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May 3, 2013 Edition


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Good news! Laie Ventures LLC has been selected as the developer to replace what used to be the Laie Inn. Construction of the new hotel, which will be adjacent to the Polynesian Cultural Center, is expected to begin later this year.

Laie Ventures LLC, is led by Dan Gifford and Brent Wood who have partnered to develop and finance the project. The team has more than 25 years of development experience in commercial, residential, hospitality and high-tech construction.


Though approved for four stories and 222 rooms, plans have been scaled back to three stories and for the first phase of the project 144 rooms are being planned. Future phasing will depend on various factors, including market demand. Initial permits for horizontal infrastructure and common areas have been filed and site preparation work is expected to begin soon. 


Laie Hotel Conceptual Rendering
Laie Hotel Conceptual Rendering

An upscale pool, bistro and meeting space in the entry building are planned for the redevelopment. Final selection of other development team members is underway and more information about the team will be forthcoming. Redevelopment of the hotel is being facilitated through a ground lease by land manager Hawaii Reserves, Inc. (HRI).


"We are pleased to enter a development agreement with Laie Ventures, a welcomed next step for reinstating this important economic driver and community resource in Ko'olau Loa," said R. Eric Beaver, president of HRI. "The entire region will benefit from this long-awaited, much-needed lodging facility." Beaver added that the hotel is still expected to be a Marriott, and that the project will provide employment for residents and students and help bolster the neighboring Polynesian Cultural Center and Brigham Young University-Hawaii, as well as serve the needs of the community.


"This is a continuation of the positive things happening in Laie," said Beaver. "There will be temporary inconveniences, but we are committed to keeping the community informed every step of the way."


Laie Aerial (alternate)  


This announcement triggers the next step for relocating the Laie McDonald's and Chevron, currently located on the new hotel site. Plans call for the Chevron gas station to relocate to the Laie Shopping Center, while the Laie McDonald's will move further north on the property. Chevron has one more month of operation and then seven months to remove improvements, complete demolition and remediate the site, if necessary. McDonald's has six more months of operation.


HRI will continue to work to minimize the break in service between the closing and opening of these businesses, but the length of down time will also depend on how long it takes third-party developers to obtain financing, complete design and permitting, and finish construction. HRI's main role is leasing the ground to facilitate the projects.


Since Laie will be without a gas station for a period of time, we have confirmed with the owners of Vula Express, the gas station located at Kahuku Sugar Mill, that they are ready to serve the community's needs. The station, affiliated with 76®Gasoline, recently added diesel fuel and is open 24/7, including during emergencies.


In coming weeks and months you'll see activity on the hotel property, including some demolition work, tree removal, and other site preparation. We'll keep everyone updated along the way with an info link, soon to be added to our home page and the HRI home page, that will provide details and photos of the progress.


We appreciate your continuing support and interest as we move forward with this exciting project that will benefit our community!    




The Envision Lā'ie Team

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