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Issue # 8- August 2015 

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
producer of the Original Afterlife Conference 

Sacred Practices for
Turning Loss into Love

The Evolution
of Forgiveness

In This Issue:
Loss and Trauma
as a Path to Enlightenment 

The Terrible Texts
of The Bible 
2016 Afterlife Conference Announced!
May 12 -15, 2016 
St. Louis, MO.

We are so excited about our Sixth Annual Afterlife Conference that we can barely stand it, because we're expanding our horizons and trying out some new ideas that we think you will love. We even gave it a subtitle this year: The Science and Spirit of Death, Grief and Beyond. 

As always, we mix various disciplines to offer a wide range of perspectives from shamans, scientists, physicians, religious scholars, mystics and mediums. In 2016 we'll offer more experiential in-depth workshops, more programs for professionals working with death and grief (with CEUs), more inner work through ceremony and ritual, and more theological and academic discourse.

We are deeply honored to have as our special keynote presenter, Bishop John Shelby Spong, world-famous visionary priest who rejects notions of divine punishment and fear-based religious dogma. Scroll down for a link to one of his remarkable essays and a video where he discusses the origins of the idea of "hell."

Also featuring special workshops on mediumship ethics, theories of grief counseling, spiritual approaches to loss & trauma, metaphysics in medicine, shared-death experiences, and more! 

Registration opens September 1, 2015.

Rev. Terri Daniel
Author, Educator
Afterlife Conference Founder

Loss, Trauma and the
Expansion of Consciousness
Since many of my workshops this summer are focused on a mystical approach to grief and forgiveness that requires, (for some folks), a complete theological overhaul, I thought it would be fitting to include an article this month that examines the link between trauma and spiritual development. Because trauma, grief and loss can fracture one's beliefs about good and evil, security, the nature of God and one's place in the universe, re-evaluation of these beliefs has the potential to produce tremendous personal growth, both psychologically and spiritually. READ MORE...
The Terrible Texts of the Bible
We are thrilled that Bishop John Shelby Spong will be joining us at the 2016 Afterlife Conference, and if you're not familiar with him, you're in for a treat. In keeping with this month's theme of theological overhaul, Spong's views on the dangers of Biblical literalism are probably just what you've been looking for. Check out this video to learn about his views about heaven, hell and the afterlife, and read these excerpts from his lecture on The Terrible Texts of The Bible. 

The 2016 Afterlife Conference
St. Louis, MO.
May 12-15, 2016

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