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Important BearBuy Updates

January, 2013

Dear BearBuy Users,


We would like to inform you of a few important updates. Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic.


BearBuy December Communication Topics:

  1. BearBuy Help Desk New Phone Number
  2. BFS 9.0 Purchase Order (PO) Closure
  3. Upcoming Training Sessions: January - February 2013
  4. Stanley Stockroom Catalog Upcoming in BearBuy
  5. Updated JACS Configurations
  6. "Did You Know?" Useful BearBuy Tips
As always, if you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at
510-642-8500 (options 5, 1) or BearBuyHelp@berkeley.edu for immediate assistance.


Thank you for your continued support,



Vanessa Wong

Director of Operations and Technology

UCSF and UC Berkeley Campus Procurement

1.  BearBuy Help Desk New Phone Number 


On January 17th the BearBuy Help Desk team is moving to the Campus Shared Services Center. Beginning that date, contact the help desk at (510) 664-9000, select Option 1 (for IT), then follow the prompts to reach Application Support Services.

2.  BFS 9.0 Purchase Order (PO) Closure Update


To Identify POs for Closure

On the Procurement Services homepage, scroll down to the BFS 9.0 PO Closure section at the bottom of the page for the updated listing of remaining active Purchase Orders to identify the BFS POs in your unit that are affected. The webpage also describes how to close remaining POs.


Referencing BFS POs Reminder

A BearBuy PO must be created to replace a BFS PO, if remaining activity is necessary on the PO. When creating the BearBuy PO, the BFS PO number MUST BE referenced in the BearBuy PO through the Requisition Summary tab. If you do not provide the BFS PO number, it will be difficult for Disbursements to match any subsequent invoices to the appropriate PO and payment to the supplier may be delayed.


  • Go to Requisition>Summary
  • In the General section, click the edit button
  • Enter the BFS PO number in the Dept Ref No. and click Save



Special Handing for Subaward POs

To replace a BFS sub-award PO with a BearBuy sub-award PO, Requisition Creators should obtain the following information from their Research Administrators: existing BFS PO number, sub-award number, encumbrance amount.


Requisition Creators should ensure that Research Administrators communicate the new BearBuy sub-award PO number to the sub-award recipient for future billing.


BFS PO Closure Schedule

POs have been closed in batches defined by Last Activity Date; last activity date means that there have been no invoices, receipts, or comments added to the PO since that date.


January PO Closure Activity:

As of January 7, 2013: POs that have had no activity since Sept 30, 2012.


Future PO Closure Activity:

By Jan 22, 2013: POs that have had no activity since Dec 31, 2012.


By March 1, 2012: All remaining BFS POs, including real estate services, leases, and subaward POs.


BFS PO Closure Assistance:

If you need special handling on some of your BFS POs, please work closely with your campus buyer or central buyer at Procurement Services. If you need any assistance or guidance on the How-to guide on issuance of the new BearBuy PO, please contact the Help Desk at (510) 664-9000, select Option 1 (for IT), then follow the prompts to reach Application Support Services..

3.  Upcoming Training Sessions: January - February 2013


The following February sessions are open for enrollment on the UC Learning Center:


Requisition Creator

Wednesday, January 30, 9am-12pm, Class #BEESS965-130130


Authorizer and Requisition Approver

Thursday, January 31, 9am-12pm, Class #BEESS966-130131


Voucher Approver

Tuesday, February 5, 9am-11:30am, Class #BEESS967-130205


Match Exception and Change Order Preparer

Wednesday, February 6, 9am-12pm, Class #BEESS968-130206

4.  Stanley Stockroom Catalog Upcoming in BearBuy 


BearBuy is pleased to welcome the Stanley Stockroom as the latest catalog supplier for UC Berkeley. Beginning January 17, Stockroom products will be available for purchase by logging into BearBuy and clicking on the Stockroom icon. Stanley Stockroom customers may also continue to enjoy the convenience of visiting the Stockroom to make purchases.


Benefits for your lab:

  • Free Desktop Delivery from Research Enterprise Support (RES)
  • No Recharge Fee from RES for Stockroom Purchases
  • No need to set up a new account to use the stockroom, just log into BearBuy
  • Open to all of UCB labs and all BearBuy users

5.  Updated JACS Configurations


Apple Computer Configuration Changes:

The recently updated iMac computers (both 21.5" and 27" screens) are now available in BearBuy. Please note that we have not yet obtained the 8GB RAM memory upgrades as catalog defaults; only the iMacs and MBP w/Retina have 8GB. Our Joint Administrative Computing Standards (JACS) committee strongly recommends that all Apple purchases be made with an 8GB upgrade, as Apple computers cannot be upgraded to 8GB after they are received.


