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I was driving north at highway speed in the southbound lane of I-85. Traffic had been diverted for construction, but my GPS did not know that and did not like what I was doing. "Take the next exit," she said. "Get off this road as soon as possible, please, before you kill us all!"

Well, I may not have that last part exactly right, but that was the impression I got.
Take the Next Exit!

Driving the wrong way on an Interstate is not usually compatible with life and well-being. The solution is to take the next exit.

Sometimes church councils err, also, and try to go the wrong way. That cannot possibly be good. And when we go the wrong way, the confessions of faith warn us of our errors and direct us back to the right way.

"Take the next exit!" That is to say, cease and desist pursuing goals opposed to the faith of the church by means opposed to the faith of the church. "Get off this road as soon as possible, please, before you kill us all!"

Yes, of course, the confessions include ancient wisdom, but they also articulate the current and official faith of the church. We disregard them at our own peril.

For the church to go the wrong way leads only to death and destruction. Heeding the confessions can help us toward faith and life.
Dr. James C. Goodloe IVContend for the Faith

I did in fact take the next exit off of I-85 and so lived to tell the story. May God grant the church the grace to do the same!

The Foundation for Reformed Theology helps people study, learn, and recover the historic Reformed faith and theology of the church so as to apply it to the faith and life of the church today.

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