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Issue # 10 - October 2015 

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
producer of the Original Afterlife Conference 

Sacred Practices for
Turning Loss into Love

Full-day workshop
followed by an evening of audience readings with Psychic Medium
Austyn Wells 

May 12 - 15,
St. Louis, MO.
Earlybird Prices
End Nov 30!

The first ten people to register by October 15 will receive free access to our 2015 livestream.
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In This Issue:

Tell Me Something New

FOX News Discovers
Near-Death Experience
Autumn.. at Last! 

On the Autumn Equiniox, the days and nights are of equal length, and from that point forward, the life-giving warmth of the sun dimishes and the natural world as we experienced it during Spring and Summer begins to "die." Autumn is typically known as a time of harvest and abundance, but in a mystical sense, it is a time for acknowledging death. Buddhist teacher Gary Thorp tells us, "Sometimes there is no remedy for our situation than to begin from a point of absolute darkness." Many of you who follow my work and the Afterlife Conference know that point all too well through your experiences with grief and loss.

The beauty of the relationship between Autumn and death is that it is a point of departure on the path to the rebirth and new life. There is a reason why ancient cultures ceremonialized death at this time of year, because the leaves fall from the trees and begin to decompose, the plants begin to go dormant, and the light begins to fade. In the Celtic tradition of Samhain, this was the time of year when the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest, and interaction with the dead became more readily available. 

I invite you to take a moment this month to create a personal ceremony that honors the sacred process of transformation. It could be a simple as writing down something you wish to transform and burning the paper in a ceremonial fire, or creating an altar to your ancestors. Here is a lovely article that can help you with that. And I'd also like to suggest -- for children and adults alike -- the classic book by Leo Buscalia PhD, The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, which can be found in just about every hospice library in America.

Many blessings to you all on this sacred Samhain season!
Rev. Terri Daniel 
Founder and President
The Afterlife Education Foundation 
Near-Death Experience on FOX News
Believe it or not, FOX News did an excellent, well-reported and well-researched segment on near death experience last month. Watch it HERE.  

Tell Me Something New 
by Terri Daniel

If I had to come up with a clever catch phrase that describes the theme of our sixth annual Afterlife Conference, it would be:

"Tell me something that I don't already know."

Those of you who've attended our past events will notice that our content and format has changed for 2016. This is, in part, because discussions of life after death have become more mainstream recently, and within that much-needed increase was lots of elemental material that for our sophisticated attendees could best be described as "old news."

So we decided to leave the basics to other conferences and other teachers, and move our content into different -- and deeper -- areas of exploration. You won't find our presenters sharing personal stories about their NDEs or telling you that it's possible to communicate with the dead. They aren't going to tell you that you're a spirit having a human experience or that there's a new way to cope with grief.

Because you already know that.
What is Grief Yoga?

We have recently discovered the work of Paul Denniston, a yoga teacher and hospice worker who has toured with grief expert David Kessler and has taught grief yoga to therapists and hospice professionals worldwide. 
In Paul's words, "Life includes suffering, and grief is our response to it. Losing someone or something we cared about brings grief into our minds and spirits, and that sadness and anger gets stuck in the body. As challenging as it is to deal with such suffering, grief is actually incredible self knowledge that can be used as fuel to open ourselves up to more love." 

We are very excited to have Paul teaching a workshop at our upcoming conference, and we encourage everybody who's interested in yoga, grief or both to attend.  Take a look at the video, and/or visit Paul's website at www.griefyoga.com.

The 2016 Afterlife Conference
St. Louis, MO.  May 12-15, 2016

Earlybird Prices End Nov. 30

Powerful new workshops by two of our
most popular psychic mediums! 

Austyn Wells 
The Quintessential Soul- Tools for connecting with loved ones in spriit, exploring diferrent dimensions, and techniques for remote viewing.  You will receive  instruction in a variety of tools and techniques using meditation, writing processes and experiential exercises that will expand your ability to perceive the unseen world.  

Suzane Northrop 
Recognizing, Fine-Tuning and Sharing Your Intuitive Gifts - If you are interested in enhancing your intuitive skills for either your spiritual path or a professional career, this workshop will introduce you to the history of mediumship and the process of awakening intuitive abilities, including a discussion of ethics, training and professional development for those who seek to provide readings for others.

The first ten people to register before October 15 will receive
free access to our 2015 livestream broadcast. 
A $97 value!  

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