Apple Standards (all are Energy Star 5.2 Enabled):






Standard Desktop

iMac 21.5"

      $   1,472.00




iMac 27"

      $   1,972.00


Standard Laptop

MacBook Pro 13"

      $   1,465.00




MacBook Pro 15"

      $   2,077.00




MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display

      $   2,242.00


Thin & Light Laptop

MacBook Air 13"

      $   1,335.00



All Apple products are automatically enrolled in AppleCare for 3 years, and ship free within 3-5 business days.


Dell Computer Configuration Changes:

Dell has a new model for the ultra-portable laptop and the budget desktop. We have added the new E6430u ultra-portable laptop but kept the older E6230 model as it has gone down in price and may be a more attractive option. The budget desktop has been upgraded from the Optiplex 390 to the 3010 model with no increase in cost. All JACS Dell models come with 8GB memory as the default.







Standard Desktop

Dell Optiplex 9010

 $  787.90


  • Standard desktop computer with adequate processing power for administrative tasks
  • for most administrative staff

Standard Laptop

Dell Latitude E6430

 $   997.50


  • Balance of power and portability; larger screen
  • desktop replacement for administrative staff

Ultra-Portable Laptop

Dell Latitude E6230

 $ 1,110.00


  • Priority of thin and light
  • for executives, traveling faculty or administrative staff

Ultra-Portable Laptop

Dell Latitude E6430u

 $  1,438.52


  • Priority of thin and light
  • for executives, traveling faculty or administrative staff


Budget Desktop



Dell Optiplex 3010



$      576.43  




  • Priority of cost for low computing demand devices
  • for computing labs, remote access terminals, kiosks


Dell products include free shipping and 4-year Basic Hardware Service.


6.  "Did you know?" Useful BearBuy Tips


Tax Withholding Review of 1099 Forms

If a vendor or a voucher is flagged as "withholding applicable," the transaction is routed for further review by the Disbursements Bear Buy analyst team.  The voucher data and attachments are examined to determine if the payment must be reported as income to the IRS and to the California Franchise Tax Board and if taxes must be withheld.  Tax reportable payments include rents, royalties, prizes/awards, and services rendered. In some cases, the voucher is routed to a second reviewer for California non-resident or foreign tax withholding. Additional information is available here or by emailing disburse@berkeley.edu.




Purchase Orders Set to Manual Dispatch

Procurement Operations has begun monitoring Purchase Orders (POs) set to manual dispatch in BearBuy on a daily basis beginning December 1, 2012. Currently, when the distribution method is manual, no PO is automatically sent to the vendor.


Procurement Operations will be emailing or faxing those POs, where a PO needs to be sent to the vendor. Procurement will not be emailing or faxing any POs with manual dispatch for Payment Requests, After the Fact POs, and POs that the department has changed to manually dispatch.


Manual dispatch is the BearBuy default distribution method, if the vendor record has no fax or email in the vendor database. Note: When departments request that new vendors be added to the vendor database or changes be made to the vendor record, they should ask the vendor to include a fax number or email address, so that POs can be automatically sent to that vendor.


For those transactions (Payment Requests, After the Fact POs, and transactions for which the department does not want a PO to be sent), a BearBuy user must have the PO Change Order Preparer role in order to change the PO dispatch method..


  • A Requisition Creator can change the PO dispatch method at the Requisition level, if that individual also has the Change Order Preparer role.


  • A PO Change Order Preparer can change the dispatch method after a transaction has become a PO, unless the PO has already been dispatched.


To change the PO dispatch method at the Requisition level:

When using a BearBuy form once you add a Supplier name, the Distribution details will appear:  

  • Check the "Check to customize Purchase Order dispatch information" box
  • Check the "Manual" box


To change the PO dispatch method at the PO level:

A PO Change Order Preparer should rarely need to change the PO dispatch method. Examples: when a new fax or email address is being added.


In BearBuy, click on the Document Search tab and locate the PO for which you would like to change the dispatch method:

  • Click on the Purchase Order tab
  • On the Summary page scroll down to the Distribution Information section
  • Click on the Edit button for Distribution Methods
  • Check the "Manual" box and click Save