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Important BearBuy Updates

July 2013

Dear BearBuy Users,


We would like to inform you of important updates in BearBuy and other campus systems. Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic.


BearBuy July Communication Topics:  

  1. SciQuest 13.2 Feature Release and Live Webinar  
  2. August BearBuy Training 
  3. One Hierarchy Project Update 
  4. America To Go: Catering Using BearBuy in Fall 2013 
  5. Perkin Elmer Catalog Removed from BearBuy  
  6. Join us for One of the "Bears That Buy" Sessions This Week 

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at  
510-664-9000 (options 1,2,1) or BearBuyHelp@berkeley.edu
for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Vanessa Wong

Director of Operations and Technology

UCSF and UC Berkeley Campus Procurement

1. SciQuest 13.2 Feature Release and 13. 2 Feature Release Live Webinar

SciQuest 13.2 Feature Release Date: Monday, July 22, 7AM: The BearBuy Operations and Technology Team is currently testing the 13.2 features and will be developing training materials for the Campus.  The new BearBuy features will be live on Monday, July 22 at 7AM.  During the week of July 22, visit the BearBuy Training Courses webpage on the Procurement Services website to view the updated job aids and webinars.  



13.2 Feature Release Live Webinar: Friday, July 19th at 10am.  We will be hosting a live 13.2 Release Webinar with Q&A on Friday, July 19th at 10am. To register for the webinar, click here. The 13.2 release webinar will review the new User Interface layout and cover new features.  


The new features include:

  • New Online Notifications
  • New Checkout Process
  • Improved Document Search Tool and much more! 

To view the pre-release webinar, for a glimpse of some of the major changes effective July 22nd, click on UC Berkeley New User Interface Pre Release Webinar 2013 which will take you to the YouTube video.

If you have any questions, please email the BearBuy Help Desk.


BearBuy Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

Users will not be able to access BearBuy from Friday, July 19, 7PM to Sunday, July 21, 7PM due to the release upgrade. BFS will remain available during its normal daily hours of 7AM until 9PM.

2. August BearBuy Training

Log into blu and access the UC Learning Center to sign up for these sessions: 

  • August 21: BearBuy Requisition Creator: Class # BEESS965-130821
  • August 22: Authorizer and Requisition Approver: Class # BEESS966-130822
  • August 29: Match Exception Preparer and Change Order Preparer: Class # BEESS968-130829
3. One Hierarchy Project Update

For dispatched BearBuy Purchase Orders: Efforts are in process to update both Dept IDs and Org Nodes.  


For pending BearBuy Vouchers: Purchase Order Dept IDs and Org Nodes have been updated and Procurement Services is working closely with Disbursements to resolve any Voucher errors.


If you have any questions about the project redesign or technical issues with the redesign, please visit the One Hierarchy Project Timing webpage to determine the appropriate group to contact.  

4.  America To Go: Catering Using BearBuy in Fall 2013  


UC Berkeley is excited to announce a partnership with America To Go.  Users will be able to directly order from local caterers and restaurants for their on campus meetings, program activities, and special events using an America To Go catalog in  BearBuy beginning in Fall 2013.  The catalog will become the preferred method for ordering catering services delivered to the campus from outside suppliers.


Visit the America To Go Frequently Asked Questions webpage on the UC Berkeley Procurement Services website for more information about this program.  The America to Go website will be updated to include a list of participating caterers at the end of July.


You may also contact Carla Prado in Procurement Services with any questions you may have about America To Go or the implementation process. Stay tuned for more information, tastings, and other meetings related to this exciting new initiative.
5. Perkin Elmer Catalog Removed from BearBuy

Perkin Elmer's catalog was removed from the BearBuy system on July 1, 2013.

  • Perkin Elmer products are still available for direct purchase, but only through the BearBuy non-catalog form ordering process. For more information on how to process a BearBuy non-catalog form, see the Non-Catalog Form job aid on the BearBuy Job Aids webpage.
  • You may also choose to purchase alternatives from one of the many BearBuy catalogs hosted by our strategic suppliers.

The decision to discontinue Perkin Elmer's catalog came after failed contract negotiations between the University of California and Perkin Elmer.

6. Join Us for One of the "Bears That Buy" Sessions This Week

Please register by clicking on the URL next to the date you plan to attend and visit the "Bears That Buy" User Group webpage for more information about these sessions and where they are located.

We hope to see you there!