Get Surly!
October 2014
Darkness Day Cometh!

On Saturday, October 25, the Surly Nation horde will arrive at the brewery, clamoring for the impending release of our Russian Imperial Stout, Darkness, and will spend the afternoon drinking great beer, devouring food, listening to live music (METAL!), and claiming their allotment of Darkness bottles. And this year's bottles of Darkness will be especially coveted, since they were aged in High West Rye Whiskey® barrels.

What: Darkness Day 2014 

When: Saturday, October 25, 11am - 5:30pm

Where: Surly Brewing Co., 4811 Dusharme Dr., Brooklyn Center, MN, Google Maps  


If you've forgotten how awesome Darkness Day is, HERE'S a reminder, in slo-motion....  



Darkness Tappings (ONLY outside): Barrel aged and non-barrel aged Darkness will be tapped at both outside locations at 1, 2, 3 and 4pm. 


We'll also be pouring The Devil's Work, Todd the Axe Man , Damien, Cacao Bender, Overrated, Hell, Furious and Cynic. 


AND we have a few special casks for you to try: 

  • Non-barrel aged Darkness dry-hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo
  • Damien dry-hopped with Chinook and aged on Red Oak
  • Overrated dry-hopped with Chinook
  • Mole Bender (Bender with cacao nibs, vanilla, ancho and chipotle peppers and aged on oak)

Beer tickets are $5. CASH ONLY.



From 6am until 11am Chef Shack and Caribou Coffee will be available to those in line. Caribou will be giving out coffee and collecting donations for SGAD to donate to a children's hospital. 

Chef Shack, Red River Kitchen (Republic's food truck), Stanley's On Wheels, Asian Invasion, Groveland Confections, Natedogs and AZ Canteen
will be serving up grub from 11:30am until 5:30pm.



We've got a live music lineup befitting Darkness Day, as usual and it's gonna be LOUD. (Note: Set times are subject to change without notice).


Darkness swag, featuring artwork by this year's Surly featured artist, Erica Williams, will be available for purchase at Darkness Day, and on our web store the week following the event. Erica will be signing merch at Darkness Day in the Taproom from 2pm to 3pm. 


Surly's neighbors have been gracious enough to let us use their parking lots. Don't make a mess. Overflow parking is available at Caribou across Hwy. 100. Limited bike parking is available for those of you who are hardcore enough to go green. Look for it on the North side of 48th and Drew. If you need to leave your car here, no problem. Please have it moved by Sunday morning or it will be towed.

Must be 21+ to enter unless accompanied by a parent. No tickets needed. Don't be a dick or we will throw you out and as always, be safe and arrange a ride or take a taxi home.


(Pro Tip: The event always thins out later in the afternoon. Come on out in the afternoon to enjoy the free bands, delicious special release beers and the brewery.)

Heed The Gatekeepers


You don't need a ticket for Darkness Day, but if you want to buy Darkness you need a wristband. To get a wristband and get yourself a few bottles of the precious stuff, heed the rules of the gatekeepers (a.k.a. our awesome volunteers). 


1,500 wristbands for Darkness bottles will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Darkness bottles are $20 each, CASH ONLY, with a limit of 6 bottles per wristband.


Darkness wristbands will be color-coded and marked with your purchasing time. The bottle purchasing line is no longer in the brewery, it has moved just down the street to a warehouse near the corner of 48th Ave. N. and Drew Ave. N. Don't worry, it'll be clearly marked on the day of the event. Please remain within the event grounds until it is your specified purchasing time. No loitering in the street or around the warehouse will be tolerated.



If you miss your allotted time, you will be able to enter up until 2:30pm to purchase bottles. If there are extra bottles after the initial sales, you will be able to buy up to four bottles of Darkness starting at 3pm (while quantities last, which typically is not long).


We will have Surly volunteers working through the night and early morning getting ready for the event. The volunteers can and will blackball anyone being a dick in the line. Please respect the line because line cutting and space holding are not cool. 

