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Issue # 5 - March 2015 

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How shamans
help souls on the Other Side
 Spring Equinox rituals
Book excerpts from psychic medium Suzane Northrop
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Conscious Grieving:
Sacred Practices for
Turning Loss into Love

The Fifth Annual 
Where mystics and medics, shamans and scientists gather together to  share wisdom and create common ground.
Our 2015 lineup includes psychic medium John Holland, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Eben Alexander, out-of-body explorer William Buhlman, Suzane Northop,  authors Anita  Moorjani and Annie Kagan (Annie via Skype), and more!

Spring is in the air
With heartfelt sympathy to my friends who are still buried in snow and ice, I just have to comment on the beauty of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Even though it's only the first week in March, flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are singing, and the air smells sweet and full of life.

For many years I've been conducting seasonal ceremonies to help people connect to the natural cycles of birth, death and rebirth. One the practices lost to the western world with the spread of Christianity was the sacred act of ritualizing these transitions. In spring, instead of celebrating the awakening of new life in the plant and animal kingdoms as our ancestors did, we now have the ressurection of Jesus superimposed on that natural event, in the same way the birth of Jesus was superimposed onto ancient Winter Solstice ceremonies.

These ceremonies -- and the symbols related to them, such as eggs and evergreen trees -- had been going on for thousands of years. The founders of the early church knew that in order to attract Pagans to the new religion, some of the Pagan practices  had to be incorporated.

I would like to invite you all to participate in a simple ritual on this year's Spring Equinox. There's a reason why bunnies and eggs became a symbol for Easter (reproduction), and eggs were used in ancient ceremonies to symbolize birth. A simple ceremony you can do at home is to decorate a hard-boiled egg with symbols or words that represent your intention for personal growth in the coming year, and then bury the egg in your garden to symbolically make it grow. 

For a wonderful article on this and other relevant rituals, please click HERE

Terri Daniel

President, The Afterlife Education Foundation

End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy, 

[email protected]

Shamanic Work with the Afterlife
Contributed by Jan Engels-Smith
Birth and death, the entry and the exit from this life, are events accompanied by spiritual entities that assist us in our transitions. As eternal beings, we inhabit this reality for a fixed time and our spiritual helpers always attend to us, at least to the degree that we recognize and engage them. The exit from this reality is not an end but a journey to our next existence and cultures throughout the world have identified beings in many different forms that assist with the departure. READ MORE...

The Power of Prayer
Contributed by Suzane Northrop 

Prayers for the dead are said in every major religion. We are essentially sending them our blessings for going on to a new life in the spirit world. Those that have gone over to the other side hear and appreciate your prayers. Don't ever think they don't. READ MORE...

Psychic medium John Holland and
Afterlife Conference founder
Terri Daniel talking about birth, death and the journey of the soul on Hay House Radio...

Monday, March 23, 2015
12 pm PST   3 pm EST 
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The Fifth Annual Afterlife Conference

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Featuring psychic medium John Holland, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Eben Alexander, out-of-body explorer William Buhlman, authors Anita Moorjani and Annie Kagan (Annie appears via Skype), mediums Suzane Northrop and Hollister Rand, and a stellar lineup of physicians, shamans, scientific researchers, grief counselors, spiritual leaders and more!   

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