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July 9
Los Angeles, CA
Spirit Circlewith
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July 23
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July 9-15
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July 16-17 
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August 20 - 21, 2016
with Terri Daniel
August 3,4, 6, 13 and 14

On a Spiritual Soapbox
I would be remiss as an educator certified in death dying and bereavement if I didn't comment on the events in Orlando on June 12. Below is an excerpt from a post I contributed to our Facebook group on June 13. Some of you may not agree, and your disagreement is honored and welcomed. But today I ask for your indulgence in allowing me to use this space as an editorial forum.

Terrorism is never a religious act, even though mass murder has been justified by Western religious politics for 3500 years. When someone claims that terrorism is an Islamic doctrine, I remind them of the Old Testament warrior god who encouraged murder and genocide to establish dominance for his "chosen" tribe. From that foundation, the crusades and inquisitions emerged, fueled by the church's rabid desire for power as a political body. Key word: POLITICAL.

As part of the Abrahamic trilogy, Islam has the same foundational theology. We can no more blame today's terrorism on the theology of Islam than we can blame it on the murders committed by the early church or the god of the ancient Israelites.

It is our charter as spiritual people to elevate the conversation to a place where this kind of behavior is NOT blamed on a religion. If blame must placed, let it be placed on disturbed individuals or warped political ideologies. The people who commit violence in the name of Islam do not represent Islam any more than the Westboro Baptist Church and its "God Hates Fags" campaign represents Christianity. 

So let us call on our ancestors, angels, guides and loved ones in the other side to help us find peace with this terrible situation, and share in the hope that wisdom and love will prevail in the face of ignorance and fear.

And speaking of angels and love, for a picture of what unconditional love looks like, take a look at
Rev. Terri Daniel, CT 
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement  Support

On a Lighter Note...

Many of you have probably seen this because it's been viral online since 2014. Even so, it's worth watching again!
How to be Ultra Spiritual

What Hospice Nurses Really Do
By Joy Eastridge BSN, RN, CHPN
As a Parish Nurse for many years, I had often informed families about hospice as one option at the end of life. But I did so without full knowledge of what the experience of hospice meant. During that difficult time with my own family member, I made a mental note to come back and to find a way to join this team so that I could help offer to others what they offered to me. A year later, when my personal and professional life allowed it, I did come back to answer the call and become a hospice nurse. 

What Conscious Grieving Really Looks Like

Some of you may be familiar with the documentary Fierce Grace, about one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, Ram Dass. In that film, a couple is interviewed about the murder of their 11 year-old daughter. In the interview, they read a letter they received from Ram Dass, which exemplifies what
conscious grieving is all about. It is probably one of the most profound statements about death, grief and the soul's intention that you will ever hear. WARNING: This content may be disturbing to some viewers:


Have You Seen Our Reading List? 

Speaking of being ultra-spiritual, we are frequently asked to suggest books about death, the afterlife, reincarnation, grief and other topics related to our work. So we decided to publish a list of recommended reading, which you can find  HERE. The list is updated as often as we can manage it. 

Send us your suggestions, but if you are recommending your own book, you will need to send a copy for review. 

2017 Afterlife Conference Update
Here's a sneak peek at what we've got planned for next year's conference
(Portland, OR., June 1-4, 2017)

. A return engagement by Bishop John Shelby Spong!

. Hospice physician Dr. Christopher Kerr on deathbed visions 

. Dr. Matthew McKay on after-death communication
. A labyrinth walk/workshop for the grief journey, with Dr. Eunice Schroeder

. Sound healing workshop with Pati Pellerito

Beginning mediumship instruction with Suzane Northrop 

Advanced mediumship instruction with Hollister Rand

Plus our usual assortment of brilliant shamans, scientists, mystics and medics!  

Our website should be fully updated by September,
and registration will open soon after that, so stay tuned!

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