You Must Obey...
DON'T SHOW UP BEFORE 3:30pm on Friday! If you do, we will ask you to leave! Neighboring businesses will still be open and we want to respect their space and employees. Any tents/structures that are up during daylight hours will not be allowed. We will have volunteers helping with the line overnight. Please follow their direction as they can blackball you from the event if you don't. As always, be safe and arrange a ride or take a taxi home. 
Darkness Day Eve Events


There's lots happening on Darkness Day Eve, Friday, October 24. Check it out:


Surly Presents Mill City Nights Pentagram Concert

8pm Show / 7pm Doors

American doom metal pioneers, Pentagram, couldn't have better timing for their Friday, October 24th show at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis. They'll take the stage on the eve of Surly Brewing's much-anticipated annual bottle release of its Russian Imperial Stout, a.k.a. Darkness. To celebrate, Surly is sponsoring the Pentagram show and giving concert-goers a sneak taste of this year's Darkness. Everyone 21+ with a ticket stub, can get a complimentary 10 oz. pour of Darkness 2014 at the show. Surly Furious and cans of Hell will be available for $5 at the venue. Plus, Vulgaari, with our head brewer Todd Haug on guitar, will be one of the opening bands. Get your tix HERE


Stub and Herbs


Stub and Herbs in Minneapolis will be turning their taps dark on Darkness Day Eve. They'll be tapping Darkness 2013 at 8pm and Darkness 2014 at 10pm. They'll also be pouring Todd the Axe Man, Devil's Work, Pentagram, Cultivate, SeVIIn, Cacao Bender, 2013 Smoke, Furious, Hell, Cynic, Bender, SurlyFest and Overrated. That's 15 Surly beers total. Seriously! 


An EIGHT Beer For Eight Years 

It's been eight years (and change) since we sold our first keg. It wasn't long ago that two dudes brewed Bender on the last day of 2005, and then took samples around at the beginning of 2006 to try to sell the beer. Bar owners and managers were almost entirely skeptical, disinterested, or like a few, disgusted enough with our hoppy beer to spit the samples out. Yeah, that happened.


Now that we've found people who appreciate our beer (that's you), we observe our non-traditional path each year by producing an anniversary beer that pushes the envelope. We give Todd Haug, our head brewer, free rein to use whatever ingredients and methods he wants to brew whatever beer he wants. Not that we ever question Todd's recipes (the guy's kind of a brewing genius.)


This year, we're releasing EIGHT, an Oat Wine style ale that was aged in High West Rye Whiskey® barrels. Our anniversary of our first keg sold is technically in February, but we're not going to release our anniversary beer until it's done. Now it's done.




This year's bottle artwork is a one-of-a-kind illustration collaboration between Todd and our featured Surly artist, Josh "Jawsh" Lemke.


The beer was brewed with Golden Promise and Aromatic malt, oats, and milk sugar fermented in stainless steel, then aged in High West Rye Whiskey® barrels. The result is a golden-hued Oat Wine style ale, with notes of spicy vanilla marshmallow and aromas of honey and whiskey.


You can get your first taste at our EIGHT release party at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapoils on Sunday, November 9 at 5pm. Watch the Interwebs for more details. 

BC Taproom: It's Closing Time 


We are going to be closing down the Surly Taproom at our Brooklyn Center brewery for good on October 23rd, the Thursday before Darkness Day. We haven't changed our mind on the whole 'serving our beer where it's brewed' thing, we're just moving to a bigger and better brewery taproom a few miles down the road at our Destination Brewery.

The Brooklyn Center taproom has always been a temporary operation until the new Destination Brewery was built in Minneapolis, and with the brewery nearing completion, it's time for us to focus our efforts on getting the new taproom/Beer Hall up and running.

The Brooklyn Center brewery will continue to operate as a brewery, but it won't be open to the public. Under Minnesota state law, we can only operate one taproom. 

So, thank you to all our taproom patrons for enjoying our beers in Brooklyn Center! We'll let you know when the beer hall at the new brewery will open. This isn't a goodbye, it's a 'see you later'.

New Brewery Update: A Brewhouse & A Six-Pack of Fermenters 


Our new Destination Brewery in Minneapolis finally has actual brewing equipment, including six 600 barrel fermenters, all the brewhouse fixtures from ROLEC, and the brewhouse installation crew from Europe to install it all. It won't be long until there's more beer brewing. A lot more beer. We're also installing cool stuff like windows, tiling and even some trees in what will be our Surly beer garden. 


