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Important BearBuy Updates

August 2016

Dear BearBuy Users,
We would like to inform you of a few updates.  Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic. 
This month's BearBuy News:
As always, if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at (415) 514-4100, Option 2 or appsupport@ucsf.edu for immediate assistance.

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UCSF Supply Chain Management
1. REMINDER: Training on Package Delivery Program on August 16
On August 22 Supply Chain Management's (SCM) last-mile package delivery program expands to all Parnassus locations. SCM will offer a live webinar on August 16 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on how to select your delivery option within BearBuy. This webinar is intended ONLY for users who ship to Parnassus locations. Users who do not ship to Parnassus addresses should not attend this webinar. Space is still available, so please sign up by 5pm today. 
The last-mile delivery program, managed by SCM Logistics, currently routes packages from four vendors, Fisher Scientific, VWR, OfficeMax and Give Something Back Office Supplies, as well as the United States Postal Service.
Packages are delivered to our Oyster Point location where they are sorted and delivered the "last mile" that same afternoon. Instead of many vendor/courier trucks delivering hundreds of packages each day, Logistics runs 23 routes, safely and successfully delivering 600 to 700 packages a day with just a few vehicles, mitigating traffic and making package delivery more environmentally sustainable.
Along with the August 22 expansion of the program, additional vendors, shippers and campus locations will be added throughout the fall.
Contact Us
Additional training materials will be available on the Logistics website and BearBuy training page at a later date, but if you have questions, please contact us.
In an effort to reduce the number of Change Order Request Forms departments submit to close Purchase Orders (POs) and to help departments better manage PO liens, Supply Chain Management (SCM) will be increasing the number of POs that are closed automatically.
Beginning August 29, SCM will automatically close POs that meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • PO has a remaining balance of $500 or less (not including tax) AND
  • PO is older than one year AND
  • There is no invoice activity for 6 months or more
These criteria will be used to close POs on an ongoing basis. No Change Order Request Forms need to be submitted to request these POs be closed. 
To help departments identify POs that will be closed because of this change, SCM has published a one-time listing of purchase orders that meet the new PO closure criteria as of July 15, 2016.  To access this listing, navigate to the Shopping Homepage in BearBuy. On the left side of the page, click on the "Access BearBuy Reports" link. Open the file named "List of POs to auto close - August 29, 2016" to review the PO list.
No departmental action is required to close POs appearing on this list. These POs will be automatically closed beginning August 29, 2016.
If you have a PO that appears in the above list, but you need to keep the PO open, send an email to bearbuy@ucsf.edu by August 26, 2016.  In the email, use the subject "PO Auto Close - POs to Keep Open" and specify the PO numbers that you need to keep open in the body of the email.
This new PO close criteria does not impact POs that are regularly closed automatically today. POs that meet ALL of the following criteria will continue to be closed automatically:
  • PO is fully invoiced (fully expended) AND
  • PO is fully matched to invoices applied to the PO AND
  • PO has no PO or invoice activity for 30 days
POs meeting ONE of the following criteria will also continue to be closed automatically:
  • PO contains only catalog/Punch-out items AND has no PO or invoice activity for 6 months
  • PO contains only the "Non-Catalog Form" AND has no PO or invoice activity for 6 months
POs that do NOT meet any of the PO closure criteria will NOT be automatically closed. Departments will still need to submit Change Order Request Forms to close POs that are not automatically closed.  
For any questions regarding automatic PO close, please email bearbuy@ucsf.edu.
3. Healthy Beverage Initiative Expanded to America To Go Caterers/Restaurants

Since the Fall of 2015, UCSF only sells zero-calorie beverages or non-sweetened drinks with nutritional value, such as milk and 100% juice and has phased out the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages in its onsite eateries, including cafeterias, vending machines, retail locations and catering operations.
UCSF is expanding the Healthy Beverage initiative to include America To Go caterers and restaurants.  As of June 10, all caterers in America To Go have removed from their menus and no longer sell sugar-sweetened beverages to UCSF. 
1. What is UCSF's Healthy Beverage Initiative and why was it implemented?
UCSF implemented the Healthy Beverage Initiative because the organization is dedicated to advancing health worldwide, and is committed to supporting the health of faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors and the community.
Sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of added sugar in the American diet. UCSF is a renowned health organization and a global leader in research on the harmful effects of sugar overconsumption. Research from UCSF's own faculty members has shown that sugar consumption, at levels consumed by the average American, is a major risk factor in diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.
2. What is a sugar-sweetened beverage?
Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) include all sodas, fruit drinks, sport drinks, low-calorie drinks and other beverages that contain added caloric sweeteners.
  • Sports drinks (including those marked for rehydration for athletes).
  • Fruit drinks (i.e. fruit juices, nectars with added sugar, etc).
  • Sodas (i.e. carbonated beverages with added sugar).
  • Sweetened tea, rice drinks, bean beverages, sugar cane beverages, flavored milks, horchata, etc.
3. What beverages can ATG caterers continue to sell at UCSF?
Drinks that will continue to be sold include water, sparkling water, 100% fruit juice, diet soda, diet iced tea, low fat and skim milk, unsweetened tea and coffee.
For more on UCSF's Healthy Beverage Initiative, please visit healthybeverages.ucsf.edu. For questions about the Healthy Beverage Initiative at UCSF, please contact livingwell@ucsf.edu.
4. "Did you know" Useful BearBuy Tips 
Q: I placed an order directly with a vendor in America To Go without going through the ATG Punch-out. How would I facilitate payment for that order? 
A: In limited cases, such as a last-minute order, you may not have had enough time to create an order in the ATG Punch-out and instead you ordered directly with an ATG caterer. When these situations occur, you must follow the ATG Post Event Process within the ATG Punch-out to facilitate payment.
The caterer or ATG customer service will upload your order to the ATG Punch-out as a "Custom Order." Your Custom Order will appear at the bottom of the caterer's menu in the ATG Punch-out. It may take 24 to 48 hours for your order to appear after the caterer uploads the order.
You will then process the order in the same manner you would with any other ATG order, only you will select a past date for the event, select your Custom Order from the caterer's menu, and add a special delivery instruction so the caterer knows this order has been fulfilled. Please follow the step-by-step instructions within the ATG Post Event Process Quick Reference Guide to complete the process.