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Issue # 7 - June 2015 

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
producer of the Original Afterlife Conference 

Grief and Mediumship:
A Partnership
Made in Heaven

Animals on
the Other Side 


Sacred Practices for
Turning Loss into Love

Boulder, CO. July 11
Park City, UT. Oct. 3
Portland, OR. Oct. 17
Pasadena, CA. Nov. 7

The Kripalu Center,
Lenox, MA.
Aug. 28-30 

It is Accomplished!
Closing Ceremony at the 2015 Afterlife Conference

We just returned from our fifth annual conference, and it was a phenomenal success! For photos of memorable moments, click HERE, but for an even more complete experience, tune in to our livestream broadcast:

"Grief and mediumship" is the theme of this month's newsletter, and in that context, please see below for information about my new Grief as a Mystical Journey workshop that will be offered around the U.S. this year.  
Rev. Terri Daniel
Author, Educator
Afterlife Conference Founder
Grief and Mediumship

Each year at the Afterlife Conference we observe the life-changing effect mediumship can have on grieving individuals. Mediumship is a remarkable gift of wisdom that can enlighten and inspire us with the knowledge that our loved ones in Spirit can communicate messages of love, healing and forgiveness.

But at the same time, we also observe that some people can become "addicted" to readings in an attempt to find relief from their pain. While we are honored to connect grievers with mediums, we also strive to educate the bereaved about the inner work necessary for a return to wholeness.  

Please take a moment to read this article by Austyn Wells, a medium, shaman and certified grief counselor who is co-facilitating the Grief as a Mystical Journey workshop next month with Terri Daniel. In the article, Austyn talks about the importance of working with pain rather than running from it, and finding meaning in our losses rather than waiting for "time" to heal our wounds.  
Animals in the Afterlife

At the conference last month we had the pleasure of spending time with psychic medium John Holland, a fabulous medium and an all-around lovely human being. We recently came across a beautiful article that John wrote for OM Times magazine about animals in the afterlife that we thought you might enjoy. Click HERE
 Grief as a Mystical Journey
A Series of Unique Workshops Offered Throughout the U.S.

If you're mourning the death of a loved one or a loss of any kind, join us for a rare experience of transformational learning, experiential processes and sacred rituals for navigating the grief journey. This workshop is designed to lead participants to deeper healing by moving toward internal transformation as opposed to focusing on external events. We do this through guided meditation and gentle body work, along with ritual and ceremony, which gives form to the formless and converts unseen healing energies into practical tools. Please visit www.ConsciousGrieving.org for more information.
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The 2016 Afterlife Conference
St. Louis, MO.
May 12-15

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