Upcoming Events


FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting, June 11-13, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Best Practices, Lessons Learned, and Effective Tools in Knowledge Sharing for Food Security and Agriculture Programs

USAID, Agrilinks, TOPS, March 20-22, Online 


Lessons Learned From Sequenced, Integrated Strategies of Economic Strengthening of the Poorest   

Microlinks, March 21, 9-10:30 AM, WDC, Webinar option available


Impact Evaluation: NGO Perspectives

InterAction, Rockefeller Foundation, March 21, 11 AM-12 PM EST, Online


Innovations in Measuring Women's Empowerment

IFPRI, March 21, 12:15- 1:45 PM, WDC, Live webcast available


World Bank Workshop on Food Security and Nutrition: From Measurement to Results

March 22, 8:30 AM- 5:45 PM, WDC  


Market Aggregation: Facilitating "Game Changing" Opportunities in the Ukraine  

Agrilinks, March 22, 9-10 AM, WDC, Webinar option available  


Strategic Agricultural and Food Shortage Solutions for Africa

Intelligent Summits And Exhibitions, March 26-28, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Knowledge Sharing in Food Security and Agriculture: Improving Practice for Increased Impact

USAID, Agrilinks, TOPS, MEAS Project, March 28, 9:30-10:30 AM, WDC, Webinar option available


Building Effective Partnerships
InsideNGO, April 18,       9 AM-5 PM, WDC

Assessing NGO Capacity: An Overview of Tools & Applications
InsideNGO, April 19-20, WDC  

Did You Know?


The cast and producers of the film The Hunger Games are teaming up with United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Feeding America to raise awareness about hunger with the launch of a video public service announcement and a new website.  

New Publications, Guides & Tools 

Social Protection and Resilience to Climate and Disaster from the Institute of Development Studies

Gender Equality: It's Your Business from Oxfam

Our Global Efforts to Prevent Malnutrition During the First 1,000 Days from USAID's Infant & Young Child Nutrition Project

Recorded Events and Presentations 

How to Evaluate Interventions in Complex Dynamic Environments from UNICEF, Michael Quinn Patton 

Job Postings 

Health and Nutrition Director based in Haiti with ACDI/VOCA   

PSC position based in Niger with USAID

FSN Network News

March 20, 2012 Vol. 2 Issue 8      


There are many ways to participate in the FSN Network. To learn more about the FSN Network's task forces, technical knowledge sharing meetings and e-community click here. For daily news from the FSN Network follow us on Twitter @FSNnetwork

Technical Capacity Strengthening Workshop, June 4-8, 2012: Nomination Process for Participants  

The TOPS Program is seeking nominations for up to three participants from each PVO in each FFP-funded development or emergency food assistance project in the following countries: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. TOPS will select 50 final participants to sponsor from the full list of nominations to attend the Technical Capacity Strengthening Workshop, June 4-8, 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This workshop will precede the FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting June 11-13, 2012, which is open to any participants.

These workshops are designed to strengthen knowledge, skills, and implementing capacity of technical specialists working in FFP partner organizations. TOPS invites collaborating PVOs to nominate specialists in M&E, health, nutrition, agriculture and natural resources, social and behavior change, and other technical specialists in your project who may benefit from the training. For more information, on both meetings and the nominating process for the Technical Capacity Strengthening Workshop, click here. All nominations must be submitted by April 15, 2012.   


Q&A Amendment to the TOPS Small Grant (Program Improvement Awards) Program RFA  

The TOPS Program has added an amendment to the TOPS Small Grant (Program Improvement Awards) Program. This amendment provides responses to the questions posed during the questioning period.


The PIA small grants program offers the opportunity for Title II and food security/nutrition implementing organizations to access funds to conduct and/or document innovative, best practice-focused activities, operations research, or pilot programs to strengthen the quality and efficient, effective delivery of Title II-supported food security programs (maximum per award $100,000). For more information, and to view the RFA and supplementary materials, please click here. Concept papers are due by March 26 and the full application is due April 23.

Save the Date: TOPS Workshop on Resilience Efforts in the PVO Community, April 25, 2012    


The TOPS Program will host a workshop on April 25, 2012, at 20 F Street, NW, from 1-4 PM to discuss Title II Implementing Partners experiences in dealing with and working towards resilience to prevent and recover from shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa. Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps and World Vision will sit on a panel to set the stage for Q&A for the remainder of the afternoon. If interested in attending, please RSVP to  Sierra Frischknecht at sfrischknecht@dc.mercycorps.org.     


Featured Information Resource: From Conflict to Coping: Evidence from Southern Ethiopia on the Contributions of Peacebuilding to Drought Resilience Among Pastoralist Groups  


March 19 Newsletter-Mercy CorpsThis report, created by Mercy Corps, explores the links between conflict and drought resilience among pastoralists in Southern Ethiopia. In mid-2011, Mercy Corps received anecdotal evidence from local officials that drought-affected communities that had benefited from Mercy Corps-supported peace processes were better able to cope in the face of the harsh conditions than other pastoralist groups in southern Ethiopia. The study sheds light on how peacebuilding programming can be done in a way that helps mitigate the effects of severe drought among pastoralists, and likely speed their recovery from them.


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The TOPS Program was made possible by the generous support and contribution of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

The FSN Network is being spearheaded by TOPS, a USAID/FFP funded program seeking to build the capacity of FFP grantees and other food security and nutrition implementers. The program is working to improve the quality of implementation through fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing around food security and nutrition best practices. For more information about TOPS please click here.