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Jul 2014
The Brewing Season Is In Full Swing!
Whether you're collecting oil, brewing biodiesel, or brewing beer, the brewing season is upon us and in full swing! The summer heat is in full swing and the oil is flowing easily. With all of the fun going on in the brewing world, we've been busy adding new products & videos and helping you stay on top of all your brewing adventures. We've also been hearing great things from all of you and have several customer spotlights to share! So, while the good stuff is brewing, grab a seat and enjoy this months issue of Biodiesel Review!
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Collective Biodiesel Conference 2014
Keeping Spontaneous Combustion Away From Your Shop
$1000 Off A BioPro In July
Centrifuging Magnesol Out Of Biodiesel In Japan
Jack, Self Proclaimed Hop Head, Shows Off His Setup
Centrifuging Oil In Australia
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Biodiesel News & More!
Collective Biodiesel Conference Early Bird Pricing Ends July 4th - Sign Up Today!
If you're planning on going to the 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference, be sure & sign up before July 4th to save some extra dough!

We'll be there this year and are excited to see many of you there as well! See you in August!

Keeping Spontaneous Combustion Away From Your Shop
oily rag by biodiesel
Recently, we've heard several stories from our customers involving spontaneous combustion ruining their day. Whether it was an oily rag catching fire and burning their whole shop to the ground or a used fuel filter wrapped in a rag starting to smoke, the danger is real. 

We have some great tips & tricks to help keep this nasty monster away from your shop and brewing area so you can keep right on brewing!

$1000 Off A BioPro 190 or 380 In July!
BioPro 190 Automated Biodiesel Processor
Springboard Biodiesel is offering $1000 off a BioPro 190 or BioPro 380 Automated Biodiesel Processor during the month of July! If you're in the market for one of these awesome automated processors, pick one up this month & save some serious coin!

Customer Spotlight: Centrifuging Magnesol Out Of Biodiesel In Japan
Biodiesel ready to be cleaned
We had a customer in Japan recently purchase one of our Raw Power Centrifuges specifically for the purpose of removing magnesol that they used to cleanse the biodiesel of it's soap and other impurities. The results were phenomenal!

Customer Spotlight: Jack, Brewing "Hop Head" From California
We recently held a contest inviting our beer brewing customers to send in pictures of their great brewing setups. Jack, from California, went above and beyond in sending in his submission and completely wowed us! As a brewer for over 10 years, Jack's awesome setup is nothing short of amazing! He learned about our stainless steel filters and loves them! He utilizes our 6x19 300 Micron and our 10.5 x 16 300 Micron filter in his setup and loves the results.

Customer Spotlight: Centrifuging In Australia
You've gotta check out this awesome customers spotlight! Magnus in Australia recently picked up one of our Raw Power Centrifuges and totally went to town constructing one of the most elaborate centrifuging systems we've seen in a long time!

Everything from a sweet dumping barrel to finished, ready to use oil that can be pumped into his sweet diesel mercedes at the flick of a switch!

Check Out Our New & Upcoming Products!
We've been keeping busy adding lots of great new products to the site! Check out the latest crop of cool products we've released over the last month! 

Speidel Braumeister Beer Brewing Filter
Braumeister 20 Liter Filter Introduced in our last newsletter, we're pleased to announce that our Braumeister filter is now available! 

It's 6" diameter by 12" tall and has a stainless steel tube going through the center making it perfect for use in a Speidel Braumeister 20 liter unit.
We even went the extra mile and extended the tube an extra 2 inches below the filter to keep it off of the heating elements!
It's available for purchase today and can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Coming Soon!
Brew In A Basket Filter & Kettle Combo
BIAB-Kettle Combo
We're excited to introduce our latest Brew-In-A-Basket filter! It's a complete BIAB setup and includes a 42 quart stainless steel brewing kettle, a Brew-In-A-Basket Stainless Steel Filter, and a BIAB Draining Support. 

We've installed small hooks onto the side supports of the filter that allow it to sit up out of the kettle for draining. We include a handy U-Shaped Stainless Steel draining support as part of the package too so you'll have everything you need to drain right in the kettle.
BIAB-Kettle Combo Kettle
The kettle itself is a 42 quart heavy duty stainless steel brewing kettle that is 15 1/8" diameter x 13 7/8" tall. It includes the stainless steel lid and will also include a stainless steel thermometer as well.
BIAB-Kettle Combo
The Brew-In-A-Basket Filter is 14" Diameter x 12.5" tall with 7/8" feet and a swing handle. It includes side supports and a cross support built into the bottom as well and is made from 400 micron stainless mesh. 

We've had several requests for this type of a combination package and are really excited to offer this great package to our brewing customers! It should be available mid July. 

Need a BIAB for your brewing kettle? 
Check Out Our Latest Videos!
55 Gallon Drum Filters 600, 400, 200, 100, 75 Micron - Utah Biodiesel Supply55 Gallon Drum Filters 600, 400, 200, 100, & 75 Micron
In this video we show off our awesome 55 gallon plastic drum filters. They're available in a wide range of micron ratings from 600 to 75 micron and work with practically any type of liquid you can throw at it. They're extremely robust, clean up really well, and can last for several years with easy maintenance.

Bag Filters - Sock Filters - Various Microns & Sizes - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Heavy Duty Bag & 
Sock Filters 1-600 Micron 
We show off our awesome line of bag filters! They're available in three sizes, 4x8, 7x16, and 7x32 and come in a huge range of micron sizes. Everything from 1 micron clear up to 600 micron. They include a heavy duty metal ring sewn into the top to make them extremely durable and include a sewn in carrying handle too! You'll love how easy they are to use!

Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks 1000, 500, 250, 100, & 50 mL - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Erlenmeyer Flasks
We show off our favorite glass beakers in this great demo video for our awesome Erlenmeyer Flasks.
They come in various sizes from 50 mL to 3000 mL and even in a deluxe set. They're made from chemical grade laboratory glass and hold up well plus they have that ultra cool flask look to them! They absolutely rock for doing Biodiesel titrations, soap tests, and any other test where a glass beaker is needed.

KD 7000 Scale - The Perfect Biodiesel Scale - Utah Biodiesel Supply
KD-7000 Biodiesel Scale 
In this video we demo what we've nicknamed "The Ultimate Biodiesel Scale". It's a MyWeigh KD-7000 with a stainless steel base, a huge readout, and a chemical resistant button cover. It's not only an ultra cool scale, but it's tough as nails! My wife loves it too!

5 Gallon 20 Liter Heavy Duty Plastic Carboy Jug - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Heavy Duty 20 ltr Carboy
Looking for a great portable methoxide tank or a chemical resistant jug for methanol, sulfuric acid, biodiesel, or even glycerin? Then check out our heavy duty HDPE 20 liter / 5 gallon carboys! We offer them with spigos, caps, and more!
Biodiesel Titration Kit For Testing Oil - Utah Biodiesel Supply
Basic & Deluxe 
Biodiesel Titration Kits
Need a titration kit to test your oil for producing Biodiesel? Then you'll love either of our complete Biodiesel titration kits! They come with all the hardware you'll need to get titrating fast! Offered in two styles, basic & deluxe, they're perfect for getting you up & brewing Biodiesel fast!

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Biodiesel News & More!
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Check out our latest stories we've been following on Biodiesel and diesel engines too!

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