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Issue # 11 - November 2015 

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
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May 12 - 15,
St. Louis, MO.
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Karen Wyatt MD,
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Nov. 19-22
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Buster the Dog... 
Our new mascot for 
The Afterlife Conference! 

All of us here at the Afterlife Conference office fell in love with this cartoon because it so accurately represents how trendy near-death experiences have become. It seems that everybody and their dog has written a book about their journey to the other side, whether via near-death experience, shared-death experience or after-death communication. And we are thrilled that this knowledge is entering the public conversation!   

We are also thrilled about the extraordinary lineup we have for our 2016 conference, which includes experts from hospice and clinical care to shamanism and religious scholarship. Please join us! And remember, earlybird prices end Nov. 30! 
Rev. Terri Daniel
Founder and President,
The Afterlife Education Foundation 
Maire's Journey
by Terri Daniel

Many of you will remember 24 year-old Maire Kent, who attended our conference in 2013. She was dying from cardiac sarcoma, and came to learn from our teachers and healers about how to face death consciously and fearlessly. A film crew accompanied her and interviewed many of our presenters for a multi-part TV series for PBS

After Maire's death, the film's director Keith Famie launched a project called Maire's Journey, which is one of the most extraordinary tributes you'll ever see. Please take a look at this beautiful video. We don't normally endorse fund raising requests, but this one is special to us, so if you feel so inclined, you can donate to Keith's project HERE
 Why Study Death and the Afterlife?
by Joshua Bagby 

These days there's a woo-woo expert on every corner, and most have either written books, gone into business as practitioners, or promoted themselves as teachers and speakers. Their wisdom is based on incredible experiences that gave them "knowing" instead of "accepting" when it comes to awareness of the afterlife and other levels of consciousness. They've seen the light, heard spirits speaking to them, gotten hellos from heaven, been visited by master teachers, had access to spot-on mediums, watched UFOs hover overhead, and generally been swept up in a whole magical mystery tour. READ MORE...

The 2016 Afterlife Conference
St. Louis, MO.  May 12-15, 2016

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