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Important BearBuy Updates

April 2013

Dear BearBuy Users,


We would like to inform you of a few important updates. Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic.


BearBuy April Communication Topics:

  1. SciQuest 13.1 Feature Release Training  
  2. April BearBuy Classroom Training    
  3. BFS 9.0 Subaward Purchase Order (PO) Closure 
  4. JACS (Joint Academic Computing Standards) Update    
  5. Upcoming Vendor Deactivation Program   
  6. CalAnswers: Invitation to Learn how Cal Answers Provides Value for the BearBuy Community   
  7. "Did you know?" Useful BearBuy Tips
If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at
510-642-8500 (options 1,2,1) or BearBuyHelp@berkeley.edu for immediate assistance.


Thank you for your continued support.


Vanessa Wong

Director of Operations and Technology

UCSF and UC Berkeley Campus Procurement


1.  SciQuest 13.1 Feature Release Training 

Check out the new materials:
  1. The March 2013 Product Release documents and videos are now posted
  2. The Forms Guide is posted on the Purchasing Tools page 
  3. The updated UPKs are posted on the Requisition Creator page and PO Change Order Preparer page.
2.  April BearBuy Classroom Training

Log into Blu and access the UC Learning Center to sign up for these sessions:
  • April 10: BearBuy Requisition Creator: Class # BEESS965-130410
  • April 12: Authorizer and Requisition Approver: Class # BEESS966-130412
  • April 15: Voucher Approver: Class # BEESS967-130415
  • April 18: Match Exception Preparer and Change Order Preparer: Class # BEESS968-130418
3.  BFS 9.0 Subaward Purchase Order (PO) Closure

Special Handing for Subaward POs
All remaining BFS POs will be closed. The exceptions will include those needing special handling including capital leases and real estate services which will remain open in BFS.  Procurement Services will be reaching out to campus individuals about the remainder of the open POs.
To replace a BFS sub-award PO with a BearBuy sub-award PO, Requisition Creators should obtain the following information from their Research Administrators: existing BFS PO number, sub-award number, encumbrance amount.

Requisition Creators should contact their Research Administrators to have them communicate the new BearBuy sub-award PO number to the sub-award recipient for future billing.

BFS PO Closure Assistance:
If you need special handling on some of your BFS POs, please work closely with your department's Campus Buyer or central Procurement Services buyer. If you need any assistance or guidance on the how-to guide on issuance of the new BearBuy PO, please contact the Help Desk Mon-Fri 8AM to 5PM, (510) 664-9000, Option 1, Option 2, Option 1 or at bearbuyhelp@berkeley.edu.

4. JACS (Joint Administrative Computing Standards) Update

We are adding detailed configurations of the Apple and Dell JACS models to the JACS website in April. This information is the same as shown on the BearBuy Apple and Dell punchout catalogs and has been made available on the JACS website for easier comparison.


Note: JACS models on the Apple punch-out page are currently not displaying the MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display on the home page ("Recommended for You" are the JACS models at the bottom of the home page). We expect to have this omission corrected in the near future. In the meantime, you can order this model with JACS pricing via the Apple punchout catalog.

  • Mouse over the Mac tab
  • Click on MacBook Pro
  • Put 15" Retina Display 2.4GHz model in a Shopping Cart
  • At checkout specify APP (Apple Protection Plan, 3 years).

If you have questions, contact Joanne Petersen at 415-514-2872,  joanne.petersen@ucsf.edu or hiratsuka@berkeley.edu.



5.  Upcoming Vendor Deactivation Program


To improve the Supplier Search functionality when using certain BearBuy forms, the BearBuy team plans to deactivate vendors who have not done business with UC Berkeley in the last 18 months. It has been determined that if the Campus has not paid or issued Purchase Orders to these vendors in over 18 months, that they are either unlikely to have future business or they have changed to a different entity.  The BearBuy team has identified about 26,000 vendors with no activities during this time frame.


In the event a department or Campus Buyer needs to have a vendor reactivated for ordering, please have the vendor:

  • Fax (510) 642-8604 the form to the Vendoring Desk address, so that the vendor record can be updated and the vendor reactivated. We do not anticipate there will be many vendors in this situation.
How Units Can Help
Go to the Upcoming Vendor Deactivation webpage. Click on the link in the HOW UNITS CAN HELP section to view the Excel list of vendors which had purchase order and voucher activities for the period of June 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011 (prior to the last 18 months.) The list includes the vendor number, vendor name and date of last purchase order. Please email BearbuyAdmin@berkeley.edu, If you know that you will be placing an order with any of these suppliers and they should remain active.

Preliminary Timeline:
  1. Vendor deactivation for last activity January through December 31, 2010 will occur on April 15, 2013.
  2. Vendor deactivation for last activity January through August 2011 will occur on May 1, 2013.

If you need any other assistance, please contact the BearBuy Help Desk Mon-Fri  

8 AM to 5PM, (510) 664-9000, Option 1, Option 2, Option 1 or at bearbuyhelp@berkeley.edu.  

6. CalAnswers: Invitation to Learn how Cal Answers Provides Value for the BearBuy Community

Learn About the Latest in Cal Answers Procure to Pay Reporting

Please join the Procurement Office, Controllers Office, and Cal Answers Team at the upcoming May 3 Cal Assessment Network (CAN) Session . We'll share our newest report developments and lead a discussion about howCal Answers Procure to Pay Reporting provides insights to facilitate the best decisions possible regarding smoother procurement and payment processing, greater compliance, stronger relations with key vendors, and improved vendor diversity.


To take part in the CAN Session:

Get started with Cal Answers

  • Website: Visit the Procure to Pay Website  to learn more about Procure to Pay reporting and log in to the Cal Answers tool itself.
  • At a Glance: The newest dashboard - At a Glance - is a helpful starting point to explore all the Procure to Pay reports currently available. It organizes reports by subject and provides summary report graphs which link directly to their corresponding detailed reports. So that you can compare your unit to campus, the embedded Fast Facts list quickly answers many common campus-level BearBuy questions.
  • Help Desk: To ask questions and provide feedback, please contact the Help Desk at calanswers-help@berkeley.edu
    or 664-9000 (option 1).


Question:  Why should I rename my Shopping Cart in BearBuy? 



Naming a Cart is a great way to easily identify the purpose or details of an order when searching for past requests. The Cart Name will flow through to all documents (Requisition, Purchase Order and Voucher) in BearBuy and is searchable using Document Search. The Cart Name field appears on many email notifications and can be used to supplement data that is not currently included in a notification.