Superscoring your ACT or SAT score....
At some colleges and universities, a student that takes the SAT or ACT multiple times can  "superscore" to qualify for admissions or scholarships.

Superscoring is when a college looks at a student's SAT or ACT scores from different test dates and pulls that student's highest scores earned in each subject to create a new, higher "superscore." 


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National Scholarship

Type: Contest

Award: $50,000 in scholarship funding and mentorship    

Eligibility: Ages 13-18    

Deadline: May 19, 2015  

Administered by: Google Science Fair  
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Alabama Scholarship 


Type: Application    

Award: Varies

Eligibility: an Alabama resident who is pursuing a construction-related degree in Alabama      

Deadline: March 15, 2015  

Administered by: Alabama Home Builders Foundation    

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Stats: 16, 11th grade at David W. Butler High School in Matthews, NC


Jared Wright nearly lost his motivation to continue his education after losing one of his key influences, his father, during his freshman year at Butler High School.  


However, through the support of his family and especially his mother, not only did he make the decision to get his college degree, but he also decided to use the loss as an opportunity to live in honor of his father, knowing that going to college is something his father would have wanted.  


At Butler High School, Jared maintains a 3.5 GPA, was named a Gifted and Talented Student by the Duke TIP program, and listed among the Top 100 Young Black Men of Charlotte, NC.  

 "I hear my dad, before his passing in 2012 tell me... read more

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ACT Registration

Deadline: Mar. 13, 2015

Test Date: Apr. 18, 2015

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SAT Registration

Deadline: Apr. 6, 2015

Test Date: May. 2, 2015

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