Foundation for Reformed Theology


The purpose of the Foundation for Reformed Theology is to help build up local congregations of the church of Jesus Christ. Our chosen means for doing this is working to recover the historic faith of the church.

We are convinced that the faith and life of the church today can best be upheld, sustained, and reformed through the church's own historic faith and practices, particularly preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.
Remember the Faith

Therefore we start with remembering the Christian faith. We study the historic writings of the church in order not merely to recall it as it was but actually to recover the historic Christian faith and Reformed theology of the church as our own vital and living faith today, in our own time and in our own language.
Re-Member the Church

With this remembered faith in hand, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to build up the church of Jesus Christ today. As we recall and recover the faith, we call people to faith, we call people to church, and we call and recall people into the membership of the church.
Dr. James C. Goodloe IVI trust this mission of building up the church by our work of remembering the faith is of vital concern to you. I invite your prayers, your wisdom, your insights, your encouragement, your support, and your gifts.

Remember the Faith, Re-Member the Church!

Grace and Peace,

Dr. James C. Goodloe IV,
Executive Director
Foundation for Reformed Theology
4103 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23230-3818
(804) 678-8352,
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