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Due Dates for FYE 6/30 and CYE 2012 taxpayers:

- Final 990 due 11/15/13 

Final Form CRI due 12/31/13



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Every day we hear questions, comments and misconceptions from people in the nonprofit community about their Form 990's, especially in light of the recent IRS news.  Some common concerns are:

  • Do all nonprofits need to file a Form 990?
  • What is the filing deadline?
  • Is the Form 990 an income tax return?
  • Do all nonprofits need to disclose the highest paid employees' salaries?
  • Does the IRS target organizations with accumulated operating reserves for audits?
  • Is my chance for audit greater if I file an extension or e-file?
  • Are all IRS examinations alike?
Have you ever asked any of these questions?  Let's look at them one by one.  
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Maintaining strong internal controls over an

organization's cash and bank accounts is critical. A key control in this area is to segregate the duties of the accounting staff. Unfortunately, in today's economic environment nonprofit
organizations often find themselves understaffed in many key areas. Here are some helpful tips that may help reduce the risk of fraud within your organization when the segregation of duties is not possible.  Read more

The primary defense against fraud is a robust

series of internal controls.  The starting point for any internal control system is the "Tone from the Top".  The Tone is a communication to employees stating unethical behavior will not be tolerated.  The communication needs to be explicit and repeated regularly.   Read more

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