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January 14, 2014 Edition


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We hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays.

In December 2013, HRI published its 2014 calendar, which focuses on local agriculture past and present.

Since the mid-1990s, Hawaii Reserves, Inc., has produced annual calendars that focus on some unique aspect of our wonderful community. The free calendars have become keepsakes for many with a variety of topics, including our keiki, our kupuna and, most recently in 2013, the Polynesian Cultural Center's 50th anniversary.

The 2014 HRI calendar provides a glimpse into how agriculture was historically practiced and how it still plays an important role in our community.

Kupuna and long-time residents remember the days when sugar cane fields covered much of Ko'olau Loa. Those days have been gone for over 30 years but commercial agriculture is still alive in the area. In fact, about 95% of the land in Ko'olau Loa is designated for agriculture and preservation in both current and proposed regional plans.

Likewise, it's easier than ever for residents to apply modern techniques to raising their own home-grown food.  

To view the calendar online, click here.

Laie Agricultural Plan & Committee

Although agriculture and self-reliance are a big part of our community, most of the food grown in our area is not consumed here. Is there a better way to put more locally grown food on our tables and help promote growing what we actually eat?

That question prompted Hawaii Reserves, Inc., to create the Laie Agricultural Committee - formed last year as a working group of local farmers and leaders in the agriculture and food service industries. The purpose of the advisory committee is to foster dialogue and solutions to grow local food to be consumed here in Ko'olau Loa. The committee published its agricultural plan in the Fall of 2013.

The committee is studying all aspects of the Farm-to-Table-to-Land cycle, including land preparation, farm production, the harvesting process, resident consumption, and recycling. Representatives of successful, local farming operations sit on the committee, such as Kamiya Gold, Ho Farms, and Kahuku Farms; along with major, local institutional consumers such as BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

In 2014 the Laie Agricultural Committee will continue working to find solutions to putting more locally grown food on our tables and growing what our community actually eats. To view the Laie Agricultural Plan and the full listing of advisory committee members, click here.

We look forward to a healthier, farm-to-table community in 2014.


The Envision Lā'ie Team

     Envision Lā'ie represents a diverse group of residents and stakeholders of Ko'olau Loa working together to study Lā'ie and plan for its future possibilities, a future that protects quality of life and emphasizes the values of the people who live in the Ko'olau Loa region.
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