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We hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic. 

This month's BearBuy News:
As always, if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at (415) 514-4100, Option 2 or appsupport@ucsf.edu for immediate assistance.

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UCSF Supply Chain Management
1. Arrowhead Direct changes Name to ReadyRefresh

Arrowhead Direct, a provider of water and beverage delivery service, has recently changed its name to ReadyRefresh. According to ReadyRefresh, this name change does not impact your service and no action is necessary on your part. 


In response to this change, all existing and future BearBuy Arrowhead Direct purchase orders will have the ReadyRefresh name. The BearBuy Standing Order Amount Form used for creating Arrowhead Direct orders has been updated with the ReadyRefresh supplier name.


Please contact ReadyRefresh customer service at 1-800-950-9393 for any questions regarding this name change.

Q: I am a Requisition Approver with a requisition pending my approval. I noticed that some information is incorrect on the requisition. Can I edit the requisition before approving the requisition?
A: Requisitions Approvers cannot edit requisitions pending their approval. They can only approve, return, reject, or partially reject a requisition. If there is incorrect information on the requisition, Requisition Approvers can return the requisition to the Requester. The Requester can edit the requisition and then resubmit the requisition for approval. Details on how Requisition Approvers can return a requisition are available in the Requisition Approver Quick Reference Guide on the Supply Chain Management website.

When returning a requisition, Requisition Approvers should communicate with the Requester so s/he understands why the requisition is being returned. Requisition Approvers can contact the Requester in person, via telephone, email, etc. Alternatively, Requisition Approvers can also include a BearBuy comment when returning the requisition to explain the edits that the Requesters need to make.