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"The more one loves what Christ disapproves the more one abandons Christ" (Augustine, The City of God, Book 21, chapter 27).

With this, Augustine has caught my attention, and I seem unable to turn away.

His book, The City of God, is about both that eternal city and also the fading city of man. The two are divided by their differing loves.

We have heard the saying, "You are what you eat." Augustine's insight is that we are as we love.

Those who love God and his Christ are citizens of the city of God. Those who do not are citizens of the city of man.

And lest we deceive ourselves, let us be aware that loving "what Christ disapproves" constitutes abandoning Christ and places us firmly in the city of man.

Lord, help us to love you as we ought!

Dr. James C. Goodloe IV
Grace and Peace,

Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, Executive Director
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