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Laie Gas Station Renderings Released

July 21, 2014 Edition


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We recently announced the good news that a Foodland & Aloha Petroleum gas station is coming to the Laie Shopping Center. In that newsletter, a photo of the Ewa Beach gas station was featured for illustration purposes.


Foodland & Aloha Petroleum gas station in Ewa Beach


At the time land manager Hawaii Reserves, Inc. (HRI) noted that site layout and other station details were still being finalized, but that exterior design and finishes, such as roof materials and color scheme, would blend with the shopping center.


Architectural renderings recently released by Foodland/Aloha and HRI, illustrate how the station will match Laie Shopping Center decor.


Richard Vierra, HRI's property manager for the Laie Shopping Center, said, "The new station will be fully integrated with the design elements of the shopping center - everything from the shake roof material, to the pitched roof design, to the exterior color and cement plaster finish, to the exterior tropical graphics. We know the station will provide an important community service and we're very happy that it will complement the center."



Front and Side Elevation Renderings

(click here to view web graphic)


As previously reported, the new station is planned to have four fuel dispensers with eight fueling spots and a 500 square-foot kiosk housing a convenience store.


Richard Parry, president and CEO of Aloha Petroleum, Ltd, said, "The Laie station will feature our TOP TIER quality gasoline that exceeds EPA standards, including Regular, Plus, Super, Ethanol Free and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel."


These products, especially Ethanol Free fuel and Diesel, will be appreciated by our local residents. Ethanol Free fuel is popular with fishermen, boaters and others as standard ethanol blended fuel has been known to cause problems with marine engines and small engines. Similarly, Diesel is in demand with residents and local businesses that use Diesel vehicles and trucks.


Parry added that Aloha Petroleum and Foodland are working on finalizing design details and will file for building permits in the next several weeks.

We'll keep everyone updated as this project moves forward. 



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