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What You Ought to Know About Destination Vacation Travel...Feb. 28, 2014
Destination Tourism
School make up days for snow could mean slow start for summer tourism on SC coast
Grand Strand tourism leaders hope the winter weather doesn't come back to haunt the beach come June.

Some students in the beach's tourism feeder markets who have been kept out of class by the snow and ice might have to make up those days at the end of the school year, which could delay their vacations until later June or July. That could mean a slow start to summer for Myrtle Beach tourism.

But tourism promoters are trying to use the harsh winter to benefit the Grand Strand, boosting ads during the winter spells like the one last week, aiming to entice cabin-fevered folks to plan that beach getaway this spring or summer.



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Tourists Flocking to Florida: Statistics Show 94.7 Million Visited in 2013 
Florida had another banner year for tourism in 2013.

A total 94.7 million visitors came to Florida last year, beating 2012's record tally of 91.5 million, according to official statistics released Friday. Although Polk County does not track visitor numbers, local hotel and vacation home revenue was at a five-year high in 2013.

State tourism officials said the industry employed a record 1.09 million people last year, up 2.9 percent annually.


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Tourism agency not concerned about dip in 2013, optimistic about 2014
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority isn't too worried that it had fewer visitors last year than it had in 2012 despite the nation's economy being on the mend.

The reason: The agency thinks it knows why visitor volume dipped 0.1 percent to 39.7 million people in 2013, and 2014 already is setting up to be the year that the number of tourists breaks the elusive 40 million barrier.


Source:  Las Vegas Sun. 
Tourism reaches record high again for Orange Beach, Gulf Shores
For a third consecutive year, the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have reached record tourism numbers.

The Gulf Shores and Orange beach area ended 2013 with a lodging revenue of $343 million growing by 5.9 percent, and a retail sale of $683 million dollars, increasing by 6.5 percent from the previous year.

Since 1999, nearly 9,000 lodging rooms have been added to Pleasure Island. Officials attribute that growth to a number of investments by the cities since the harsh impact of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill, including the large interest in sports tourism, the Hangout Music Festival, and good old southern hospitality.


Source: FOX 10 TV. 

Lodging Industry
Millennials redefine hotel luxury

MillennialsHotel luxury is no longer a thing, such as a white tablecloth restaurant, but rather an experience, such as the opportunity to soak in local culture or cuisine, said Veronica Waldthausen, an associate in the London office of HVS.


"The new generation of travelers isn't looking for a rich type of luxury," said Waldthausen, who recently co-authored a report on the new generation of hotel guests with Arlett Oehmichen, director of HVS' London office. "People may come in ripped jeans and arrive on public transportation. They'll wear Converses and a simple t-shirt, but they'll go to the bar and drink champagne and spend their money on nice dinners with friends."

also a big fan of the online travel agent (OTA) business model. 


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As Vacation Rentals Take Off, Guests Are Demanding More Services

KeysThere are few tourism-related industries which are so heavily dependent on the internet as the vacation rental industry. As an emerging market itself, vacation rentals began online. The internet created the platform and connectivity needed for the exchange of goods and services which were, by nature, not standardized. Every vacation rental home, luxury villa, condo and private resort is different. It requires a user-friendly, media-heavy platform to be able to market them.

The progenitor platform was, of course-VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), an offshoot of FSBO (For Sale By Owner).


Source:  Hotel News Now.  Read More...  
Expedia Is in No Hurry to Start Selling Vacation Rentals From HomeAway

Speed and innovation usually characterize successful and growing companies, but when it comes to the prospect of starting to offer HomeAway's vacation rentals on,  Expedia Inc. is noncommittal and taking it all extremely slow and easy.

The two parties announced a partnership last October, and today, during Expedia Inc.'s fourth quarter earnings call, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said the company has just started to experiment with HomeAway's vacation rentals, but won't gather enough data about it until the second half of 2014.


Source:  SKIFT.  Read More...  

Unused Paid Time Off Harms US Economy: Study
Time off picThe United States may be the "Land of the Free," but it's the only nation in the developed world that does not guarantee its citizens paid vacation or holidays. If you're a born-and-bred American, you might already know that. What you may not realize, however, is that your compatriots on the far side of the Atlantic enjoy, on average, one month of paid time off each year.  Those facts alone may be enough to spur some European envy, but here's the (somewhat disparaging) kicker: Despite an intrinsic understanding that using the leave they've earned delivers considerable personal and professional benefits, Americans who do receive paid time off don't even use all of it. 

Source:  International Business Times.    Read More...  

Harsh weather tests optimism over U.S. economy

Harsh weatherUnusually cold weather will take a bite out of U.S. economic growth this quarter, but a rebound seems likely on the horizon and expectations for stronger growth this year have not changed.
Economists estimate that freezing temperatures and the ice and snow storms that have blanketed much of the nation will shave as much as half a percentage point from gross domestic product in the first quarter.  That comes on top of the drag from efforts by businesses to sell off bloated inventories and a one-time hit from the expiration of benefits for the long-term unemployed. 


Source:  Reuters.   Read More...  

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