January 5, 2016 - In This Issue:
Quick Facts

Johnson County Economy Continues to Grow


New Home Sales

  • 1,091 sold YTD through October 2015
  • 19.8% increase over last year
Total Home Sales
  • 9,535 sold YTD through October 2015
  • 10.8% increase over last year

Retail Sales

  • Exceeding $1 billion per month
  • 18th consecutive month

Residents Employed

  • 309,000 average in 2015
  • .4% increase over last year

Unemployment Rate

  • JoCo - 3.0%
  • KCMO - 4.2%
  • Kansas - 3.7%
  • U.S. - 4.8%
Source: CERI
Johnson County Leading Kansas, and the Nation, in Economic and Population Growth

Ranks 27th out of 434 largest counties in the U.S. on wage growth

Johnson County is knocking it out of the park in every important measure of economic strength and prosperity. Johnson County not only sets the bar for Kansas, it also is in the top rank of all large counties in the United States. Whether the economic measure is Employment, Average Wage, Sales of Goods and Services, or Home Sales - Johnson County is both the leader in Kansas, as well as a leader, nationwide.

Johnson County's economy is diversified and robust. The Johnson County economy includes banking, finance and accounting, technology, engineering, legal services, medical research, healthcare, manufacturing, and so much more. The business friendly environment is also conducive to the high performing Johnson County economy. Low payroll taxes, business and employee friendly workers compensation laws, tort laws, and unemployment policies are all stoking the economic engine of Johnson County. Good schools and good roads are also a draw to Johnson County.

The graph below shows that Johnson County's wage growth is leading in Kansas and exceeding the U.S. growth rate as well. The data is compiled by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau did analysis on the 343 largest counties in the U.S.
Johnson County's wage growth of 4.6% exceeds all other counties in Kansas and the U.S. growth rate as well.

Same with average weekly wages paid. Johnson County comes in at $1,021 which exceeds all other counties in Kansas as well as the U.S. average rate.
Along with wage growth, Johnson County's population growth remains robust.  The U.S. Census Bureau projects Johnson County to grow to 645,145 in population by 2020.

Johnson County is projected to have a  9.3% increase in population from 2015 to 2020.  No other county in Kansas approaches this growth rate.

Kansas is expected to grow 3% by 2020.

The state of Kansas performs slightly below the national economic averages because of the loss of population in the rural areas of the state. This trend has been going on in Kansas for 70 years. In addition, three (3) main segments of the Kansas economy; Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Aviation are all currently economically depressed.

29 counties are expected to grow in population through 2020 while 76 counties are expected to lose population. In other words, 28% of counties will gain population while 72% will lose population.
Marearl's health is better. She had another tough year. Her doctors at KU have all worked together to get on top of her chronic lung infections. Primary Care, Pulmonary, Rheumatoid, and KU Hospital all sharing information electronically has been a God send. No more starting over from scratch at every new visit. Thank you to everyone for including her in your prayers and prayer lists. She is looking forward to coming to the Capitol next year.

She's back!

We wish everyone a happy & healthy, and prosperous New Year.


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