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What is our redemption? What do we bring to it?

William Temple wrote:

All of is God; the only thing of my own which I can contribute to my own redemption is the sin from which I need to be redeemed. My capacity for fellowship with God is God's gift in creation; my partial deliverance from self-centeredness, my response to truth, beauty and goodness is God's gift through the natural world which he sustains in being and the history of man which he controls. One thing is my own--the self-centeredness which leads me to find my apparent good in what is other and less than the true good. This true good is the divine love and what flows from it appreciated as its expression. In response to that good, man finds his only true freedom, for only then does the self act as what it truly is and thus achieves true expression. . . . As the experience of grace becomes deeper, the conviction of its all sufficiency becomes more inevitable and more wholesome, until at last a man knows, and is finally 'saved' by knowing, that all good is of God alone. We are clay in the hands of the potter and our welfare is to know it.

Nature, God and Man (London: Macmillan & Co., 1934), 401-402.

So let us gladly receive the goodness that comes from God alone.

Dr. James C. Goodloe IVGrace and Peace,

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