You can watch the arrival and installation of the brewhouse and fermenters HERE. Also, make sure to follow us on the twitter machine, @Surlybrewing, because we regularly post Vine video updates from the site. 



As always, you can keep an eye on the brewery's progress by checking our construction site camera HERE . You can also check out the photos of our brewhouse equipment HERE.

Giving A Damn Update: Buckthorn Destruction Edition 


On September 4th we had 60 SGAD volunteers head out to our adopted section of the Greenway (Chowen to Dean Parkway) to help prep it for this coming winter. In all actuality, it was much more than that. We pulled weeds, removed dreaded buckthorn and honeysuckle, then pruned, reshaped the garden bed and planted sumac at the Chowen Trail Head garden all in two hours time. Thank you SGAD volunteers for always digging deep. You rock! Big thanks to Rich Harrison for organizing us, Aaron and Tree Trust for planning, organizing and the use of your tools and to Burger Jones for always partnering with us no matter how bad we stink.


Also, on Monday, October 6th, 30 hardy SGAD vols helped the Minnesota Offroad Cycling Advocates clear the Theodore Wirth Mountain Bike Expansion Trail. A huge thank you to all those who came out and wrenched buckthorn, scrub trees and brush for a half mile. You're awesome. And thank you to Smack Shack for keeping our hardcore volunteers well fed.   


If you want to Give a Damn, there are still some events coming up in 2014. On Saturday, November 1 between 9:30am and 1pm we're partnering with our friends at Dangerous Man Brewing for the Great River Greening Buckthorn Blast. This one ain't for the faint of heart. We need 160 volunteers to help us pull A LOT of (yep, you guessed it) buckthorn out of the park. If you want to get your root wrench on, we'd love to have you. Sign up for this event TODAY.


Featured Merch: SurlyFest Gear    

Our new SurlyFest merch featuring artwork from this year's Surly featured artist, Erica Williams, is now available on our web store. We've got t-shirts and screen print posters. Head to the Taproom merch store (Wednesday - Friday from 3-9pm, Saturday from noon-9pm and Sunday from noon-5pm) or get one on our web store.

We're (Still) Hiring  


With more beer comes more people. We'd like to welcome several people to the Surly family:

  • Mike Blomberg, Facilities Manager
  • Robert Sodman, IT Specialist
  • Gary Nicholas, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Michael Berglund, Creative Director
  • Benjamin Peine, Event Center Chef/Chef de Cuisine
You're one of us now. (One of us, one of us, one of us...

We're not done hiring. If you want to work with awesome people and you think you wouldn't suck at doing one of the following, let us know:  


In the kitchen...

  • Dishwasher
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook
At the front of house...
  • Host
  • Busser
  • Food runner

Check out our LinkedIn page thingy HERE and check out our job postings and submit your resume to our website HERE.   

#GetSurly With The Minnesota RollerGirls!

We're proud to announce that we're joining forces again with the Surly-est girls in Minnesota by sponsoring the Minnesota RollerGirls! You can #GetSurly at the RollerGirls' bouts and at after party locations. Don't miss the 11th season opener on Saturday, Oct. 18 at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Check out the RollerGirls' season schedule and make plans to see them, you won't be disappointed! 

Dates For Your Diary

Here's where you can #GetSurly in the near future. Apologies, but your kid's dance recital didn't make the list.


10/18: Where the Wild Beers Are at Republic Uptown - Minneapolis, MN
10/21 - 10/23: Pints to Pay It Forward at Red Cow - Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
10/23: Surly Beer Dinner at The Monkey's Paw - Chicago, MN
10/25: Darkness Day - Brooklyn Center, MN
10/29: Andy's Liquor NE Darkness Release Party - Rochester, MN
10/30: Surly Darkness Night at Pizza Luce Downtown - Minneapolis, MN
10/31: Night of The Living Surly! at Bulldog NE - Minneapolis, MN
11/13: Pizzeria Lola's 4th Anniversary Party Featuring Surly - Minneapolis, MN
11/16: 1st Surly Chili Cookoff! at Lookout Bar & Grill - Maple Grove, MN