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Issue # 9- September 2015 

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
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Dr. Raymond Moody!
September 19, 2015
7:30 pm Eastern

Dr. Moody and his colleagues will be discussing their new research on  the final words  of the dying.  Listen live HERE

Sacred Practices for
Turning Loss into Love

Full-day workshop
followed by an evening of audience readings with Psychic Medium
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The Final Words Project 

NDEs and OBEs - Mystical or Psychotic?
The Sixth Annual
Afterlife Conference 
is  here!
May 12 -15, 2016  St. Louis, MO.
It is accomplished! Registration is now open for our 2016 conference, and we're very excited about our new format and our fabulous lineup of presenters and programs. Here's what's new for 2016: 

. Professional development workshops for nurses,     social workers, counselors and others who work
  with death and grief (CEUs available).
. Experiential, in-depth, retreat-style workshops

. Specific content for those working in the field,
  such as Professional Ethics for Lightworkers and
  Spirituality in Clinical Settings.
. More inner work through sacred ceremony,
  interactive group processes and mystical  

. More theological and academic discourse

We're offering earlybird prices until midnight Nov. 30 (a $40 discount), so register soon! You'll find all the info HERE

We hope to see you in St. Louis!

Rev. Terri Daniel 
Founder and President
The Afterlife Education Foundation 
New Research into Nearing-Death States of Consciousness  
The Final Words Project  
by Lisa Smartt   

hen my father died in 2012, I was in awe of the changes in his speech, and as a poet and a linguist, I wanted to learn more. Two years later, I established The Final Words Project to collect stories and transcripts of final conversations with the dying. By studying the language of the threshold, we can offer valuable tools to loved ones and healthcare providers that can help them connect more deeply and more compassionately with the dying. 
Speech at end-of-life has never been studied through the lens of linguistics, although a handful of authors have written about deathbed conversations from a transpersonal perspective, including Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley, Peter Fenwick, Osis and Halradsson, and a few others. However, as of yet, no one has analyzed the communications of the dying for the structures of the language itself.
Dr. Raymond Moody, with Lisa Smartt and Erica Hyatt PhD will be presenting their research
on the final words of the dying at the 2016 Afterlife Conference (via Skype).
Fear of Being Labeled as "Crazy" Keeps Resuscitated Patients From Reporting Near-Death Experiences 
by Terri Daniel
Female lying supine with eyes closed experiencing astral projection on dark background showing soul leaving body
As a supporter of the idea that mystical experience is a key component for some individuals when facing serious illness or death, I lament the lack of research in this area, and suggest that there is insufficient reporting of near-death experience and out-of-body experience because experiencers fear being labeled as "crazy." Based on selected diagnostic features for a variety of psychoses, unfortunately, their fears may be well-founded. Read more...

The 2016 Afterlife Conference

St. Louis, MO.  May 12-15, 2016

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