certification or educational certificate instead of a stand-alone associate's degree.  


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National Scholarship

Type: Application

Award: $1,000   

Eligibility: 12th grade with min. 2.5 GPA      

Deadline: June 30 2015    

Administered by: Get-Frontier  
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Alabama Scholarship 


Type: Grant/Application      

Award: up to full tuition 

Eligibility: attending a 2-year post secondary education in Alabama 

Deadline: Varies   

Administered by: ACHE

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WSFA: Concussions and Teens

Concerns about the long term effects of concussions have been put in the spotlight once again, with the recent suicide of an Ohio State football player and wrestler who had a history of multiple concussions.

While great strides have been made to increase awareness, there's still much we don't know about these injuries.
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