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Important BearBuy Updates

November 2013

Dear BearBuy Users,


We would like to inform you of important updates in BearBuy and other campus systems. Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic.


BearBuy November Communication Topics:   

  1. 13.3 Upcoming SciQuest Feature Release and Live Webinar 
  2. November-December BearBuy Classroom Schedule 
  3. America To Go Update 
  4. Apple and Dell (JACS) Update 
  5. CDW-G Price Matching 
  6. "Did You Know?" BearBuy Tips 
If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at  
510-664-9000 (options 1,2,1) or BearBuyHelp@berkeley.edu for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your continued support

Vanessa Wong

Director of Operations and Technology

UCSF and UC Berkeley Campus Procurement

1. 13.3 Upcoming SciQuest Feature Release and Live Webinar 

The SciQuest 13.3 feature release will be available in BearBuy on Monday, November 4, 2013.   

BearBuy Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

Users will not be able to access BearBuy from Friday, November 1st at 6PM to Sunday, November 3rd at 7PM due to the feature release upgrade.  BFS will remain available during its normal daily hours of 7AM until 9PM.
2. November-December BearBuy Classroom
Login to blu and access the UC Berkeley Learning Center to register for the following sessions:
  • Wednesday, November 13 BEESS968-131113 BearBuy Match Exception Preparer and Change Order Preparer  
  • Thursday, November 21 BEESS965-131121 BearBuy Requisition Creator
  • Monday, December 16 BEESS966-131216 BearBuy Authorizer and Requisition Approver   
3. America To Go Catalog Update
Procurement Services continues to work with campus stakeholders on testing and policy compliance for the America To Go catalog.  

More than 30 local businesses will be participating in the America To Go catalog when it goes live.  Please visit our America To Go Frequently Asked Questions webpage as we update it with additional participating caterers and news on our progress with the catalog. 
4. Apple and Dell (JACS) Update
The specifications for Apple and Dell computers under the Joint Administrative Computing Standards (JACS) program have recently been updated.  Details on Apple and Dell updates can be found in the News section of the JACS homepage. These changes incorporate improved hardware configurations and the suppliers' latest product offerings.   

Pricing and Purchasing on the Apple Punchout Catalog
Please note that Apple JACS models are shown at the bottom of the Apple Punchout homepage in the "Recommended for you" section.

These models can be configured after adding the model into the Apple shopping cart and clicking the "Configure" button. 

Discounted pricing for the recommended JACS models will appear only after adding the item to the cart.  Apple is working to display the lower price on the homepage and model pages.  
5. CDW-G Price Matching 
If you find a better price from another vendor for CDW-G's computer accessories or peripherals as shown in their Punchout catalog, please contact Paul Cardamone, paul.cardamone@cdwg.com, to inquire about a comparable quote for the same item (not refurbished or different configuration).  CDW-G may not be able to match the price in every case, but will try to do so.
6. "Did You Know?" BearBuy Tips 


Does it make a difference if I add a split by amount at the Accounting Codes header level or line level? 



It is recommended if there are multiple lines on the PO that you perform the split by amount at the line level instead of at the Accounting Codes header level.  If you perform the split by amount at the Accounting Codes header level when there are multiple PO lines, it will fail export to BFS. 


If there is only one line on the PO you can perform the split by amount at the Accounting Codes header level or line level.